Tribute to Che Guevera: A Movie

My favorite icon is now a movie about revolutionary change and a man’s struggle against imperialism and his quest for justice. He lost his life in the jungles of Boliva. He is now being immortalised by Argentina, the country of his birthday, where it all began for him. Adieu, Che.—Din Merican

One thought on “Tribute to Che Guevera: A Movie

  1. A great comrade,

    In 1964 at the United Nations he said this:

    Peaceful co-existence must be practiced between all states, independently of their size, of the previous historical relations between them, and of the problems that may emerge between some of them, at a given moment – CHE on PEACE

    I wonder what his stand would be on China (claiming Tibet) and Israel (illegal occupation in Palestine)

    navaji, hasta la victoria siempre, to you too. Work for a united Malaysia where there are opportunties for all of us to be the best that we can be.—Din Merican

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