PKR leader unfazed by fresh allegations


by Terence Netto

June 29, 2008

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim reached for the rapier in preference to the bludgeon in describing yesterday’s police report of sodomy against him as a “tottering regime’s last gasp attempt to delay its doom”.

An Anwar aide, 23-year-old Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, had lodged a police report yesterday alleging that he was sodomised by the former deputy prime minister. Police are expected to arrest Anwar soon to press charges against him.

“It’s surreal that this is happening,” said Anwar in remarks to Malaysiakini this morning. “But you can never know the nadir to which the desperate would descend.”

Anwar was charged with sodomy and corruption in separate cases brought against him in the aftermath of his sacking from the deputy prime minister’s post and the deputy presidency of Umno in September 1998.

In light of what was shed by the sensational Lingam video clip which Anwar released last September that was the subject of a royal commission report earlier this year, the court cases against Anwar a decade ago look decidedly shaky.

He was sentenced to six years jail on the corruption charges and nine years on the sodomy charge. He was acquitted on appeal in the latter case after having served a total of six years.

His sacking from government and Umno, his initial detention under the Internal Security Act, and subsequent jailing for corruption and sodomy became not just a national but an international cause celebre.

Anwar: Welcome to Kafka land!

“You would think that the authorities would be chastened by the shocks dealt them at the general election last March such that they would not stoop this low to defame me this time.

“Well, welcome to Kafka land!” asserted Anwar sardonically while holed up in a hotel in Shah Alam where he was closeted with PKR and Pakatan Rakyat officials for a two-day meeting.

Franz Kafka was a renowned Czech novelist who wrote dyspeptic novels that evoked the dread faced by innocent people charged with crimes they did not commit.

Kafkaesque is a term that has entered the lexicon to convey the existential angst of the innocent before some surreal and impending disaster.

Anwar’s lawyers are planning to lodge a police report imputing allegedly damning conduct to present Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan and current Attorney-General Gani Patail in connection with the corruption and sodomy cases of a decade ago against Anwar.

Musa and Patail were then a police investigator and a top prosecutor respectively – both on the rise within the criminal justice system.

“Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold,” trailed off Anwar, reaching for some resonant lines from the poetry of WB Yeats in trying to come to terms with the latest twist in a personal-cum-political saga that started a decade ago and whose reverberations continue to dog the Malaysian body politic.

11 thoughts on “PKR leader unfazed by fresh allegations

  1. Khianat. Dusta. Zalim.

    Maaf, Aku terlalu sedar UMNO dan kerajaan Barisan Nasional telah terlalu rosak dan merosakkan.

    Pemimpin dan penyokong UMNO, Ketua Polis Negara dan Peguam Negara, kamu bolih menuduh apa saja ikut selera dan nafsu serakah kamu. Kamu berkuasa dimata berRaja dihati.

    Penyelewengan demi penyeleweng. Pendustaan demi pendustaan. Pengkhianatan demi pengkhianatan. Kecelakaan demi kecelakaan yang telah kamu lakukan dengan penuh rakus dan hina.

    Kamu adalah BINATANG yang bertopengkan manusia.

  2. The ones who are managing the new assassination don’t have the following advantages:

    1. Innocence of the nation.

    In 1998, we were an innocent society and nation and we have lost our innocence since then. So labelling slanderous accusation against Anwar at this age will only propel him to greater heights and hasten the fall of the regime.

    2. Secrecy.

    Before the 1st assassination, there was a lot of secrecy that we couldn’t unearth and realise. No media or internet to know the other side of the story.

    3. Fear.

    Since then, we have lost our fear so there is no talk of it. No body fears anything and going to Kamuting is celebrated today.

    4. Division.

    The Chinese could be told that Anwar was a Malay nationalist and therefore his departure was good for them, the Malays could be told that Anwar was a foreign agent who was against Malays. Now, we have crossed the Rubicon. Moreover, the Malays, the Chinese and Indians are united more than ever before. Some of them even in one party.

    5. Media manipulation.

    Well, who needs that media now?

    6. The judiciary and the police.

    Yes, the same nefarious poltroons are still involved in the new conspiracy, but they have no advantage because they are facing an awakened nation that has no mercy.

    7. Badawi.

    Badawi is no Mahathir to bulldoze his will on anyone, so he has been advised by Mr. C4 badly.

    8. Opposition.

    Before, the opposition was very tiny. Now, they almost control Malaysia. Already Tok Guru Nik Aziz has left Kota Bharu to meet Anwar in KL. (Turkish embassy).

    9. AMENO.

    AMENO was a strong party that itself was built by Anwar. Now, AMENO is no longer the old AMENO with 100 hundred factions and daily betrayals. The system is collapsing faster than you can imagine.

    10. World interest.

    Is higher now than it was in the past. The message will be clear and Dollah doesn’t have the capacity to sustain himself while C4 doesn’t have the same as well.


    Be End (BN) will collapse soon, just watch out.

  3. We would want BN to be it’s own end.

    The other battle is that after the war. When you pick up the pieces to find a lot more work to do cleaning up.

    There are fanatics, there are the disillusioned, the betrayeds, the innocent, or just bystanders. The work is enormous and it might just take us more than 50 years as the generations merge.

  4. Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim
    Saudara Saiful ” Kamu telah cemar nama keturunan keluarga mu dan nama keluarga tunang mu . Nantikan lah pembalasan dari Allah SWT, insyakallah

  5. Is this ketuanan melayu ? Is this Islam Hadhari ? To bring down a fellow Muslim and a fellow Malay ?

    Bangsa Melayu wujud sebelum kewujudan UMNO. Jahanam kamu UMNO

  6. We live in an era where conspiracy theory thrives. So this is my take: this could also be anwar’s strategy to create a sense of deep and terrible crisis in the country. yes, he is not a sodomite and I don’t believe he is either and he knew that people do not believe it either. so create one so he could play victim. he is caught in the middle. he does not actually have the ‘numbers’ to form the government and no way he could face the public and have an honest and serious debate with Shabery Cheek on the fuel price. so rather than having to face questions from the public when the time comes to deliver on his promise which would surely undermine his credibility, create a crisis now and make himself the victim: that he is no longer safe and he needs the safe sanctuary of a foreign embassy. Give me a break! As Bill Clinton once angrily said about Obama’s campaign: this is the biggest fairy tale I have ever heard. Badawi, despite his weakness, is not Mugabe. In fact, we are witnessing unprecedented level of freedom and openness in the country. This is probably just Anwar’s way to maintain public distrust towards the government. Try to paint Malaysia as another Zimbabwe where politicians get assasination threat and hoorah – all the public and international attention will be on him.

    I believe no member of the government would want to repeat 1998. In fact, i don’t think anybody in the current government believe that he was a sodomite when he had to face the allegation in 1998. 1998 was someone else’s doing.

    The government knows that this kind of allegation will not stand in the court of public opinion. They know that the public will hate them more if they do this. Yes, Anwar is a political threat to them, but not threatening enough for them to lose power on 16 September. At the time when the public is beginning to question the capability and on the promise of the PR in the 5 state governments, this kind of crisis is the last thing a BN government would want.

    Anwar has endured worse treatment in 1998 and he can afford to create such sense of treatment – something which the public will find it impossible to believe – today. It is partly the sense of bad treatment that earns him public admiration and pity. So I won’t rule out the possibility that this is Anwar’s own doing.

    Don’t be naive and take everything at face value. What Anwar needs is continuous attention. You have seen how he plays it well. Withoholding evidence, tapes, pictures just so that he could release at the right time so that this country is in perpetual crisis. Anwar is a master politician who knows how to play his card well!

  7. This is utterly despicable! Just for the sake of personal political rivalry,Malaysia is being reflected upon in World News today..CNN,BBC,Aljazeerah…..They all reflect upon ‘Sodomy’ in Malaysia.It paints an evil picture in the minds of people that Malaysians enjoy sodomy and nothing else.That all Malaysians sodomise.All these years the same sin.
    As though Malaysians do not commit other sins!
    Can we have a more responsible govt.?

  8. Kamal,

    I sincerely hope that you can say the same if its your life that is under threat. While your reading of the situation, is obviously tainted by your believes and pre-conceived ideas, I hope you would grow up and try to look at the situation from a very objective perspective.

    I do not think that you can claim that the PR governments are not doing a good job in the five states. If you are objective enough, you would be able to see that within the limited power of the state governments, many important steps have been taken to give back the states to the people, where they actually belong.

    You should be questioning where the BN government have taken the country to, where do we now stand on an international benchmark- judiciary independence, economic performance, basic human rights, competitiveness etc. Where are we today if we compare to the likes of Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan.

    Its important for us to compare this and then we can say yes we have done a good job or we have screwed our self royally.

    If whatever you are saying about Anwar is correct, then we are losing the opportunity of having a very smart and shrewd person to lead the country. On that basis alone he should be supported to be the Prime Minister of the country.

    Grow up Kamal, look around you and only then make your judgment. Jangan cakap tanpa berfikir !

  9. “I am issuing this statement from within the embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Kuala Lumpur. I was transported to the embassy earlier this morning fearing that my personal safety was in danger. I thank all those who offered to assist me in this time of need and am grateful to the Turkish Ambassador for extending an invitation to seek refuge within the Embassy. ” Anwar Ibrahim

    This appears to contradict the statement later issued by the Turkish Ambassador that no invitation was extended to Anwar!!

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