Anwar takes refuge in Turkish embassy
June 29, 2008

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who said he feared for his life, has sought refuge at the Turkish embassy in Kuala Lumpur this morning. He went to the embassy at 6am and according to PKR vice-president Azmin Ali, he would be there “indefinitely”.

The following is his full statement released at 5.30pm:

I am issuing this statement from within the embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Kuala Lumpur.

I was transported to the embassy earlier this morning fearing that my personal safety was in danger. I thank all those who offered to assist me in this time of need and am grateful to the Turkish ambassador for extending an invitation to seek refuge within the embassy.

Since the March 8 election, numerous credible sources from within the government and military intelligence have advised me that certain agents from within Barisan Nasional leadership have initiated plots to cause harm to me or my family or my supporters.

I have been told that my assassination has not been ruled out as means to subvert the people’s will and bring an end to the transformational changes taking place in Malaysia.

Notwithstanding the threats which are intended to silence my voice, I intend to make public new evidence implicating that Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan and Attorney-General A Gani Patail engaged in criminal acts of fabricating evidence in cases launched against me in 1998.

The allegations that have been made against me on Saturday are nothing more than a replay of the events which transpired in 1998 when I was sacked from the office of the deputy prime minister, jailed and beaten, and then charged and convicted by a kangaroo court for crimes which I never committed.

This charade was orchestrated by a corrupt Barisan Nasional leadership which made use of the entire apparatus of the state power including its control of the judiciary, the police force, and its grip on the mainstream media.

These actions are being repeated today to undermine the forces of reform and renewal which were unleashed in the March 2008 election.

I would like to assure my family, friends and supporters in Malaysia that I am safe and remain committed as ever before to continuing the struggle for a free and just Malaysia.

Anwar Ibrahim

34 thoughts on “Anwar takes refuge in Turkish embassy

    June 29, 2008
    PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who said he feared for his life, has sought refuge at the Turkish embassy in Kuala Lumpur this morning.

    While there Anwar would be best advised to formally seek political asylum in Turkey – and not just refuge.

  2. I believe Anwar is scared for his life and the safety of his family. He has good reasons to be – and Malaysians who support him and put their trust in him, are not looking for a martyr. Here’s hoping that he would be surfing the internet and visiting Din’s blog, a facility available to him at the courtesy of the Turkish Embassy.

    The other option open to him is to work out a deal with senior members of the Armed Forces (not the Police) elements loyal to the King. We are talking coup d’état here! Not an impossibility.

  3. “coup de’etat” – its a shame, never thought we would come to such a situation; thought it only happens to other countries like Thailand, Philipines, Burma, Pakistan and African countries. This is so bad, so sad we are down the chute of doom already?

  4. Peringatan dari Al Ghazali ini wajar dijadikan iktibar.

    Jangan bergaul dengan para pemimpin dan pembesar yang zalim, malah jangan bertemu dengan mereka. Berjumpa dan bergaul dengan mereka banyak padahnya.

    Dan sekiranya kamu terpaksa, maka jangan sekali-kali memuji mereka. Kerana Allah amat murka sekiranya orang fasik dan zalim dipuji. Dan sesiapa yang mendoakan panjang umur mereka, maka dia sebenarnya suka agar Allah didurhakai di muka bumi.

    Semoga kita mendapat panduan daripada peringatan di atas. Saya kurang pasti samada Abdullah Badawi tergolong dalam pemimpin yang fasik dan zalim atau tidak. Rakyat yang membuat penilaiannya.

    Semoga ALLAH pelihara dan rahmati kehidupan kita. Dan semoga ALLAH melindungi Anwar Ibrahim daripada perbuatan khianat manusia-manusia durjana. Amin Ya Rabb.

  5. Coup is not cool, sadly.

    The total risks situation must be appreciated.

    It should not be the first choice, ever.

    The only problem with this last resort is that you get durians from durians. But again ultimately, unfair means have been known to achieve fair outcome. The world’s not perfect. But I suppose we’ll get one day! 😉

  6. No, Salak.

    It is understandable that at the mention of a coup for Jong to picture in her mind’s eye the image of a tank parked ominously within the compounds of Parliament Building! Or in the case of Rosmah, for her to start packing. For Rosmah and her loving husband, it means a well deserved rest and the prospect of an early retirement in the Big House; and so it is understandable she should feel that way. For the rest of us peace loving believers in democracy, the sight of an Abrams battle tank would be symbolic of the long awaited and peaceful transition of this nation from a sham democracy to a real one.

    If there is going to be a military coup, it should be a peaceful one – with flowers protruding from the turret of the Abram’s Tiger Tank.

    There is a threat to the security of the nation, a real and present danger – only this time it is for real. Parliament would be suspended and a caretaker government set up under a national operations council not unlike the one we saw in 1969. How’s that for a peaceful coup??

    Then you and I could go back to playing marbles.

  7. Meanwhile, let’s hope that Anwar does not forget why he is in the Turkish Embassy. Somehow we need to smuggle a message to him to remind him that he’s not there for the sought after Turkish Delight.

  8. This is truly unfortunate. Had the BN allowed PR to go on its own ways, the PR, being a young coalition, will find its own ways of shooting itself in the feet. Unfortunately, by threatening a key figure in the coalition, the BN is giving further reason for the PR to set aside its internal differences and unite.

  9. Forget about American M1 Abrams, German Leopards and the British Challengers main battle tanks (MBT). The only MBT in the Malaysian army inventory are remodeled Polish-made Russian T72. The first consignment has yet to arrive our shores.

    A coup by the army is the last option as we don’t want some bumbling generals to call the shots. It will be far worse than what we are experiencing now.

    It’s better to keep the soldiers in their barracks than to let them lose in the streets.

    A show of force is another thing altogether. But which of our generals are prepared to act arbitrarily? Most, if not all, are beholden to the BN Government since they are being well taken care of.

  10. Dear Din ,
    The corrupted and power greed of those in power have made this ” boleh land ” to do things from impossible to possible and from possible to impossible .
    It seems that there is no possible ways to correct the wrongs to right while BN still a majority votes . We cannot count on those BN MPs-whom being elected by the people to look into the well being of themselves and claim to represent the people voices .
    People power is the only solution . Can we use the PEOPLE POWER to appeal to our HONOURABLE YANG DI PERTUAN AGUNG to intervene for the sake of Malaysia .

  11. What you say, Tok Chik, has more than a ring of truth.

    We never had to fight like Indonesia for our independence. We never had to shed blood to drive the Brits out of Malaya. It was given to us on a silver platter. In Indonesia the military earned their legitimacy to rule because of their role in fighting and finally driving the Dutch out. After independence they become soldiers in mufti ruling the country giving it the kind of political stability the country needed to advance economically. On the other hand, our military is too well trained, too well looked after to want to wrest control of the country from the civilian leadership.

    But then we are seeing events unprecedented in our history. Never before have Malays having to fight against Malays – with political power resting in the hands of a corrupt few, the police included. The police is in charge of public order within the country but corruption in the police force is at all time high – with the military merely looking on.

    Officers in our armed forces today come from humble beginnings, the ‘kampong boys’ of the 70s and the 80s who have a strong sense of right and wrong who worked hard to earn their stripes and their place in the military hierarchy – unlike their predecessors of the 50s and 60s who came from within the class of Malays who have had western education, and who had a strong sense of entitlement because they were Malays and because they were replacing their British predecessors. Today our military officers are less inclined to look at this traditional view of their role as defenders of the nation’s borders against foreign enemies through a narrow prism, especially when more and more of them feel that the police entrusted with the role of keeping public order within the country’s borders are becoming less effective in their role or have forfeited their moral authority because of corruption from within their ranks.

    So, it is ‘change’ that has to emerge from what could be a political and economic chaos, a sentiment expressed by Bob Dylan in his song, “The Times They are A-Changing” –

    Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    [ Find more Lyrics at ]
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside
    And it is ragin’

  12. this is a results of region’s ingrained economic inequalities of the monopoly capatalism, especially by the corrupt leaders. Do we wait untill there is no food on the table to finally reform for good government?. Wake up! Wake up!

    forget Saiful Bahri, the country is being sodomized by the greedy bastard and we let it go on and on.

  13. my two cents worth. dont think its the works of the PM. someone else with political agenda is behind this to undermine the PM.

  14. Look at this 2 cases :
    Case 1- Raja Petra SD
    After 7 days , PM came out to rescue the DPM , both denied the ” allegations ” .
    Case 2-Anwar Sodomy
    Quote from PM : He ( Anwar ) will definitely denied it . That is common for those who has been accused .
    What is the PM trying to tell the Rakyat ? I leave it to Rakyat to comments .

  15. siapa yg mencipta konspiracy..? diri sendiri atau orang lain.. mana tahu nak menagih simpati lagi.. semuanya boleh jadi kemungkinan..

    yang palng menghairankan.. boleh plak berlindung dengan kedutaan trki.. baik btul dengan turki yang ader hbung kait dengan amerika..

    myber sebab da tak percaya pd sistem perundangan negara.. kalau macam tu ..watper nak jd pemimpin negara malaysia..

  16. kenyalan08,

    Anwar Ibrahim in the eyes of Najib’s govt is seen as “Guilty” and must prove himself “Innocent”!

    Spokesman Abdullah Ahmad Badawi confidently assured the people that UMNO-led BN government has no part in the sodomy allegation against Anwar and he believes his “friend” Najib do not have any intention to do such a thing to him(Anwar). Do they have any credibility and integrity left, I wonder?

    Wow that’s most assuring but wasn’t Saiful Bukhari an UMNO implant?

  17. KAWAN!

    Jong can defend her terrritory! She can use her remote controller, what?

    I don’t know how to play marbles. I don’t think I have many left!;)

    Message for Anwar?

    No problema!

    Put a flash disk in a ketupat! Done, one, lah! Apalah you, duduk di Gunung tengok apa?

    But seriously, supposing Anwar and Musa un-Hassan were to have a pantun battle and he sings:

    Pulang mengail membawa sepat
    Sepat dijual orang Melaka
    Makan di laut muntah di darat
    Kalau tahu cobalah teka.

    I guess somebody waylaid that ketupat! 🙂

  18. Nostradamus Quatrains on “Wag the Dog”

    In the month named of a Roman King
    The year of great games played by Greeks
    Malaysie, a land where politikus battle
    “Wag the Dog” the game is played

    A man defamed twice over
    Seeking restitution with Ottoman Kings
    A plot being hatched as night awaits
    Watch in trepidation by the man defamed

    People in Malaysie cry in vain
    Great turbulence and strife engulf
    Lost is the fable of Mongolian assasins
    Forgotten is the hatred of black oil curse

    Men in power rule with joy
    For winners, gold and lust awaits
    Lost are the tales of greed and arrogance
    Forgotten are the tales of men in chains

    Little Napoleon kings jump in joy
    For keeping the turf and rule once more
    But alas, such is the game being played
    The time to repent is so in vain

    Stomach empty, spirit rise in men
    Seeking justice for those in pain
    A man of honor they seek within
    To play a game of which to gain

    Across the land, the people rose
    Silence and patience is the game being played
    Within the halls and corridors of fame
    Man of honor win the game


  19. Hey Salak,

    I may try radio-controlled heli which requires alot of skill and I have not attempted before, but if you trust me, I’ll try deliver your ketupat, but let’s talk payment first. 😀

    Sorry no free lunch. The plane fuel has increased by some 60% since the price of petrol went up 41% early this month. Everything has gone up – from goods to services and food.

    Soon Tenaga Nasional will raise their rates, opening the floodgates to more inflation which this government will find it impossible to control.
    This will further frustrate the ordinary people who finds it hard to cope staying afloat with uncontrolled rising costs. With widespread corruption, blatant abuse of power and an incompetent government, they will waste no time going into the streets to demand for a more accountablility.

    Perhaps a regime change is what we really need and I appeal to all MPs of consicence to do something fast to stop Malaysia down the chute of doom. Froggy jump if you must, just do something to save Malaysia!

  20. Jong,

    Yes. Time for MPs from BN to understand that the country will love them for doing the right thing. Yes they won on BN tickets but their voters voted on certain assumptions which many are now invalid.

    The right thing now is to cross-over. I think we should now stop calling them froggies. We need a fair maiden to kiss them so that they now will become charming princes.

    Jong, volunteer ? I cant, i would need a sex change before i can even start thinking about it.

  21. Ya ALLAH Ya Rabb,

    kiranya hamba MU, Anwar bin Ibrahim telah dikhianati dan difitnah melakukan liwat, maka kami mohon pertolongan MU ya ALLAH, selamatkanlah dia dan laknatilah mereka yang menzalimi, mengkhianati dan menfitnah hamba MU, Anwar bin Ibrahim.

    Ya ALLAH Ya Rabb, kurniakanlah kepada kami daripada rezeki MU yang halal. Berkatilah kami pada ahli, harta dan keluarga, jauhkanlah kami daripada kejahatan yang didatangkan pada waktu malam dan siang. Dan cukuplah kepada ALLAH sebaik-baik tempat bagi kami memohon, berlindung dan berserah

    Selawat dan salam ke atas Penghulu kami Muhamad SWT, keluarga dan sahabat baginda. Dan segala puji bagi ALLAH.

    Amin Ya Rabb.

  22. Kawan,

    You are right to a point. But only to a point.

    The Indonesian military or ABRI did not drive the Dutch out of Indonesia. Under Sudirman, Hata and Sukarno they were a torn in the flesh for the returning Dutch Army after the Japanese Surrender of September 1945.

    ABRI was a rat tag army with the barest of weaponry to fight the Dutch. It was nearly wiped out by the Dutch army saved for the timely intervention by the Americans.

    Since the Netherlands was receiving aids under the Marshall Plan, the Americans exercised considerable influence over the Dutch.

    It was the Americans who told them to lay off Indonesia and grant the nation independence which they did on August 17, 1947.

    As for our emasculated military officers it’s another issue entirely. Although we did not shed blood to gain our independence our brave men were in the frontline fighting the communist terrorists during the Emergency (1948 to 1960) and during the Malayan Communist Party’s Resurrection (1969 to 1989). Many gave their lives for the country.

    Peacetime soldiering is different from wartime soldering. In peacetime there are social issues to grapple with. It’s more difficult now than it was in the 60s right to the late 80s. Soldiers were a different breed then, so was the officer corps.

    Your assessment of the present-day officers is right. They tend to be more individualistic. Blame the present system for the change in mindsets.

    Idealism and romanticism no longer have a hold on the officer corps like it did before. I still pine for the good old days.


    The non-abrogation of the Emergency Law declared in June 1948 was for a reason. Although the Malayan Emergency was formally declared over in July 1960 there were still pockets of resistance.

    The Government found it expedient to retain the Emergency laws in order to deal with the situation.

    Then came Confrontation followed in its heels by the May 13 incident. Since the draconian laws served a purpose, they were retained.

    When Mahathir took over it was the perfect weapon to keep the opposition in check. And the rest, like they used to say, is history.

  23. Din Ahmad,

    I will send Kermit the frog. I am sure he is able to melt the toughest of hearts. Ask Din your namesake, he loves Kermit. 😀

  24. Aya…same old boring story again. We should be worried about how are we goig to feed our children with the current situation..they dont have to worry they can go to any embassy and take refuge..where are we going to go if we cannot feed our family

  25. Jong,

    Kawan is sitting pretty on some mountain and don’t need to spend on fuel. He takes a ride on his “tikar” and he gets his groceries.

    I can’t pay for your heli! I could hustle up a lunch or dinner for you. If you think you’re cleverer why don’t you nip off somebody’s lunch with that gadget.

    This Saiful thing isn’t about anybody in particular and I blame no one but everyone, myself, too!

    This is about those Jakarta kids

  26. Salak,

    What are you trying to say? OK let me assume that you meant this Saiful guy is like a street kid with no proper guidance? I’ll wait for your answer.

  27. Like I said before all the SH’T will ooze out of malaysia and mahathir will live long to smell it. These are the consequences when he messed with the judiciary.

  28. New lyrics to his song by Bob Dylan-

    How many times must I say I’m not a sodomist
    Before they believe in me
    How many years must I spend in Sg. Buloh
    Before I am allowed to be free
    How many times can a man look at another man
    And pretend that he just doesn’t see
    The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
    The answer is blowing in the wind


    Better hope Anwar does not blow it!

  29. All that and manyl things kampung.

    There are battles to be won or lost but there is only one war to win.

    There is a moon rising, it doesn’t look like a bad one.

  30. So Anwar has had enough of the Turkish Delight? He couldn’t stomach it anymore and left.

    But had he filed for political asylum with the Turkish government, and the Turkish Ambassador confirmed so, then it would give the BN government the perfect excuse for cancelling his Malaysian citizenship! Imagine what that could do to Anwar and Malaysians!

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