A View on Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad

Here is one point of view of Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad’s record as Prime Minister (1981–2003). It is posted to elicit your comments.

I personally reserve my judgment. I am too close to be completely objective since I was part of his Administration and he was once my boss. I had also the benefit of learning good business management skills from working for him in the 1970s.

History will be a better judge of his achievements and policy failures. But there is no doubt in my own mind that Tun Dr. Mahathir is a superb politician and an intellectual with strong work ethics. Some of us may not like his politics because of his Machiavellian streak. But we must at least acknowledge that it was the Tun who put our country on the world map.

I have of late been critical, especially his performance at the Lingam Tape hearings but overall, I am an admirer of the man’s intellect, guts and strong convictions. There is no one from his generation who has done more for our country than this illustrious Malaysian son from Kedah. —Din Merican

Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

June 24, 2008

I REFER to P.C.A. Lee’s letter on Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s record (“Good, bad or plain ugly?”– NST, June 18). To me, the Petronas Twin Towers, the Sepang F1 Circuit, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and the tolled highways are not projects coming out of brilliant ideas or initiatives. These can only come from those who think and behave as if the country’s resources are unlimited and that “money is no problem”.

It was during his administration that another “brilliant” idea was mooted which thankfully did not materialise: to build a bridge linking Malaysia and Sumatra. Just imagine the consequence to the country’s financial resources and the ballooning budget deficits had the project proceeded.

His yearning for mega projects was indeed insatiable, especially when these become synonymous with his name. He wanted to create his own history, especially for the young generation. After all, those who were born at the time Dr Mahathir became prime minister were adults when he retired.

This generation knows only him as prime minister and this is the memory he wants to perpetuate, even to the extent of dismantling parts of the historical past.

Remember Merdeka Stadium, which was on the verge of being demolished to make way for a commercial project? Had it not been for the public outcry, we would have lost this historical place where our first prime minister read the proclamation of our independence.

The availability of oil money and PETRONAS under his control had no doubt become the driving force behind his thirst for mega projects, including the heavy industry, as well as for bailing out public and private companies from the fallout of the 1997/1998 Asian Financial Crisis.

The national car project was developed at high social cost to the country and people, when it could have been done differently and at a lower cost and yet still meet our national objectives and aspirations. Just look at what Thailand did to its automotive industry, which is robust and competitive compared with ours. And we were ahead of Thailand at one time. Perwaja is another disaster that has to be salvaged.

Is the Formula One circuit financially viable and self-financing or still dependent upon the continuing injection of public money or PETRONAS money?

What did the country get substantively out of the Twin Towers apart from having the tallest building in the world, though not any more now? Was the Twin Towers fully occupied upon completion? Did our construction industry or contractors gain any technological mileage in terms of expertise and skills when we engaged foreign labour for its construction?

I tried to list down his positive contributions to the country, especially to the ordinary citizens who may remember him in their hearts for a long time. We are not talking of the few hundred families or individuals who were direct beneficiaries of his 23-year administration through negotiated contracts, privatisation deals, business monopolies, exclusive supplies and services, but the millions of ordinary low-income and poor people in the rural and urban areas throughout the country.

Frankly, not much can be documented for their direct well-being and welfare, except the widening disparity of incomes among the major races and within a race and between urban and rural areas during his administration. The gap between the rich and poor is widening.

I only see more and more negatives than positives, as enumerated by P.C.A. Lee, like the thriving corruption, the erosion of public confidence in the judiciary, racial polarisation, wastage of public funds, substandard buildings, schools, roads implemented through direct negotiations and consequently abandoned, but later salvaged by the new administration at tremendous cost to the nation.

To add to the list of negatives is the declining respect for our laws because “you can do wrong things for the right reason”. Or you can be spared of your wrongdoings before the law if you can tell the judges what to do. Anything is possible at the right price.

The explosion in the number of awards for honorific titles among Malaysians happened during his premiership, so much so that cynical remarks were made by everyone that if someone throws a stone on the street or at any public function, the chances are that you would hit a Datuk, Datuk Seri or Tan Sri.

The scramble for such titles became paramount, as they provide tremendous mileage in terms of securing preferential treatment of sorts and access to the corridors of power, all which adds a new dimension to Malaysian culture and way of life.

However, we must be fair to Dr Mahathir. Let us hope as time goes on, more and more of his good deeds and not his misdeeds will be revealed. As the saying goes, elephants leave behind their tusks and the tigers their stripes when they die. Human beings leave behind their names.

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This depiction of Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad is grossly unfair and incorrect. He did not write Mein Kampf.

In stead, he wrote “The Malay Dilemma”. He did not conduct progroms but admittedly, he was rough, in fact brutal, against his political enemies, imagined or otherwise. Neither he is Pol Pot of Cambodia under whose regime some 1.5 million Cambodians lost their lives due to disease, torture, exhaustion and starvation. So we must take a balanced view of our fourth Prime Minister and deal with the subject in full command of the facts.

I have been criticised by some bloggers on Malaysia-Today, where I obtained the above picture, for being “nice” to him. To me, it is not about being nice; it is about putting sentiments aside and suspending any sense of outrage. We must learn to look at facts and accept the law of unintended consequences. We now must heal the nation and support Anwar Ibrahim’s Agenda for Transformational Change.

107 thoughts on “A View on Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad

  1. My personal take on Dr M. I was never really fond of him, probably because my family members have always been “opposition supporters”, and also partially because my grandfather used to be a member of the now-defunct Labour Party.

    That being said, I held respect for the man. I didn’t like the way he got things done, but still he got things done. Better than not getting anything done.

    I agree with you, Din, in saying that he was the man responsible for putting Malaysia on the world map. And for that, I still carry respect for him.

    But of late, I have found it increasingly difficult to recall that respect, especially when he criticises UMNO for the things that he himself put in place. Also when he started playing the race card. He is stepping on a lot of toes.

    To be quite honest, I don’t think Dr M will be losing that many of his supporters. But he is losing support from borderline cases like me.

  2. A “great man” is a man who stands out, who towers above his fellows in some obvious way, and that one man is Dr. Mahathir. We should appreciate his good deeds and for what he has done for the country. He has done more good deeds than misdeeds and he is the man that has decisiveness and the courage to take the risk of being wrong or becoming unpopular for what he has done and for what he thought was good and for the benefit of the country and its people!

    Thank you, Nur for your comments. I agree. Tun Dr. Mahathir is not afraid to take action; he is not someone who will procrastinate.—Din Merican

  3. su,

    I respect you for your very frank comment on our former prime minister.

    I try to separate the different roles of Tun Dr.Mahathir.

    He has always been kind to me (not in terms of contracts and deals of course) in terms of advice and encouragement and that is why I respect him as a manager and a boss.

    He was a role model for many of us in Kedah when we were growing up. He was very disciplined, hardworking, punctual, studious and talented (carpentary and woodworking). Most of us in Alor Star remember him as a very kind and dedicated doctor who would go out of his way to help his patients. He was generous to the poor.

    As a politician, he is Machiavellian in his dealings. I do not agree with the “end justifies the means” paradigm, but then I am not a politician. That approach to politics worked well for him. How else can we explain the length of his tenure as PM.

    I am told (I am not his friend as I am his subordinate) he is very loyal to his friends to a fault. He values and rewards loyalty.

    As Prime Minister, he was tough and very controversial. But one always knew where one stood with him.

  4. For me Tun has shown that he is a very outstanding statesman..

    Well people can always find bad things and good things. Even the holy prophet is not being spared from critics.

    For me, I choose to respect him.. It is a matter of choice really… We can choose to respect or choose not to… There is so much good quality about him.. punctual, energetic, effective, dynamic, intellectual, so much qualities of a great leader…

    I found it is sometimes odd and mysterious when the people outside Malaysia spoke highly of him and respected him as a great leader, but some people in this country choose to disrespect him… Even people in the west who do not like him still acknowledge and respect him as a great leader..

    With regards to the development, I used to think, how much it will cost us to build KLIA and Putrajaya and KLCC now?

  5. Dear Din,

    I’m glad to hear your fair comment.

    You may say that many things he did were wrong, but actually he did all these for certain reasons.

    Remember! A couple of years ago, my pal visited Tun Ismail Ali a year after his passing. Life is after all too short for any misgivings.


  6. Bro. Zaib, for what ever ‘certain reasons’ his misdeeds he has to be accountable. The same goes for his ‘sparing partner’ during their hey days, Daim Zainuddin. They were virtually ‘robbing’ the countries wealth. There were too many ‘fiascos’ for us to name them. The most sad part is that they seems to ‘get away’ with it.

    But the biggest blunder for Mahathir was to appoint Dollah as PM yang implikasi nya kita sama2 tahu sekarang. Therefore, in the final analysis, he is not that smart after all. Salam.

    Ariffin, I am not sure that Tun Mahathir made a mistake. To me, it was a convenient excuse when the Tun’s political choice had other plans which were purportedly initiated by Poster Boy Khairy Jamaluddin, Kamal Abdullah,Kalimullah Hassan (the Hindu Goddess-Muslim Cleric) and others on the 4th Floor, PM’s Department. Today, these very same individuals are plotting day and night to destroy the Tun’s legacy.

    The Tun, however, could have given the job to Najib Tun Razak, and if that had happened,we would have been in a “Mr Rosmah” situation. It was for the Tun making the best out of what was available at the time (2002). Remember, the Tun had never intended to leave office, although he had publicly stated that he was ready to step down in 1998 before the Anwar crisis blew up.

    UMNO had a leadership crisis since the elimination of Tengku Razaleigh, Tun Musa Hitam and in 1998 the infamous sacking and incaceration of Anwar Ibrahim. That is politics. —Din Merican

  7. En.Din, no human being in this world is perfect but who and what Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad is and had been for Malaysia is something worth a thesis.
    Personally, I have the highest regards for him as a father, husband, grandfather and leader. He practices what he preaches to others i.e a very high level of discpline in any given area, be it in terms of puncuality or eating habit.
    He is a model family man who commands the respect not only his own children but also millions of other ‘children’ like myself who grew up during his tenure as our PM. We saw and experienced how he toiled, competing against hawkish nations like S’pore, to register Malaysia on the world map.

    If you are in Middle-East nations….they regard him as the True-Mujahid due to his vociferous defence of discrimination against the Ummah in Bosnia, Palestine and other areas. Those if Africa regard him as Model 3rd world leader who never failed to champion their cause up till the United Nations General Assembly.

    For the record En.Din, Dr.Mahathir spoke against the bloody Apartheid regime in South Africa and demanded for Nelson Mandela’s freedom way before things finally started moving. So, to point to the minor hiccups in his 22years of administrations and blow the JUDICIARY issue out of proportion is a gross INJUSTICE to the man who has sacrificed his entire life for Malays and Malaysia.

    For me the so called JUDICIARY issue which Zaid is trying to champion is nothing more than the Y2K scare which the whole world was frantically shivering about before the turn of the millenium.
    Remember how fear of a total collapse of everything around us was instilled deep into our mind.
    Doesn’t it look stupid now to look back to the fact that governments and corporations spent BILLIONS OF DOLLARS for a so-called protection/prevention against Y2K? Y2K and the perceived crisis in the Judiciary is the same.

    There is and never was a CRISIS in our JUDICIARY. The crisis is, En.Din, if I’m not mistaken,fabricated. Dr.Mahathir’s political struggle started even before the birth of UMNO and he often spoke of humiliations we suffered under the Siamese, Japanese and British rule that had made him stronger in his struggle for a better Malaysia with truly respectable Malays.

    Any other leader would have either settled down in some posh bungalow in Gold Coast or wouldn’t simply bother about what happens to us after his retirement. He could easily pick and choose which conferences to attend at what price and spend the rest of his time riding horse or writing.

    His books still sell like hot-cakes. Dr.Mahathir don’t really have to to what he is doing now – criticising the PM/Umno president and highlighting the many grave mistakes – but why is he doing it?

    Every Malaysian with an able mind should ask themselves this simple question – Why is Dr.Mahathir doing what he is doing, risking his reputation and a legacy spanning almost 50 years ? Is it for his personal gain or is it for the FUTURE OF MALAYSIA ?


    Dr.Mahathir is, for me and my family, a truly respectable human being whom I would sacrifice my life for.
    Apanama, awat sampai nak mati untuk Che Det. Menang kita tak nafikan Che Det adalah seorang yang ramai anggap berwibawa tetapi saya tak boleh terima pandangan saudara bahawa “There is and never was a CRISIS in our JUDICIARY”. You are stretching your imagination to the ridiculous extreme!! Kita pun banyak berjasa kat dia. Kalau tak pasai kita, tak kan dia boleh perintah sampai 22 tahun. Mungkin kita tak berapa pandai. Jadi kira dia nasib baik lah. —Din Merican

  8. Dr M started out as a clean and honest politician after being ousted by Tunku. When he became PM he still has his heart in the right place. Later power went to his head and that’s when he changed. Nobody is right only him and his clsoe knit friends and cronies.

    Building the North South Hiway, KLIA, LRT, PUTRA and Monorail Second Link, Penang Bridge are all good for the country. The Hiway opened up the country and people travelled freely and faster . Goods started moving creating an economic resurgence.

    Projects such as Putrajaya, Petronas Twin Towers are ego projects. Dr M was obsessed to make Malaysia the center of attraction (the biggest, the tallest, the newest and everything est) These projects are not good for the citizens but only good for him.

    As a politician he had to rule with a firm hand but he took it another step further by ruling with an iron fist. That is not good. Dr M is devious and everything is OK as long as the end is achieved. That is not right. You can’t trample the citizens just to have your way.

    With that I have mixed feelings for the man Dr M.

  9. no question mahatir is a decesion maker.but he is a poor leader he dictates not lead. he destroy institutions n core values to achieve his ends. to him the end justifies the means. he is now running scared because his wrongdoings are been exposed and his legacy after 22 years is the conviction by malaysians that he is a liar and perjurer.

  10. “I agree with you, Din, in saying that he was the man responsible for putting Malaysia on the world map. And for that, I still carry respect for him.”

    I met Afghanis and Pakistanis (running a fried chicken shop), Morrocans (running a sandwich bar) and just yesterday a Turk in my building, who when I mentioned where I am from, asked “Who is that Prime Minister from Malaysia?” searching their memory for a name.

    Oh yeah! Mahathir not only put Malaysia on the world map (Malaysia’s Twin Towers are today a prop for FOX News) but his name resonates in the minds of Muslims all over the Muslim world – mostly those frying fried chickens.

  11. robert,

    …he is a poor leader he dictates not lead.

    …he destroy “institutions n core values” to achieve his ends.

    …to him the end justifies the means

    …his “legacy” after 22 years

    You’ve got the essence of much of it, Bob!

    The contradiction is, you suggest he values “his legacy”! Often times, he did say he couldn’t care two hoots what history would say!!! He would have been right if he had got his orwellian credo right — he did it his way in the then “present” which would have cast it in “the past” to ensure “the future”! The future is NOW! And there are regrets, even sadness, and recriminations…

    He chastised Christians by saying he would never give the other cheek. We’re giving him voice now. And Harakah widget has got his sneering mug on it. And that stupid newspaper can only “jual” bawah meja before! I’d have a kind word for him, if he had fought for Harakah to be freed and made a daily last week! Those bloody Muslims in Harakah are “turning the other cheek”!

    Man! He’s got balls bigger than his brains!

  12. Hey, Kawan!

    You’re cheeky! He’s bally!

    Latest about the boot camp from Sarawak:

    Chin said for the participants, the objective was “to make us take orders and that is why apart from what I have said earlier in the last sitting, a junior officer was made our leader, from whom we have to take orders, and one Sessions Court judge who disagreed with that was made to
    publicly apologise on a podium to his junior officer leader”.


  13. Mao, Castro, Stalin,Lee Kuan Yew, Mahathir and now Mugabe…….overstayed their terms believing that they and only they, can lead their people.

    Leaders always start with noble intentions, got seduced by power & staying too long in office. Concept of shelf life ought to apply to politicians as well.

    On the other hand look at Mandela – led country post white rule, handed over to successor & live life as respected elder statesman. Can Mahathir do this?

  14. Malaysia is in doldrums today largely because of Mahathir, and let’s not kid ourselves to believing that he was at all good for our country. He is responsible for the rot of a solid system left behind by our wise founding fathers, and even the British. Mahathir destroyed the good we had in the separate powers of the Police, Judiciary, ACA, AG, Royalty and even the EC – he will be remembered as the Father of Destruction of Malaysia. Today, he has no remorse for all the wrong things he did, some which are downright cruel and evil, like the way he treated those who dared to question him. AI suffered terribly under him, and this man has the gall to just laugh it off as a ‘joke’. The hundreds of people he put in Kamunting whom he was directly responsible for the torture and ruined lives, cannot be that easily forgotten or forgiven – that’s the main problem here in Malaysia where we ‘graciously’ allow evildoers to go unpunished. If you fear God/Allah, you will also know that you need to hate evil and take all the necessary steps to carry out justice; only then will our country see peace and prosperity (blessings from God).

  15. At this stage, barry, we shouldn’t “fear” God/Allah! Nor should we “hate” evil. We do get ferocious in arguments, let’s forget fear and hate!

    I belum makan pagi, lagi! I’m not stretched out yet!;)

    But we need somehow, to start somewhere, where we left off!

    Check out “Rumi”, Jalaluddin, the Persian poet! Wiki’s got it!

  16. Sdr. Barry, very well said. Semuanya berlaku semasa beliau berkuasa. But now , he is on the recieving end. At almost on a daily basis he is being slandered and ‘fried like a pig’ systematically by the mainstream media (NST) masterminded by the Kalimullah and KJ and as of today I do not see any serious or meaningful rebuttal of the slaughter. What happen to the so called Yayasan Perdana ‘ think tank’ to take on the challenge. Itu lah dia beza nya bila kita tidak berkuasa lagi and I believe, it is the biggest regrets of his life to pass the baton to Dollah.

  17. M’sia is in the world map not because of intelect’s, but merely tallest bulding, F1, longest bridge and a fail state to build M’sian integrated socity as whole. Today, we can observed the work been done by the so called great leader after 22 years. what a bull shit. be honest guy’s.

  18. Dear Encik Din,

    Frankly, I don’t find anything great about DrM. He is not even outstanding.

    He had a vision of a developed Malaysia. But the way he went about trying to achieve that vision is vile, vicious and downright disgusting. In setting out to achieve what he viewed as development, he managed to destroy our social fabric beyond any point of return to normalcy. Just look around. I have a Xerox machine and one day it broke down. The boy who came told me that if I let him repair and pay him cash he would charge RM700 but if I require the company to bill me, it would be RM1300! Corruption has become ingrained in our society. People want shortcut to wealth. Whose idea is this? I know a former vendor manager in Proton. Almost every part supplied for our national car by local suppliers consists of a sweetener to whoever. All around town, we see people driving Mercedes Benz jumping que. Materially we have gained but our values have gone down the drain. I blame DrM for all these social diseases. He is the father and architect of all these.

    What does material and physical success mean when our values do not change for better? We pray 5 times a day, or go to church every night, but we still spit on the road while crossing it. If prayers and sermons do not change our values for better, what does all the prayers actually mean to us? Similarly, I hold the view that despite whatever “achievements” of his, he was a big failure and an embarrassing one at that. I am sorry, I have nothing good to say about him.

    In 1989 I was in London. That was at the end of Thatcherism. I saw people begging while lying down on the pavement. They did not even have the will power to sit down to beg. Locals do not want low paying jobs such as being a waiter or clerk. The would rather not do anything. Elsewhere, along the Strand, people slept in cardboard boxes with a candle lighted up in the box. The Conservative party was in tatters with internal bickering and such. Miss Thatcher was busy pacifying supporters and evading attacks by the opposition. The people were not happy. Mortgage rates went up. Everything went up. And that despite the economics booms Britain enjoyed under Thatcher years before. Sounds familiar?

    Art Harun

  19. I think TDM has done us all lots of good, but the few bads that he has done are monumental.

    He has set the stage such that if we ever get nincompoops to lead us, we would be royally screwed.

    By insulating and building moats around the office of the politicians, he has made it impossible for any meaningful dissent or crticism.

    He himself is feeling the effects of what he has created. Despite all his vociferous complaints, he has been unable to make any dent in the system.

    I think the country should move forward and come up with a two term rule for all political posts. The ACA should be independent and report to Parliament. The juduciary should be truly independent.

    With these pillars in place, the NEP can go on, and our country will progress.

    I pray that I’ll be given a long enough life to see this happen. I’ll die contented that my children will live in one of the most blessed countries on earth.

  20. Bang Din,

    Here’s one Old Free to another. Personally I believe that Dr M should have made the KLCC taller, maybe 120 stories high and with just one tower. No need for two. Our Twin Towers are only 88 floors high. Even in Bangkok they have a building that is 88 stories high. If they plant a flagpole on that building too, it may surpass the KLCC.

    The ‘tallest building in the world’ complex does have positive spinoffs. These buildings (in Taipei, China, Dubai, KL etc) raise the bar in the cities where they are built. The standards get higher. The KLCC has certainly set the standard for modern, clean and high quality urban development in the country. They become benchmarks. The KLCC is just a building. The fact that it was the tallest building in the world was just psychology. What matters is floor space. I think the Mid Valley Mega Mall complex now has more floor space than the KLCC.

    I agree with all that Dr M has built. My only complaint is (or was) the cost. We paid top dollar for everything. I think we have always overpaid. Speed has a high cost. The higher the speed, the more the cost – including corruption of course.

    Dr M not only put us on the map but he made each of us an angkasawan. Aim as high as you can. In my view this is what he has done. And for that too I salute Tun.

  21. Well, he is well known as the Father of Automobile for Thailand. With all his antics to protect his brainchild (PROTON), many automakers reluctantly chose Thailand as their base for assembly while we in Malaysia already has the experience and capabilities in supporting the industries.

  22. We are all human being and as humans, we make mistakes and Tun Mahathir is no exception. Just look at what he has done to this country throughout his 22 years as PM. Are we to deny this fact because he has made mistakes?
    Now look at what Pak Lah has done? You think he is a better PM than Tun? And he has only been the PM for only 5 years. You think Najib can perform better? Your guess is a good as mine.

  23. He had my utmost respect. He did what he thought was wright for the country.

    I remembered him well for the 1997 economic and political crises.

    he is at his best during those days, and i think he is at most duress during that time, to think on how to pull the country out of the economic crises but still being Independent of Foreign influences.

    he has a lots of things that i admired:

    1.he is controversial- politics with him around never getting bored

    2.he is always on the go-and pushing us Malaysia with him

    3.he is highly intelectual

    4.he is brave

    5.he strived for the nation not out of popularity, that is why he is more than willing for his head to be chopped by the present regime, just to speak out for the nation

    I have been to quite a few of his CERAMAH lately, and i am sure at his OCTOGENERIAN age, his only motive to fight the present regime only for the sake of the NATION that has been ruined to the core by Abdullah Badawi.

    The saddest moment, when he spoke at some of hi sceramah that ” saya tiada apa apa dah…apa lagi saya nak …umur dah 83 dah…..bila-bila masa saja boleh pergi dah …..” ” tak payah takut lah …jika saya kritik…hanya untuk NEGARA saja”

  24. I have nothing good to say of this gutter politician Dr Mahathir who left us with decades of anguish and memories of blatant abuse of power, corruption, judiciary rot and BTN mental genocide. He has destroyed countless of lives(trumped up charges on Anwar Ibrahim, remember?) and ‘screwed’ up this nation, and his successor is continuing his ‘good’ works!

    Hahaha Mahathir’s Petronas Twin Towers, Mahathir’s Putra Jaya, Mahathir’s NS Highway and Mahathir’s KLIA ? – all those built with rakyat’s tax money, money from ‘petronas’ natural resourses that belong to ALL Malaysians and generations to come!

    Ever wondered how much of those money were siphoned out and to his cronies? Ever wondered what has happened to the 3 trillion ringgit(maybe more!) that had gone missing and ‘unaccounted for’?

    Like they say, Melayu mudah lupa. How true. Go visit Malaysiakini.com, pay a little to read what High Court Judge Ian Chin has to say about the devil:


  25. Lee Kuan Yew,Suharto,Marcos,Mahathir are all ASEAN’s DICTATORS.2 is dead,2 is still alive.The 2 dead dictators left behind a country in shambles and their names being fed to the wild dogs.For the 2 living dictators,one is fighting to clear his tainted name and the other is fighting for more investment to satisfy his greed.Let us all see what this two dictators will leave behind.I bet it won’t be too long co’s the gate to hell is in the horizon,fast approaching.

  26. Some people love him & some people hate him. Well, that’s the way life goes & this saying applies to everyone including me & you.

    To those who hate him: Even if one keep on grumbling about his misdeeds & that won’t change a thing. So, stop behaving like a spoilt brat crying over spilt milk. This includes foolish dudes like Raja Petra who constantly only talk shit, shit & shit.

    To those who love him: One can even worship him but it won’t change anything either. His contributions to the country’s development is no longer relevant (TDM has retired).

  27. Every leader is a SOB, but not necessarily every SOB is a leader. I totally subscribe to the view that Dr M had done a lot for the nation as observed by all. In fact there was a time when I had so much respect for this man that I pride myself as a Malaysian having such a great PM.

    But alas, all his good intentions (let’s forget about the underlying hidden motives, if any) were grossly negated through faulty implementations and execution (intentional or otherwise) by greedy people in the corridors of power. This led to the state that we are in today. We now have more SOBs than leaders. What’s worse the few leaders that we have are turning to become SOBs and SOBs only.

    Before 8th March it was all gloom. After that I begin to see a small ray of light at the end of the long dark tunnel. I hope and pray that this small ray of light will enlarge to brighten the nation’s future and the future well being of its people.

    Bang Din, the first and only time I met you was at Car & Co, months before the GE. We exchanged views on the political situation of the country. I recall you shaking my hand for this comment I made: “I’ll rather vote a cockroach than anyone from BN”. That much was my respect (or is it disrespect?) I had for the nation’s leaders. And this disrespect has not changed a wee bit after 8th March. In fact it has deteriorated much further.

    Taking stock of the state that we are in today, I can only say one thing, or rather ask one question. “Who was the one behind it?” Your article confirms my answer to this question.

  28. Accountability is what I believe. The wrong things that he has done, he needs to be punished for it. No one is above the law. No compromise on this. The problem with Tun is, he does not even fess up to the wrong doings he has done. He is too proud to even admit any of those. All the good things he has done in my perspective is to merely cover people’s eyes. Just because he has done a few goods does not mean he should be left off the hook. Lady Justice must be fair to all or not fair at all.
    He has his cronies to protect, that shows that he is involved in corruption. He has stuff people into Kamunting camp in Ops Lalang means he has violated human rights. He has given racist speeches meaning that he has racist ideology and is not afraid to use it. Compared to the good that he has done, the badness he has done will destroy an entire country. Therefore he must be held accountable.
    Is it because of the “tidak apa” attitude that you guys would still respect him and go soft on him?

  29. Pingback: A View on Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad: Din Merican « JDMBunga Raya-Wangsa Daily

  30. Oh by the way, Petronas twin tower is not built by Malaysian. It is just bought over by Uncle Mahathir. Beli punya. Shopping dengan duit cukai orang Malaysia semua. It is designed by Italian, supervised by Japanese and Korean and built by immigrants.

  31. Din,

    You are a fair minded person and obviously loyal to a fault, otherwise on balance, you would have found TDM wanting in many aspects. As a leader, he was not all bad but what bad he did was, and is, still being paid for by Malaysian citizens. His colossal mistakes are far less tangible than the physical monuments left behind but will adversely affect generations to come. His legacy is tainted and sad. He should call it a day and salvage whatever remains.

  32. i totally agree with din.. how can we forget about tun as a briliant n struggel leader..

    as a leader he know about responsibility for country and us… its hard to make our country which have multi religion and race be a peace and maju….

    everything he do… with a reason.. n we must respect for that… at least everything that his done…. we are not very hurt and pain like under the leader gomen now…

  33. Dear brothers and sisters,

    At the end of the day, Id like to say that there’s no use for any compliments to a statesman when he is gone. TDM has strong reasons for doing things we see as faulty on the surface. Brother Ariffin, Din, had a good access to meet and speak with TDM personally if he had wanted to, but didnt do it because like TDM, he too was banking on AAB for a better Malaysia.

    I too used to hate him so much during the 1980s political turmoil, but after listening to his reasons, directly and indirectly, the explanations came to my sense. Apanama, Nur Aminah, and Letting… are right in their reasons for respecting TDM. As for Su, I’d say why not attend TDM’s future roadshow and throw your questions directly to the man himself rather than listening to a third party reporting. And I must say that you’d be fascinated with the speed, sharpness and spontaneous reply you’d get.



  34. It is oil that has brought development to Malaysia, not TDM. In fact, if he had not wasted a good deal of our earnings from oil on mega projects,failed corporations, and God knows what else, Malaysia would be a good deal more prosperous than we are today. Given our oil and other abundant natural resources, we should be on par with South Korea and Taiwan and miles ahead of Singapore economically. It is a sad commentary on Malaysians that many among us look at the Petronas Towers, the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Sepang F1 Circuit, and other show projects and think that TDM has brought us to First World status. Since we are not a First World state despite our advantages, I can only attribute our falling short of being one to poor governance.

    In regard to the moral turpitude that now prevails in Malaysian public life, one can only ask questions as to when and from where that the rot had begun to set in. It is also a sad commentary on Malaysians in general that questions on morality in public life are so seldom asked. Too often,our journalists write and speak of political goings on (almost always in a glamourous light) with scant reference (even if implied) to morality and ethics by which to set standards of behaviour of our politicians. In this I think TDM set the tone in 1988.

  35. Malaysia, a land of Mega projects and Third World Mentality.

    Mega projects should be an advantage to the citizens and business community, much like good transport system, so that Malaysia can be attractive as a regional logistic hub for instance. I believe we need people who have visions and we need people who are good managers. Visionaries are often poor managers and vv.

    For the record, in the mid-late 80s, Malaysia was emerging as a good country for manufacturing investments due to our low costs and many parts are still undeveloped. Madhatter was just riding the economic boom of the 90s. Back then throw one stone and you get 5 job applications. Foreign funds were flowing in, and Madhatter transferred them to his Swiss and Israeli bank accounts.

    Many of our ports and MSC’s are great initiatives, but who are those who manage and run proper programs so that the citizens are able to benefit? Malaysian govts are poor managers and enforcers, just look at the numerous community halls and sports facilities, they are lacking in marketing, promotions and activities. Check out those in Singapore (Madhatter must be screaming right now, for he has lost to non-bumi Mr. Lee Kuan Yew), they are packed with family activities.

    Proton started the same time as Korea in car production. Who in the world knows Proton? Milo-tin quality.

    The best asset of any country is the people. Thanks to Madhatter, Malaysia govt imports many illegals from Indonesia because of religion and race, but lose out on the brains, for they are instantly recruited and head-hunted by DEVELOPED countries like Singapore, HK, Britain, Australia, etc. Socially, we are left with high crime rates (since we import and legalised many thiefs, murderers, rapists, corrupt officers to boost the BN votes).

    Further, due to brain drain, we are losing out on FDI, as wages increases are not matched with skills increase. So thanks to Madhatter, we lose out to emerging countries like Vietnam, China and Thailand. Soon Indochina.

    Losing out to developed countries AND emerging countries – WOW! Thanks to Madhatter. Because of his vision of Ketuanan Melayu and an Islamic nation, we are left to talk about religion and racism.

    Madhatter is a fool, please do not call him an intellectual. A foolish son thinks everyone has only one cake to share, and he does not want others to know how to bake so that everyone must beg from him once they finished their cake.

    A wise son knows that we can all bake our cakes, eat it and share it with others, and teach others to bake their own cakes. That way we can use our God-given hands and creative brains to bake more and share with more.

    No brains, no money. Talk, talk, talk. Talk is cheap. Racism and religion are just a vote-buying emotional strategy.

    How did he remain in power for so long? Corruption, Malays being too comfy in their 30% share of disability-guaranteed-jobs, Malays too illiterate to know the workings of govt and judiciary, and not forgetting the May13-bogeyman. Today many May13-era citizens are dead or have hypertension, their kids have not seen the May13 ghost and so are not afraid.

    Madhatter in summary:
    Power crazy, insecure and greedy.
    Adolf Hitler=Aryan supremacy.
    Mahathir Kutty=Malay supremacy.

    May he repent before he hit the nail.

  36. Assalammualaikum Abang Din,

    How lucky you were to be working directly under TDM.

    Since you’ve reserved your comments then let me put in mine.

    I’ve been reading quite a bit about Tun Dr. Mahathir from different blogs; from Malaysia-Today to his own CheDet.com. Just like a coin, there’s always two sides to a story, meaning two very divergent views about the man himself.

    If you go to Malaysia-Today, almost all of the bloggers would have an extremely negative comments whenever the name Tun Dr. Mahathir appears whilst in CheDet.com, the opposite is true. The only difference is that in Malaysia-Today, if you were to put a positive comment on Tun Dr. Mahathir, you would definitely get whack by almost every blogger in the blog.

    Having said that, I believe that for those who feel that Tun Dr Mahathir is the source of all suffering in the country is just want to have an easy excuse for being inferior or a failure in life. everybody who hates Tun Dr. Mahathir would blame him for all the decisions that turn out negative like in the case of Perwaja without having to know all the facts.

    Basically, it is not easy to be a leader. It is even harder to be a truly fair and just leader especially in the multiracial and multicultural country like ours. However, it is very easy to blame others for our own shortcomings. The easiest target is the Government, but most of bloggers tend to blame Tun Dr. Mahathir.

    Such behaviour make me wonder what would they think about their own parents who are a leader or PM of their family and households. Are they blaming their parents for feeding them less than that of their brothers / sisters? Or, are they blaming their parents for not sending them to study overseas because they were an under achievers in school?

    To Tun Dr. Mahathir, he did not blame the people when his objectives were not met. He blame himself especially for the failures that the Bumiputera especially the Malays were not able to achive the NEP targets at the end of 2000.

    Tun’s defractors will never admit the positive influence about Tun’s contributions to the country and they will always blame Tun even if their pet cat is sick. If they cannot break and move out of their blaming shell, forever they will blame somebody, someday.

  37. Mahathir would have been a great leader but for one and only one missing quality:


    Arrogance is his downfall, and the downfall of many intelligent visionary men of genius. Mankind never learns…..

    His arrogance is the kind that thinks only HE knows best and only HE is right. Without realising it, he has drawn the lines on his own face..

    My respect for him now is simply the respect that you accord an old man past his prime who had the potential for greatness but sadly cannot see his shortcomings.

    I feel very sorry for him… and pray that he will find grace in the final times of his life. I fear that if he continues on this path, he will only destroy what is good of his reputation, and will be end up being largely reviled. If he had kept his silence and remained a statesman wielding his enormous influence on social welfare causes, he would easily have been loved by many despite the excesses of his past administration. He should pas the baton to his sons and let them fight the battles in the prime of their lives rather than continue to embroil himself in dogfights and increasingly find himself undermined, or openly mocked.

    I am not a ‘fan’ but it’s still painful to watch.

  38. looking at all the comments, i suppose we can conclude that there is a price to everything – tall buildings, automobile industry, the country in the map of the world, decent living for every malaysian that is willing to put in the hours.

    but what are the costs for all that – protectionism of the automobile industry which lowered the quality bar for protons that rolled out the factory, bumis supposed inability to compete with other races in the country, which to this day means we still need to allocate resources to take care of that, and definitely if you can’t compete with others in the country, how can you compete with others in the world, ask for quota to the olympics?

    a one man show for any country is just plain wrong, we need a team of capable people leading the country, if one falls out of line, the others can check on him. too much power is given to the pm in the current setup, being able to hold two or more portfolios just shows how powerful they are. and who do we thank for all this.

    yes, it is without a doubt our country has progressed tremendously with industrialization, living standards have increased, and we have nice buildings to show our foreign friends, but we paid a price for personal development – greed, impatience, corruption, arrogance, loss of traditional values, etc.

    it’s scary to think that only one man is responsible for the good and bad of the whole country during that 22 years.

  39. Let us hope as time goes on, more and more of his good deeds and not his misdeeds will be revealed

    A great person will always be admired by everyone, Hope another great person will come out in this era…

  40. When I caught your article on MT, I almost did not want to read what you had to say about Tun because MT readers appear to absolutely dislike Tun.

    This is what I have to say about Tun, God willing:

    I am very proud and I admire the Tun for the person that he is, intelligent, highly strategic in thinking and caring, yes, caring. Think! If he does not care for us fellow Malaysians, would he be still doing what he’s doing now i.e. to set things right for our benefits. We have to give him the credit of being a person with high principles. What I see, as a fellow Malaysian is that he cares for us.

    When I was 12 living in a small, sleepy hollow town in Kedah, my father brought me to see him at his Maha Clinic in Alor Setar to treat a wart at the sole of my foot which had gotten infectious.

    My father told me to say “Tahniah” to him and I did but I didn’t know for what reason (that year, he won a seat in the Elections). He touched my infected foot and was very, very kind to me.

    I was one of many of his patients and he of course do not remember me, but since that day, I `followed’ him. He has never changed from the person that I knew in 1974, very caring and full of humility.

    God bless Tun and god bless you all.

  41. Although things in Malaysia was handled with a little more “finesse” (compared to Zimbabwe, i.e.)- as in the Offshore Patrol Vehicles (OPV) fiasco, PKFZ, Putrajaya, KLCC, MSC, Cyberjaya, Proton, Angkasawan, Perwaja, “gifts” for 3rd world despots who attend the Langkawi “Summit”, Project IC …….

    Here’s something interesting on the web with regard to “Project IC” (aka “Project M” aka the rape of Sabahans’ rights) –
    “The phenomenon of documentary citizenship, which I observed firsthand in
    Malaysia, reveals this assumption to be mistaken, at least insofar as it is applied to
    developing states. Illegal immigrants, I observed, were taking part in elections in
    Malaysia even as many natives continue to have no documents proving their citizenship.
    Illegal immigrants were being welcomed and afforded the rights of citizens by sections of the Malaysian state over the opposition of many native citizens. Illegal
    immigration to Malaysia from the Philippines and Indonesia highlights the paradox
    of states actively admitting illegal immigrants……..
    The beneficiaries of such manipulation of ethnicity and migration at the subnational
    level are the parties that get the vote of these illegal immigrants, the
    officials, the local illegal entrepreneurs that sell citizenship documents, and finally,
    the illegal immigrants who not only become citizens with voting rights but also have
    access to affirmative action policies with their status as Bumiputera, or ‘‘sons of the
    – When States Prefer Non-Citizens Over Citizens: Conflict Over Illegal Immigration into Malaysia

  42. Politicians have many faces. Depending on what angle you look, you will either hate or love that person. It’s just that case with Mahathir. One person may like his “putting Malaysia on the world map”, while others are downright disgusted by some of his methods of dealing with dissidents. He did some right things, and some bad things.

    Chairman Mao kept China intact, and brought peace to the war-torn country. But millions starved to death during his “Great Leap Forward” project. How do you judge this kind of people?

    I personally respect people like Gandhi and Mandela more for the simple reason that they dedicated their life to upholding justice, perservering in the face of much suffering.

  43. Malaysia is so blessed with rich raw materials , good weather , and forgiving multi-racial rakyat.

    Any leader who is sincere, trustworthy, and rakyat-centric would be leading us to Utopia…

    Is (not) Mahathir? One can honestly answer that oneself!

  44. I had a chat with a Tionghua friend who has a sound business in the aviation industry. He was very frank that there must be a certain level of dictatorship in any organisation in order to be successful.

    The difference is how it is being practiced, by ownself or through the subordinates.

    Lets not be taken away by the image of the so call freedom of expression promoted by the current adminsitration as fixing is still happening behind the scene by those close to the leader.

    Being visionary Tun need a certain level of uninterrupted control over what he want the country to be e.g the success of his Vision 2020.

    What wrong with all this, he’s not leaving the premiership with billions worth of money in the Swiss account like Marcos, Suharto and other so call dictators.

    Tun is one who dictates things, he’s far from being a dictator in the real meaning.

    I have kept a lot of his speeches and will remain my reference as long as I live.

  45. It’s silly and vain to think, only Mahathir could have put Malaysia on “the map”. Bob Mugabe also put Malaysia there where the timber for his house came from.

    But you know what? Terengganu and Sarawak oil had already put it there. So did the palm oil in Felda’s kampungs and lands. Had Din Merican, by some stroke of chance been our PM, he’d have made sure those two resources, plus others, put us on some humble pedestal.

    I’ll bet all the oil of Sarawak, Din wouldn’t have done any worse! I’m not kidding. Faith in virtues should not be beholden to a man (err … woman, too)!

    Funny how we screwed up! 😦

  46. How do you define a “great man/woman”?

    For one thing, he/she has done things for humanity’s common good beyond the call of duty.

    For Dr Mahathir, it is hard to justify the word “great man” for being the longest prime minister and with 21 years in power through the corrupt and money politics of UMNO, any person with that length of time in power could have done equally well if not better. Yes, history will be the better judge.

    If Mahathir cannot change the landscape of Malaysia in 21 years, he must be utterly useless.

    My own view, it is too generous to say Mahathir is a great man… “Greatness” in a person in public life is associated with personalities like Mandela. Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Chou en-Lai (wh held China together while Mao went on a rampage), Ho Chi Minh.

    What is Mahathir’s “greatness” in his 21 years as PM.

    Mahathir, notwithstanding his contribution to change the physical landscape of Malaysia with all the mega infrastructure projects, will be remembered as a Divisive Prime Minister who played gutter politics to remain in power.

    He may be remembered as great in UMNO’s history. As for Malaysians, he will only be remembered as a longest serving Prime Minister, and nothing more.

    I think he could have redeemed his public persona after he retired, instead he has projected himself as a grumpy, vengeful, unforgiving, racially divisive person. And that is sad for a man entering into his sunset life.

  47. its good comments about TDM but i feel if he would have been today he is another Robert Nugabe. Infact i believe TDM is political guru to Zimbawe leader. Just imagine the same to our country.

  48. It is very easy to find other people’s faults, especially when the targets are high-profile public figures and that whatever they do are known to all and highlighted.

    Kita harus ingat bahawa tidak ada manusia yang terlepas dari membuat kesilapan. Sebelum kita nak cerita keburukan orang, komen pasal orang lain (atas apa jua sebab), adabaiknya kita berfikir dulu (secara ikhlas) …..adakah kita lebih baik dan lebih banyak mencurah bakti kepada masyarakat, ugama, bangsa, negara dan dunia dari orang yang kita nak kutuk !!!!

    Bagi saya, Tun Mahathir is a great statesman and will remain so. Memang banyak dia buat kesilapan dan membuat keputusan yang agak unpopular,. Tapi kita harus ingat, dia terpaksa membuat keputusan yang pada ketika itu, yang dia rasakan berpatutan dan terbaik. Bila kita banyak buat kerja dan keputusan … kemungkinannya, kita juga akan banyak buat kesilapan. Dan …jika kita tak buat apa apa kerja dan tak buat apa apa keputusan …… memang kita tak akan buat silap.

    Manusia ni memang suka cari salah orang. .
    Suka korek salah orang yang lepas lepas
    Tapi bila suruh buat keputusan .. takut.

    Kita harus adil. Jika Tun Mahathir tu orang yang teruk sangat, cuba fikirkan bagaimana dia boleh menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia selama 22 tahun. Tu pun dia berhenti sendiri. …. Kalau dia teruk sangat .. tentu dia telah digulingkan.

    Motto saya …. “SEMAK DULU DIRI SENDIRI “

  49. “Had Din Merican, by some stroke of chance been our PM….” salak

    I’d be his campaign manager. But it comes with a price tag! He would have to restore Alor Staqs’ Wat Siam to its former glory – and bring in some Thai beauties to do the ‘loi loi katong’ for old times sake before we kick the bucket!

  50. Kawan, aaaahs those ramvong and loi kratong, very memerising thai beauties coupled with Singha beer. Can you keep up with the Thai lasses?

  51. Ali Rahok, Dr M jadi PM selama 22 tahun dengan pemeritahan Kuku Besi. Mana ada sesiapa yang boleh ktitik Dr M semasa dia PM kalau tak dihantar ke Seri Malaysia Kamunting atau Sungai Buloh Hilton. Cuba lihat 3 bekas Timb. PM kesemuanya diketepikan.
    Memang semua orang buat kesilapan tapi sampai masanya dianya insaf dan bertaubat, terutama sekali kesilapan terhadap manusia lain.
    Kejayaanya memerintah Malaysia disimbolis dengan projek mega mega akan tetapi hak manusia terkongkong, korupsi dihalalkan dan kesilapan di tutpkan dari pandangan rakyat. Adakah itu yang anda banggakan?
    Kronisma digalakkan dan apabila sudah berjaya atau gagal, kerajaan diminta ambil aleh walaupun kesemua keuntongan dah di songlapkan oleh kroni. Rakyat miskin dan menderita dan menanggung kerugian, bukan million bahkan billion. Ber beliyon kata arwah Ghafar Baba.

  52. Kawan!

    Didn’t know you have THAI Twin!

    Let’s face it. With full blown cheeks. Both sides now!

    Mahathir’s got balls so big they’re dragging him now! 😉

  53. Bro. Din, I am tired of listening to the phrase ‘TDM has reasons ‘ for doing this and that. Semua aya adalah demi negara dan rakyat. Sometimes, I wonder, how do we justify the contracts given to Zaleha Ali and the late Jaafar Ali for the Petronas Twin Tower One and Petronas Twin Tower Two project respectively. What do we call that ?

    What about the Malaysian Navy OPV contract given to PSC headed by the business ‘mogul’ Amin Shah, whom we knew was one of the business ‘stables’ for Daim Zainuddin. The project failed and the government lost hundred of millions.(Affin Bank). How do we justify that ?

    Oleh itu, Sdr. Ali Rahok you better ‘semak diri you sendiri’ betul2 samada your ‘eyes’ are partially blind or not. Kalau betul2 ada, mulalah membaca dan membuka minda saudara dengan lebih luas lagi. Salam

  54. “Kita harus adil. Jika Tun Mahathir tu orang yang teruk sangat, cuba fikirkan bagaimana dia boleh menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia selama 22 tahun. Tu pun dia berhenti sendiri. …. Kalau dia teruk sangat .. tentu dia telah digulingkan.”

    If there is such a thing as an inherently flawed argument, this is one!

  55. Several years into his leadership when it seemed the whole world was queueing up to invest in Malaysia I really thought that with Dr.M’s vision we would give Singapore a good run for their money. History will indeed be a judge of what went wrong but for me Dr.M can best be described as a Lee Kuan Yew without brains.

  56. Yah, one eye see all – Petronas Twin Towers, KLIA, Putra Jaya, LRT, NS Highway, short of the crooked bridge – after 22 years in office!

    Critics of Mahathir the world over gets the usual response like an old tape recorder :

    …” How to compare, Singapore is only a very small island, easy to manage”.

    Sore losers! The same old tape recorder still gives the same response!

  57. “Yah, one eye see all – Petronas Twin Towers, KLIA, Putra Jaya, LRT, NS Highway, short of the crooked bridge – after 22 years in office!” Jong

    …and don’t forget those disappearing offices in Hong Kong with a table, a phone and a fax machine – and millions of dollars worth of back to back letters of credit to negotiate with banks about to go under, and the numerous wire transfers to numbered accounts apparently in search of tax shelters!

  58. Kita harus adil. Jika Tun Mahathir tu orang yang teruk sangat, cuba fikirkan bagaimana dia boleh menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia selama 22 tahun. Tu pun dia berhenti sendiri. …. Kalau dia teruk sangat .. tentu dia telah digulingkan.

    Motto saya …. “SEMAK DULU DIRI SENDIRI “

    Looks like “banyak semak” semua! Semak telinga, semak hidung, semak lidah, jari!

    But as they say, innocence is virtue incarnate! And you will go to Heaven, and stay there forever and ever.

    Until no virgins come for idiots!!!

  59. Don’t you know that in Heaven nobody gets old! Also you get to choose to be at the age of your choice. Should you lose your virginity, you go to the vending machine aptly named “Instant virgins” (subsidiary to the Virgin Airlines now defunct) and push a lever and you’re as good as new!

    Friend Salak may be interested in getting intellectual property rights to the machine and have one installed along Jalan Bukit Bintang!

  60. The most memorable doctorine that Dr Mahathir has created during his 22 year old tenure as Malaysia fourth PM is “Menang tanpa bertanding” which is still a legacy in the current administration .Thru this doctorine that have created the dynastic politics in Malaysia. Other country which with disasterous consequences as a results of dynastic politics included indonesia , north korea and pakistan .And back home , the old UMNO was destroy not because of money politics but because of dynastic politics in play.

  61. From Mahathir to Euro 2008. Not bad. Hope Jong can keep us posted during final between Spain and Germany this weekend.

  62. Mahathir berhenti sendiri ?!….. diri Mahathir mengatakan kepada Mahathir…Kau telah menzalimi ramai orang! Penganiyaan yang dia telah lakukan di mana Mahathir mengaku sendiri dia buat aniaya dan kezaliman ke atas Anwar Ibrahim.

    Mahathir menggunakan jentera kerajaan untuk kepentingan diri sendiri utk berkuasa. Apakah kita telah lupa bagaimana Polis menggunakan kekerasan dan kekejaman ke atas rakyat yang protes atas satu-satu isue?

    Kesalahan yang Mahathir tidak dapat ampuni dirinya sendiri kerana menggunakan wang Rakyat utk menolong anaknya Mirzan. Wang Peronas telah diguna dengan wewenangnya.

    Sepatutnya Allah telah menganugerah Minyak atas bumi Malaysia ini utk kebajikan rakyat dan bukannya utk pemimipin BN menyalahi keuntungan Petronas. Di mana-mana saja Mahathir pergi…. dirinya sendiri menyalahkan Mahathir! Tidak tertahan dengan faktor dalaman sendiri menyebabkan Mahathir mengundurkan diri tanpa sesiapa menolaknya dari Jendela Kuasa.

  63. Sdra. Din, Appreciate your effort in providing this opportunity for your blog readers to give comments on our exPM, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (TDM).
    I regard TDM as an extraordinary and remarkable person. He is a visionary, an outstanding leader and an effective manager-rare qualities found among world’s leaders. His greatest strength,perhaps, is his intellectual capability which has developed through his voracious reading right from his young days and with his deep observations of things around him, his strategic thinking has attained a high level. This strategic thinking is the basis for the formulation of many of the policies of the country during the 22 years of his premiership, which encompass:
    a. economic – agriculture, industrialisation, automotive, sports, tourism, ict and the interrelationship of these components. The FI Race is not only, indirectly for the transfer of autom. technology but to promote the country to the world. The Commonwealth Games has been organised with also the tourism industry in mind. TDM advocated smart partnership of the govt-private sector-workers to push economic dev
    b. infrastructure. tied to economic development, the country has to have good infrastructure – good roads thus the North-South Highway, KLIA, the doubletracked rail (this was scrapped by the present govt), Cyberjaya for ICT facilities, Putrajaya with its intelligent facilities. All these came during his time of office. In constructing these mega projects he has harnessed the local expertise in various disciplines and because of the experiences of these experts, Malaysia is now able to export expertise in many areas of specialisation (business management,road construction , petrol technology in many countries, landscape architechture, agriculture etc) to the world.
    c. religion. TDM is concerned with the extremism practiced by some adherents of Islam. It was during his tenure that the International Islamic Univ, IKIM were established as teaching, research and resource centres for information on the religion. Islamic Banking system also came in during his time
    d. international relations – prosper thy neighbour, leadership in NAM and OIC. Smart partnership with many countries particularly countries in Africa
    For the many unpopular actions taken during his days as PM such as the Judiciary, Ops Lalang, TDM had his reasons (see TDM’s blog on the Tun Salleh Saga).
    What is most important as a citizen, during TDM’s tenure of office, there were many opportunities to earn a decent living, held our head high as a Malaysian whenever we travelled overseas, have a high sense of security in the country, feeling of unity among the people of different ethnicity, religious tolerance, confident that wise and good decisions were made by the political masters.
    To understand and appreciate the many policies and actions of TDM, please read the many books and publications written by him. Among them: Reflections on Asia, Islam and the Muslim Ummah, Globalisation and the New Realities, A New Deal for Asia, The Way Foreward,Voice of Asia, The Challenge and the Malay Dilemma. Great contribution intellectually. And also books and publications written about him, among them are: The Other Side of Mahathir, The Paradoxes of Mahathirism, Mahathir: A Profile of Courage, Malaysia:Mahathirism, Hegemony and the New Opposition, Pandangan Politik Era Mahathir.
    Above all, my admiration for TDM as a person and family man. See how devoted TDM and Tun Siti Hasmah to each other and the children. At 82 he is still mentally alert, physically healthy and youngish looking, which tell much of his inside. A very disciplined person with his regular routine and still responding to the many national issues raised (see his blog). TDM is a truly extraodinary and remarkable personality that I have been fortunate to have experience living in this great country under his leadership.

  64. Kawan!

    Were there supposed to be only 72?

    By 2020, I should imagine there would be about 50.99% of 8 billion of them!!!

    Well, give or take a couple of Thai Twins! 🙂

    Do I need virgins to vend? Not really! But can do one with one, osso!

    I just need a gooood cup of coffee, really! And some honey! Do they have good Robasta beans, up there?! 🙂

    Need to keep awake plenty to catch on some reading. I’ll bet they have fantastic digital SuperCorridor up there and an excellent virtual library!

    But all that is naught, if you lose your memory! 😉

  65. “Were there supposed to be only 72?” salak

    Pub crawling used to be my pastime when in Malaysia. You could sample the different versions of the “72 virgins” in pubs enough to be able to write a thesis for your PhD.

  66. Many times when Tun was PM that I had the occasion to pray at Putrajaya mosque. His walking in between the congregation slightly bent with his right arm slighly forward was enough indication to my simple mind that he is humble to the core. I do not see such action in any of his ministers. Not even from Pak Lah who come from an ulama family.

  67. Those spirits nearly snuff me out, no joke! No more!

    The problem was not health, but the other half!

    How to explain and remember what you ate when you forgot what went in and what came out, lorr!?

    Most times you were as good as dead!

    I’m curious if a lot of my brain cells died already! That would be permanent. But I’m not damaged goods, just yet!

    i might be a little nyanyuk! Edgy, irritable, scowling, sneering, cynical, suspicious, nagging and recalcitrant! 🙂

    But I’d like to enjoy my pari (belum?) bakar, not like the ones Jong torches! 🙂

  68. “Those spirits nearly snuff me out, no joke! No more! The problem was not health, but the other half!” Salak

    Yep, my favorite is the 12 yr old Chivas Regal whisky, especially when it is free! Let me know the latest up market ‘watering holes’ in KL. When I get back, I’ll have to do a B&B in the nearby sleazy district so I could afford the bills. It has been almost two decades. Is the Coliseum Bed & Breakfast still standing??

    Best advice I could give you is keep your other half happy. If the girlfriend is around, be very careful because Hell knows no fury than a woman scorned! Jong will testify to that!

    We can extend a special invitation to Najib. The last time I saw him up close and personal was when he interviewed me for a job in Petronas. I didn’t get the job. It is my wish since to even the score!

    Aren’t we a little out of this thread. Din Merican is not going to be happy!

  69. “I’m curious if a lot of my brain cells died already! That would be permanent. But I’m not damaged goods, just yet! ” Salak

    In your case it does not make a lot of difference if your brain cells are dead or dying! Intelligence is about using what you have and human beings have been shown to use only 10% of their brain capacity.

    Which explains why they needed to blow up a dead body in the middle of the jungle and had what is now likely to be the star witness, witnessed the whole thing!

  70. Dr. Mahathir was the best Prime Minister that Daim could have ever asked for ! We must ask Daim whether he is willing to die for Dr. M. If not, APANAMA should not volunteer his family members to die for Dr. M.

    Apanama, Hang ingat Che Det sanggup mati untuk keluarga hang ?

  71. “Any other leader would have either settled down in some posh bungalow in Gold Coast or wouldn’t simply bother about what happens to us after his retirement. He could easily pick and choose which conferences to attend at what price and spend the rest of his time riding horse or writing.” – Apanama

    – hahaha, how naive! Apanama, do you know why he is not relaxing in retirement? It’s not because he cares for you and I and this beautiful country Malaysia but because he cares for himself and his family more. He must make sure that his evil past deeds are not exposed and must never be, especially so now that the current PM his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, is not a ‘puppet’ that Mahathir expects him to be. Mahathir has been “badawied”!

    Apanama, how do you expect Mahathir to ‘enjoy’ his retirement in Gold Coast when he is not even able to sleep well? He is too frighten to sleep. There’s too much shit in his system and his evil past is catching up with him. Wanting to relax and not being able to relax are totally different things, he’s the latter.

    Anyway, he does not need to retire in Gold Coast, he is never short of posh bungalows. Do you know how many bungalows he and his family owns the world over? Well he can have a rainforest retreat in Zimbabwe too, with his good friend Robert Mugabe. Arhhh remember Mahathir owns half of that Mugabe bungalow, paid by Malaysian tax-payers – YOU and I; well unless you need not pay income tax but I DID and I still DO !

  72. “why they needed to blow up a dead body in the middle of the jungle and had what is now likely to be the star witness,” —Kawan

    You can delete and erase the Immigration tracks on entry. How would you erase DNA’s? Those goons silly enough not to know that.

    Apalah! Tupai dah jatuh!

    Why didn’t they call you? Huh? I know damn well you can sweetalk those goons and that tanked head or Rosmah.

    Couldn’t we set up something and make some money while saving lives?

    But must have good bounty fees, too, lah! Otherwise it might not tickle you head! 😉

  73. “Apalah! Tupai dah jatuh!’ Salak

    It is true what they say about the ‘tupai” Less Jong thinks that it is something you take home, ‘tupai’ is squirrel in Malay. The one on my window sill fell one day but survived the 30 feet fall to the ground.

    “Sepandai pandai nya tupai melompat satu hari jatuh juga”, as my mother used to say, an advice I wished I had listened to. But it is not the fall itself but it is how you fall that matters. That’s what my tupai taught me.

  74. KAWAN,

    Ya! Ya! Ya! Betul! About the lessons of falling!

    I just meant, this episode is game over, perhaps!

    Another lesson I heard ages ago, from a cheeky English Lit teacher was—(some idiot got bored and kept dropping things and distracted everybody)—so this big cheek said,”Let it fall, and it will never fall again!”

    Aljazeera, I think it was, ran some feature on Mandela couple of days ago. The guy was said to have commented with wit and introspection, that through all those years of imprisonment and all tribulation, his life was all about problems. But, he said, those problems begged solving. A little like that Chinese wisdom of fortune in misfortune, albeit not mercenarial in more ways.

    That’s a new thing, about a “toupe” in the hand beg! 🙂

  75. Bro. Din, appreciate your comments.
    What you are saying is that TDM has no choice but to get the best out of the worst of the two. Berlaku keadaan (Vacuum) yang sedemikian adalah salah siapa. Siapa yang bertanggong jawab mencantas pemimpin2 yang berkeliber seperti DSAI, Musa Hitam dan Tengku Razaliegh ?

    Untuk Sdr. Hashim Abdul Wahab, it looks like the texts come from Yayasan Perdana !!! Jangan terlampau taksub sehingga ‘kentut’ TDM pun wangi !!! . Buka ‘mata’ besar sedikit dan lihat sekeliling. Salam

  76. Kawan,

    Too bad, a fall is a fall and you just can’t fight the force of gravity, but quick thinking for a softer landing may probably save you with minimum damage. 😀

  77. X dpt dbyngkan apa akan jadi pd ms akan dtg…… bila PAS memerintah MALAYSIA…….bila ADIL memerintah MALAYSIA…..hanya BENCANA yg diundang…..tgk aja la apa PAS buat kat negeri KELANTAN……NEGERI PALING MISKIN ……..berapa buah masjid atau surau yg dibina?cam mana tokong BUDDHA BESAR ada kat kelantan?betapa kayanya wakil2 rakyat dan pemimpin2 dia…..mana hukum hudud nyer?berapa banyak bangunan2 dlm negeri kelantan djual……berapa banyak balak dtebang,DAN LAIN2 LG DISASTER

  78. Mr.Shrek…..

    Thanks for your remarks on my comments on the subject. You seemed to know so much about Tun Mahathir’s wrong doings based on what you have listed.Are you very very sure of all those things you said. Do you have solid proof.

    Or they are the usual ……people said….

    Bercakap memang mudah. Yang susahnya ialah bila kita sendiri yang kena buat kerja dan buat keputusan.

  79. Hey, Hashim b Abdul Wahad , do u know that by denying someones sin & yet insisted that bad guy is still a good guy, this statement by itself is a double sin.I wonder why u as a muslim don’t see this simple fact at all.I am not an anti-racial person, but i am sad to see u as an anti-goodness

  80. mr ali ,

    i totally agreed with Shrek.wow! u think u r a smart guy when ask the proof of TDM wrong doings.did our police need any solid proof when they cahrge a politician & put them under ISA detention. where is the proof when Musa Hassan carry the mattress to the court to charge DSAI.is this u call solid proof ? i think your very denial is the solid proof. one more thing here , how about Lingam’s case of which mahatir was entangled with & so far is there any action taken against him? this is to say so that Malaysia is a country with false law right at this moment.good law will only happen when the present goverment is thrown out.b more realistic in our thinking if we want to live & c this country run in a peaceful manner.

  81. I wonder if there is anybody in this world that can fit into a “sin free” leader that many people want. TDM is certainly not an angel, but at the same time neither is he a devil that does no good at all.

    Many of the critics levelled at him is one sided. I’m sure if the person who critise him is given a chance to lead, chances are he or she will do worse.

    Look at current PM who is supposedly clean, pious etc. What happened? You can rob the country as much as you want as long as the rakyat are not suffering. Most people can live with that as most people believe in the next world. Let God punish the wrong doer.

    Yeap, I love, admire and respect TDM for what he is. He has done so much for the country. Thousands if not millions of Malaysians have benefitted during his time.

    Decision is made based on availability of info. What seems to be a right decision today CAN BE a wrong decision 5 years later. So it is not fair to judge people on that. Many people are not privy to the info that TDM has when he made certain decisions. Those who are, chose not to share or tell the reasons behind it.

    Whatever it is, let’s not ‘tambah dosa’ mencerce, menghina dan mengutuk hamba Allah yang lain. Biasa nya kutukan dan cercaan tersebut akan berpatah balik kepada orang yang melakukannya. Wallahualam..


  82. Coming in late into this conversation. I have nothing but contempt for this former Prime Minister. The good doctor paints himself as a champion for developing countries who have lost their best brains to the West.

    He even went so far as to suggest that the developing countries be compensated by the West for educating those “brains.”
    Please note as he suggests this, he makes no mention the racial makeup of the departing brains.

    Since official statistics like that are state secrets and never available or disclosed, my generation of Malaysian Chinese who left never returned. Why would we return to such blatant racial discrimination that his reign wholly sanctioned?

    Even in his twilight years, his ego will not allow him to go away quietly. Instead he’s snipes at his chosen heir Badawi and gang of “lanuns” hoping for some hero worship.

    Well, he handpicked the successor, so he’s the one to blame and no one else.

  83. Dictator or Not dictator, whats important is that we all didnt starve or die in Mahathir reign. He put Malaysia on the map and he is one of the greatest leader in Malaysian history.
    Ps-Badawi can kiss my Malay ass.

  84. Dear All,

    Hi, just wanted share my views on this subject. I am a foreigner in Malaysia. I have been here for last 10 years, I arrived in ’99 and that was the time when the Twin Towers shot up.
    Man it was an astonishing structure for my eyes to see, for a boy of thirteen who had never seen a building taller then 16 floors that was something that eyes could feast on for days to come. I might not know that much about the politics he ran but I do respect him for what he has done.

    I believe that we were created in a world where everything is precisely equal, for every bad there is good, for every tall there is every short and etc. There is a saying that comes to mind when I was reading this, You never know what you have till it’s gone.

    This guy has done wonders for the country I have got friends who say they would give their lives to have him as a ruler of their country. I mean why not, He gave something to the public it did not just appear one morning there. There are corrupt leaders all over the world that only take and vandalize people’s lives with their greed. I think he is one of the best Politicians if he wasn’t people wouldn’t say so. For me Malaysia is country that should be looked up to with respect, as it is for me. It is though sad that people do not appreciate, I am 100 % sure they would if they were taken to perhaps other countries where life is not so sweet.

    Thanks, Max for your views. That Mahathir has done a lot for Malaysia on economic development is undeniable, but at what cost. On political development, he destroyed the rudiments of democracy and governance.–Din Merican

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