Bloggers: Sedition Charge politically motivated

by S Pathmawathy
May 7, 2008

An alliance of civil society groups and bloggers today expressed their solidarity and support to Raja Petra Kamarudin and blog commentator Syed Akbar Ali, who were separately charged with sedition yesterday.

bloggers solidarity for raja petra pc 070508 01“We are seated here in solidarity for fellow writers and bloggers to make our stand on similar action that may be taken against other writers and journalists in future,” said Interim Council National Alliance of Bloggers president Ahirudin Attan.

“This move is politically motivated and aimed at silencing a principled and uncompromising voice speaking against the abuse of power,” he said in a group statement.

“We urge the government to re-consider its actions what is being perceived to be blatantly selective and repressive persecution.

“In our view the sedition charge is malicious and without merit,” he said.

Selective persecution

Dr Lim Teck Ghee of the Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) said the issue carries momentous implications for the freedom of speech and freedom of expression in the country.

raja petra and judiciary court law“This case is very clearly one of selective political persecution,” he said.

“It is an old law and based on a law which is obsolete and should have no place in a democratic society.

“If his voice and similar voices are continually silenced it would be a very sad day for Malaysia,” he said.

The alliance also said that the Sedition Act expresses the idea that “the messenger may be shot for simply uttering the truth”.

“The fact that the charge against Raja Petra comes just days after commemorating World Press Freedom day is very shocking,” said Centre for Independent Journalism executive director V Gayathry.

She said Raja Petra has yielded a following in the public sphere.

bloggers solidarity for raja petra pc 070508 bernard khoo“Issues that come up in his posting are reflection on how people see the justice being meted out in this country,” she said.

Bernard Khoo (left), a blogger who goes by the name of ‘Zorro-unmasked’ said “we blog because we want to say what has to be said”.

“We blog because there are people out there who listen to what we say … we are willing to put our necks on the line so that what we say gets to the people who listen,” he said.

4 thoughts on “Bloggers: Sedition Charge politically motivated

  1. The DPM’s press secretary’s letter to RPK which was posted in Malaysia-Today ended with these words,
    ” Since the allegations are serious and damaging in nature, the DPM will not hesitate to seek legal redress on the matter.”

    I had assumed he was referring to a civil suit which would be the normal recourse in any alleged defamation.

    But then, state apparatus, are in action. If if this is not political vendetta, then what would you call it?
    Mr. Simth,
    Yes, Najib should sue RPK for libel and not use state apparatus. It is abuse of power, pure and simple. Why is Badawi keeping quiet? Maybe he wants Najib to hang himself politically. Or is he snoozing away with a care in the world about what is happening to the country?—Din Merican

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  3. Abuse of Power! Did he make a police report against RPK? Then why was Police used to storm into RPK’s house and confiscate his laptop and cpu? And why was RPK handcuffed when they took him away? Was he a threat to security? Was he armed with C.4?

  4. Biar apapun keputusannya nanti kerajaan akan tetap menerima tamparan yang serupa bezanya cuma samaada tamparan di kanan atau kiri pipi yang sudah sedia merah. Kalau RPK menang, maka semua blogger akan mendapat jaminan perundangan, kalau kalah siaplah sistem kehakiman.’win-win agenda’ by RPK

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