7 thoughts on “Selangor Turf Club: No Police/ACA Action?

  1. question is why bukit aman not taking action on all reports made to it about going ons in sltc especially after cid catching illegal bookmaking operations in the club and report by some members in june 2006 about questionable investment of sltc fund in nontrustee stock quoted shares The going on in slltc are comparable to going on in penang.
    robert, Bukit Aman is very political. That is all I can say. Sad state of affairs when professionals play politics.—Din Merican

  2. Din!! RM2.70 per litre now..im gonna go pokai. We need Anwar now!! help..help..
    DJ Chin, please read my comments on Anwar’s Press Statement.—Din Merican

  3. why isn’t the press covering this story or even investigating its authenticity. only when the media gives it publicity will the police act or at least pretend to do something. I am shocked that this abuse, if true, is allowed to slip right under our noses!

  4. Good to read this story-almost mirror image of the going-ons in Penang’s turf club. Only the names are different! Not sure if the crooks learned from each other?

  5. I hope Dato Zaid, the IGP, the Registrar of Societies, the ACA Director and Minister of Finance who may read this story and that of the Penang Turf Club will take action to prevent the destruction of a very important industry, especially tourism, sports and animal husbandry.

  6. Robert, you are expecting too much from all these officials and politicians. They wont touch Vincent Tan and Patrick Lim of Equine Capital. It is sad state of affairs when know-who, instead of know how, matters.

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