Don’t Give Up the Fight for Change

Rockybru, Marina and the other so-called solidarity bloggers,

Why only blame Badawi for all our problems? What about the rest in UMNO including Najib, his Deputy Prime Minister, and other Pak Turut Ministers. The rot, rampant corruption and abuse of power in the so-called Ketuanan Melayu Government started long ago, and we have only just felt the effects of that malaise under the incompetent Badawi.

The meluat approach is not the way to bring about change. It is only for those who are very comfortable with the status quo or have “balas balik” on their mind. My colleagues like Raja Petra, Haris Ibrahim and others like me have enough stamina and commitment to stay the course. Don’t give up the fight for change. —Din Merican

I do solemnly and sincerely join Marina and my blogging bros in declaring meluat (utter disgust) at politicians and their machais who are taking Malaysian politics and Malaysians down into the pits of shame in the name of their own glory.

I blame one man for our woes. I blame the Prime Minister. Abdullah Badawi should stop behaving like a wager at a horse race. Stop gambling with our future as a nation. Revive our dwindling economy. Bring back the top economists to take charge of our economy instead of leaving it to bankers, corporate leaders, politicians, and the people at Khazanah. And stop politicizing Altantuya, sodomy, statutory declarations, the judiciary, the police, and the people’s wellbeing.

You are there to do a job, so let’s see you start doing it.

Read Marina’s I think I’ll go on strike
Jeff Ooi’s Visit Meliwat Year 08
Wong Chun Wai’s Sick, Tired and Fed up

Do you want to follow Wong Chun Wai’s advice(below) or fight for change? My choice is clear. How about you? I suggest you think before you decide.–Din Merican

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sick, tired and fed up

I think the majority of us are pretty sick and tired over the events of the past few days. There is only so much lies one can take. We should not let ourselves to be used, or led to believe to anything, by these power crazy politicians. It doesn’t matter whether they want to grab power or stay in power, the bottom line is that we all have lives to lead. Not lies to lead. There are more urgent matters that require our attention. At least for the next 24 hours, let’s spend our day well without any discussion about anal sex and that unbelievable P.Balasubramaniam, forget the politicians who only use us to fulfill their selfish ambitions. We have been taken in by all these allegations and counter allegations of sodomy, I think we have lost sight of what we are as Malaysians. Marina Mahathir share the same thoughts. Ong Hock Chuan and Khoo Kay Peng also want bloggers to make some loud noise! Even blogger-politician Jeff Ooi is pissed off. Rocky Bru is also on strike! Fellow bloggers are marking the 100th day of the March 8 elections with a gathering. I urge them to post their disgust at our politicians and ignore all these press statements, press conferences and their lies, excuses and explanations for the next 24 hours. Readers, share your feelings at the state of our politics in solidarity.

Bravo, Susan. I agree with you: * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

Only cowards go on strike


This is certainly not the time to go on strike. Malaysia is evolving and everyone wants to be a part of it, no matter how big or small our role is. No matter how far or near we are.

Only cowards go on strike at such an important point in our collective history.

Oh, wait. They are either cowards or hypocrites,to go on strike when things are not going as they wish for the politicians they love.

But then, as you can see, those advocating a strike in the blogsphere are all the same – mainstream -mindset. Can you blame people who have been comfortable all their lives now suddenly facing the challenge of their lives?

I can tolerate ‘cowards’ to a certain extent, but ‘hypocrites’?

The STAR newspaper has gleefully published a story on the subject as if it is representative of the blogsphere. PLEASE DO NOT INSULT US!

This is the time when our collective voices and pressures can help the truth to surface. It is so important that the truth surface now. Or, else, another 50 years of garbage will be ours to keep .

This is really the time to fight on.

23 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up the Fight for Change

  1. Dear Din,

    You know, it is easy to say meluat, fed up etc. when you are able to look at happenings in this country from a distance. From a distance in the sense that whatever is happening is not hurting you much. After calling it a day, you can always go back to the sanctuary called home with your love ones and not having to worry a bit about where food is coming from tomorrow, or in the longer term where your kids going to get a job 15 years down the road.

    Yes. It is easy to say we are sick of all these politicking that is going on. Let us move on with managing the economy, solving economic problems etc., but that is wishful thinking. We cannot get the same guys who are the cause of the problems to also be the problem solvers. None of the cabinet minister have been able to intelligently deny Morgan Stanley’s report about the level of corruption in this country. And if losing RM 330 billion over the last twenty over years is not important to them, how can the well being of the rakyat be of any significance ? With these kind of leaders managing the country, I don’t think any responsible citizen can just say “meluat” and walk away.

    This meluat comment from people like Marina and Wong Chun Wai means is basically let the status quo remain and that sadly to say the least is not on. Marina and Wong Chun Wai are probably happy with status quo but many of the citizens of this country are not. They cannot be, for the simple reason that life have been hard and will continue to be under the current regime and the “wisdom” of the present leaders.

    Unless the leadership, systems and influence of the current regime that have been responsible for the widespread corruption, nepotism and their self-serving penchants are changed, we cant just stop midway and say MELUAT.

    No. I wont say let’ s just forget about everything and move on ! I don’t think it is that easy. THIS COUNTRY BELONGS TO US, THE RAKYAT. UNTIL THAT IS FIRMLY ESTABLISHED – IN THE REAL MEANING OF IT, SAYING MELUAT AND FED UP IS A GROSSLY IRRESPONSIBLE ACT !!

  2. This statement coming from Wong Chun Wai is laughable to say the least. I would add … or mainstream newspaper editors in the second sentence below.

    “I think the majority of us are pretty sick and tired over the events of the past few days. There is only so much lies one can take. We should not let ourselves to be used, or led to believe to anything, by these power crazy politicians.”
    This Wong Chun Wai of The Star is a Dato and a laksamana bodek.Let us ask Mr Wong who are these “power crazy politicians”. Marina is the loyal daughter of the former Prime Minister and she is unable to see the faults of and problems created by her father’s 22 year administration. Anyone who is critical of her Dad gets a cold shoulder from her.

    Marina is fed up of Badawi because the incumbent is screwing up Mahathir’s legacy. She probably thinks a world of Najib and will also not accept anything critical about Mr. Rosmah. I hope she reads these comments on my blog and give us a response. To her –and her ilk– I say stop being such cowards and don’t hide behind your civil society garb. —Din Merican

  3. This is my take on these cowards at my blog here –

    “Why the histrionic, Rocky, Wong, Marina?”

    Thanks for your comments below:
    Sunday, July 6, 2008

    Why the histrionics, Rocky, Wong, Marina?

    Only weak minds and souls will throw up ones hands in disgust when confronted by challenges. And those with weaker minds and souls flee from truth.

    If they can crumble by mere events that do not affect them personally, then how will they react to personal challenges within their homes and families? Weak minds and souls don’t make great men and women.

    Man came into this world to struggle. Life’s journey was never meant to be a bed of roses. Wong, Marina and Rocky exposed their Achilles heel and went public with it.

    Look at history, friends, which great man or woman used the word ‘fed up’ and went into hiding? Mahatma Ghandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Corazon Aquino, Nelson Mandela, Banazir Bhutto or even Anwar Ibrahim. These human beings need to be admired for what they stood for. Anwar rose from the ashes to bring about reform.

    Oh, why talk about history to weak minds and souls. Why take a rest for only 48 hours, Rocky? You may as well pack up and go for a holiday till everything is back to normal.

    I will not waste my space on Wong. He too contributed towards the mess this country is in. Should I also say, I am ‘fed up’ and stop reading his blog or his newspaper?

    Posted by Mr. Smith at 1:05 AM

  4. IMHO we should always be guided by a quest for truth. If the truth is allowed to be distorted and altered in whatever form we are as quilty as the perpetrators.

    We owe it to our children to have them live in a better environment than we are at present. We need to correct our mistakes and the wrongs we see being committed with impunity. Some like RPK et al are willing to take up the challenge that the majority of us tend to shy away from. It takes a certain awakening deep within us to finally say “enough is enough” and decide to act on it.

    It is a similar trigger that happened to great leaders past and present. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Lee Kuan Yew etc. Thye stayed the course and transformed their countries. Instead of giving up we should endeavour to leave no stone unturned to arrive at the truth. If Bob Woodward and friends had decided to give up when faced with all the obstacles we wouldn’ t have known about the Watergate Scandal and President Richard Nixon’s role in it.

    How we progress as a nation and a united populace to a large extent depends on exemplary leadership from the top down. We need people to know that corruption and abuses of power are wrong and all other forms of poor governance and divisive policies need to be changed. We need to create an environment of transparency, responsibility, accountability, and professionalism so that our economic pursuits can be fruitful. At the end of the day everyone of us will and should be able to have a place under the Malaysian sun, to paraphrase HH Raja Nazrin. After all, isn’t that what politics is all about – for our people’s betterment?

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to comments in your blog. The respect you have shown is appreciated and duly reciprocated. You are a true gentlemen.
    Your comments are very valid. Yes, enough is enough and we are mea culpa if we allow the status quo to stay. As Din Ahmad says, rm330 billion are overseas in the form of corrupt money and nobody in the present government cares. The indifference is deafening.

    With the ACA is powerless, the leadership in the Police Force and the AG’s Office works with Najib to “obstruct” proper investigations, and Badawi is dysfunctional and oblivious to the fact that Najib is after his job, this country is increasingly a basket case.

    And we have people like Rocky Bru, Wong and Marina. God help Malaysia, if the rest of us followed in their footsteps yelling “meluat, meluat”. Let us be united in our quest for change, for good governance and enlightened leadership.

    Politics does not have to be dirty. It is dirty when the men who are entrusted with responsibility for the proper administration of this country are dirty and corrupt. So please Deputy Prime Najib speak for yourself—and Rosmah— when you said in Pekan (July 5), “I have to accept the fact that politics in the country has become dirty.” (The New Sunday Times, July 6, 2008). Since when? and where is the dirt coming from, if not in your UMNO backyard?

    Thanks for your kindness and for visiting this blog. —Din Merican

  5. In all honesty, I’d like to say that I am indeed quite fed-up with the amount of politicking that is happening. Probably more fed-up with the mud-slinging and name-calling. And as Din Ahmad said, it is quite easy to look at it from afar, treat it as if it has nothing to do with us, and end of story. Easier for me too, because I am PHYSICALLY far away from all this.

    But in being fed-up, I don’t mean to just throw my hands up and say “I don’t want to care anymore”. Being fed-up to me means to push on further, so that this ridiculous state does not continue for long.

    Even when there are differences in views and opinions, I believe our fight is the same. And I am not going to stop midway just because I’m fed-up.

    To call for a strike in order to pressure for change is one thing. To go on a strike because things aren’t rosy is quite another.
    Su, it is not distance. Indifference, lack of courage and drama. —Din Merican.

  6. You know what, Din, I’m really upset that I’m not in Malaysia right now to be part of all the action going on! But on the other hand, it’s only because I am far away and have time on my hands that I am able to follow so avidly all that is happening at home. If I were home, I bet the daily issues of earning a living and managing family life will cause all these political developments to wash over me.
    In fact, right now my dad is in IJN fighting for his life, because the CCU in Seremban hospital did not have enough beds to accomodate him there. But these are not the things that Anwar and the Pakatan Government are worrying about, are they? While ordinary Malaysians are worrying real life, Anwar is busy trying to “test the PM”? Seriously?
    I am all for supporting the pakatan government, and helping to build a better Malaysia, but I am sad to see Pakatan Rakyat getting down and dirty the way BN does!

    I had really high hopes for change after Mar 8…and I think that US-style politics and rhetoric is not what Malaysia needs right now. We need strong decision-making and immediate action to keep our economy going. We need real changes to improve the welfare of our people. We need to be able to provide good healthcare facilities, not just in KL, but also other parts of Malaysia. We need to provide a decent education system that ensures our young students are able to compete in the global job market.
    So while I won’t give up on the fight for change, I also hope that the Pakatan Rakyat does not give up on the Rakyat either – stop this political drama and get on with governing, please. Bring real change to the people.

    I am sorry to hear about your Dad’s medical problem, but let us pray for his speedy recovery. I note your comments on Pakatan Rakyat.

    Yes, we made a huge impact during the last March elections. We are very much committed to reform and good governance and will persist. But we are faced with high expectations and have to deal with pent up frustrations due to 50 years of Barisan Nasional mismanagement of the economy and rampant corruption and abuse of power. Things have gotten so bad that we have problems everywhere.

    We just completed 100 days since we took over the administrations of the 5 states of Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan. We have 82 seats in Parliament. But we have no control of the Federal Government. We need to run the entire country, if we are to implement our Malaysian Economic Agenda with a comprehensive socio-economic programme.

    We are certainly giving to priority to healthcare, education, poverty eradication and robust business expansion. We want to reduce the cost of doing business (meaning less and less corruption and rent seeking). We need your support and those of all Malaysians. We face the challenge of taking on entrenched interests.

    Anwar Ibrahim is focussing on two things: 1) getting the 5 states working well and putting the present excellent cooperation between the component parties in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition on a sound footing and 2)planning the takeover the Federal Government. Executing 2) is a major challenging task as the other side is not giving us a walkover.In fact, they are doing everything possible, by foul means and repression, to thwart our plans.

    The media is not helping our cause as evidenced by negative, often exaggerated, reports on our activities. We are made to look like the villains. Right now, there is a vicious campaign against Anwar Ibrahim. We are forced to defend ourselves against the mainstream Fourth Estate, especially the media including the government controlled television. We are not as fast as we would like in getting our message across but we are improving. Fortunately, the mistakes we see and the lies we hear from the government are helping us.

    We will continue to excite the nation; we will not rest until the day when we are in charge. Even then, we will not rest because we have to execute what we promised Malaysians in the last elections and deliver results.—Din Merican

  7. Din, I think the most damaging would be indifference. A lot of other virtues, like courage, come when you care enough to want to make a difference.

  8. It’s highly irresponsible and most disturbing they should come out and say “Meluat” and “give up” on those guys at the very top; revelations have showed these murderers are people with power, consiglieres infact.

    Are we to close one eye in “meluat” and allow such dirty politicians, scums of the earth to continue manage this country? They must be identified and removed from office regardless of their party affliliation, and jailed!

    Come on Bloggers, nobody is asking you to take sides, just report the news as it should be. Be investigative. You owe this to all Malaysians – report the truth and not to let the guilty get away with heinous crime.

    One look at Star, NST and all those government controlled mainstream media makes me really sick and “meluat”. All their reports are so one-sided and insults the intellect and integrity of every Malaysian!
    susah lah, Jong, if you meluat!! 🙂 —Din Merican

  9. This is what I wrote in Rocky’s Bru


    Dear Rocky,

    Common bro, surely you know that this is the New Dawn. In the history of our nation, this the first time, right ?

    Whatever the polical intrigues, you should not go on “strike” [not even for 24 hours cause the situation is very fluid] since there are many among us, concern and responsible citizens, who rely on your views and consider you as among Malaysia’s finest and a responsible political blogger too.

    Why should you adopt Marina’s stance ? She blogs on issues close to heart and on a variety of subject. Her blog is sometimes just like a diary. And as per the latest posting she made, it is obvious that her reason for doing so is merely to suit her lifestyle.

    Don’t rely too much on one source of information or views. Expose yourself to other bloggers, not just Rocky Bru, and then make up your mind. Always check and re-check your sources. Remember to listen and observe before you connect. That was what I was trained to do when I was a young foreign service officer many, many moons ago. Fikir lah, zin, dan jika tidak, keliru lah anda.—Salams and Peace, Din Merican

  10. Dear Bluskyes,

    I think its premature now to say that “But these are not the things that Anwar and the Pakatan Government are worrying about, are they? While ordinary Malaysians are worrying real life, Anwar is busy trying to “test the PM”? Seriously?”

    We need to give him the opportunity to prove himself. As it is now we can only judge by his writings, sayings and the Malaysian Economic Agenda which is a realistic economic plan to improve the nation’s economic situation. At least in the MEA we see practical and tangible objectives as well as the spirit and the philosophy behind the plan that is critical to give it the political will to make it work. On the other hand, the Mid Term review of the 9th Malaysian Plan fell flat on its face. Even statistics used have not been able to stand up to challenges.

    BN and UMNO have not been able to give professional answers and solutions to our current economic situation. Just take the RM 330 B that was lost to corruption as reported by Morgan Stanley. If we are able to put that RM 330 B into a fund that generates 5% return per annum, we would have RM 15 B annually that we can spend on education, healthcare and safety net programs for the poor and the needy. This is a big time with major implication to the country – sadly to say none of our BN leaders even care to comment on it. I keep on repeating this because it’s a reflection of their couldn’t care less attitude towards the welfare and future of the rakyat and the country.

    Reading and following Anwar Ibrahim writings and speeches, I dare say that among the possible contenders for the Premiership in this country, he is the one that makes the most sense. He has shown exemplary leadership qualities. His ability to get DAP and PAS to work together is an achievement of a true statesman. Again, why is this important ? Because presently we need a leader that is respected by all and with the ability to lead us towards common objectives. The country is now is economic doldrums and we need to get out of it. Our present BN and UMNO leaders have a proven track record of failure and self interest. So place your bet, mate !

  11. I wonder why the Marina Mahathirs, the Rocky Brus and the Wong Chun Wais never got sick and tired and meluat with all the sickening news and stories from the Badawi or Najib side that the mainstream media have been dishing us all this while ? Is it because they are part of it ?
    They are very much a part of the well greased establishment and must now feel threatened by the emergence of the Black Swan.—Din Merican

  12. was wong, the top honcho when the lying STAR paper went to town to boast about PKFTZ’s viability?
    that would be telling, isnt it, about his character?

  13. Din, I fully agreed with you. we wont give up, to fight until the change of the courrupted govt. we all must give another new govt a chance to show us that they love malaysia.not the present one who are really really out of control in destroying our country.abused of power,in the last 20 years or so, at least.
    Din, we malaysian can forget of those who are not interested in fighting for our future generation. forget about them, they are in the same boat with them. 2 headed snake. they want to go on strike let them do it among their own so call gang. FORGET ABOUT THE DATUK WONG FELLOW, he is no cure already he still sleeping like PA LA. I HOPE our JEF,dont go and join them,if not sorry lah next election you will be
    voted OUT. Hi there JEF, during the last election you spoken in few ceramah and i can still remember you sing the song asking for a CHANGE, and we people’s power given you the change, REMENBER? its good to have a mentor, but if he is in the wrong then you got to speak up.
    REMEMBER we want a complete change in our goverment. and now is the time, the oppourtunity to fight for the change, and fight to the end until we GOT it. we need all the people’s power to make it happen. May God Save Malaysia.

  14. Blogger rocky bru au STRIKE? Mengapa pula nak “strike” sekarang? Bukankah dia orang nombor satu yang beriyamelaporkan report polis Saiful, lepas tu tak sabar2 pegi sebarkan gambar Saiful dalam masa yang sebegitu sepantas kilat? Dan para blogger jugak yang mula-mula dulu menyebarkan SD itu ini. Dan selepas perjalanan pernag psikologi, sampailah kita ke tahap yang dikatakan “politik kotor” ini.

    Sekarang mereka pula nak meluat dengan politik?? KITA YAN HARUS MELUAT DENGAN BLOGGER SEPERTI MEREKA! Mereka juga secara langsung terlibat dalam permainan politik kotor ini!

  15. Din Merican,

    You are one asshole, only publish comments that are agreeable to your point of view. Stop lecturing us about democracy if you can’t take and respect differences of opinion.

    Anwar’s manipulation and political ploy is just getting more and more glaring by the day. He is simply another machiavellian politician out to grab power at all costs. He deserves no place in Malaysian history.
    Kamal, thanks for your compliments and I am deeply honoured that you think that I am an asshole. We make choices eveyday. If you choose the status quo, it is your choice and you have my good wishes for sticking with what suits you best. I beg to differ, like all assholes do. —Din Merican

  16. Thanks for your advise Din.

    But just FYI, I have been reading/monitoring all the blogs since 2004. I have met and spoken with RPK many times, Rocky Bru, Syed Nadzri of NSTP, Isham Rais, several Ministers even some senior officers in govt/corporates and PDRM officers. I have even communicated online with Dr Bakri about his book Towards a Competitive Malaysia. In fact, there were a series of emails from Dr Bakri to you which was Cc to me as well.

    Rocky bru is obviously one of the credible bloggers and I just want him to realize that what he write do influence the blogosphere.

    I do understand what is going on but right now, the only reason why I have started to put in my comments is because I genuinely feel that we are at that crossroad where we have to double up our efforts. I have earlier made a comment, on another thread, about the need for DSAI to assure the silent Malay majority because there is a sizeble number who holds the view that DSAI is the cause for the split in “Malay Unity”.

    And lastly, I spoke to Yahya Shari today; as an abang of course; and I hope all is well at DSAI’s HQ. Finally, wishing MB Khalid all the best this coming Wed … bila mengadap DYMM Sultan.


  17. My comment in Susan Sloone’s blog:

    Can someone please explain to this blurblob what a blogger strike means? You mean, bloggers stop blogging? Ha-ha-ha! Are you serious? Virtually the only avenue for anyone to keep up with the real news in Malaysia is…..going on strike? Oh my, this is so cool! The circus gets better and better! You deserve an Oscar for holding the first bloggers’ strike in the history of the Internet! Hee-hee-hee!

    Come on. A blogger strike has no meaning. Only desperate and dumb people will think of such a silly thing to do.

    It appears to me that certain bloggers are trying to set up a news blackout in the blogosphere on the unfolding events.

    There is already a news blackout in the national media on anything negative about certain cases / subjects. So now they think they can start a news blackout in the blogosphere. Hilarious!

    The workings of brain-dead minds. And a sign of desperation.

    They don’t own the Internet. Nobody does. So they will never succeed in a blogosphere news blackout.

    However, they do own the telcos, and they can shut down the telcos. They may have attempted to do something of that sort when Bursa Malaysia went down last week.

    Make sure your websites / blogs are hosted overseas.

  18. Agree. Bloggers who wants to continue blogging should consider seriously hosting them overseas if they are now hosting it locally.

    I was at the Stadium last night – just to check it out – big crowd – about 30k to 40k. I would say its a major achievement considering the new petrol prices, sunday evening and the warnings by the police for people not to attend. Still, it looks like the “reformasi” spirit is still going strong and is not about to abate soon.

  19. 1 will respond later. I am at an urgent meeting. In the meantime, please keep your comments coming. Exciting times ahead full of opportunities and risks. Entrenched interests are determined to lock us out, using fascist like methods. Big Brother ala George Orwell’s 1984 and its compliant media and carefully chosen editors and bloggers to do their bidding. But they all forget that we are now well into the era of the sovereign individual who can think for himself.—Din Merican

  20. Hello Sir,

    I read with amazement how these so called “influencial bloggers”(no need to name names) in the Malaysian political scene can just quit in the face of a temporary drawback. “Just get on with solving the problems” is what I have been reading by these well known bloggers. Well, no thanks to you! The rakyat voted to see change and when dirty tactics are being used to shed the opposition in a bad light and try to cause its downfall, we have to shine the light back on them and let the Rakyat see them scurrying back to their dark slimy holes! The future of Malaysia is at stake. The opposition is not only about Anwar but the dirt scumbs know confusion in the camp will weaken the leader and thus the opposition. I am ambarrased to see these bloggers, for one reason or another run away with their tails between their legs.
    To all these bloggers:Congrats! You have shown yourselves to be weak and the MSM and the BN machinery used you like a pogo stick for propaganda. Please do all of us a favor, continue to write something that makes you feel good, something superficial and leave the heavy lifting to the big boys/girls with Cahunas who won’t back down.
    Oh, one other point, some of the attitude with regard to the opposition bringing change is very unreasonable. Don’t expect 50 years of corruption and abuse of the rakyat to be all corrected immediately or even before the next election. Your mindset is shallow and your fast food mentality (I want it now!) exposed you nothing more than just a feel good bandwagon groupie – count me in for a smooth ride. Go vote BN. Phooootuii!
    Mr. Din you have my respect!

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