Save Raja Petra Campaign

Dear Friends, Associates and Fellow Bloggers,

At this time (9.30 am) as I write this, Raja Petra Kamarudin is being charged with sedition in the Magistrate Court in Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur. It is in connection with his article on entitled “Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to Hell”.

RPK and I spoke last evening (May 5). He told me that his friends (including me) were planning a “Save RPK Campaign” which will include the raising of funds to enable him to meet bail and legal expenses in defending himself. I hope you all and readers of Malaysia-Today will be able to contribute rm1.00 per person (not more please) to a designated bank account. More details about the fund raising will be released later and you will be able to read it on this and other blogs.

Raja Petra and Din Merican

Funds in this account will be managed in an open and transparent manner.

You will no doubt know that defending oneself against a Government which is bent on repressing all forms of dissent is an expensive proposition, especially for RPK who is a retiree. Our present government is using all resources at its disposal —our tax dollars in fact—to prosecute one of its own citizens. RPK is social activist who stands up for the rule of law and our fundamental rights under the constitution.

We must stand for transparency, civic duty and justice for RPK.—Din Merican

66 thoughts on “Save Raja Petra Campaign

  1. Din,
    Yes, that’s a fantastic idea, start a fund to save RPK! Even if rm1 each suppporter, I’m sure RPK has more than a million and some will want to give ten times the amount or more. Please set up the Bank Account and have the Account No. available on all bloggers website, soonest possible. On my part, I will do the necessary.

    Save RPK, Save Malaysians from the Devils!
    Jong, remember only one ringgit (rm 1). Since it is expensive to remit one ringgit, I suggest that you and your friends collect rm50 from 50 people and credit to the designated account which will be made known later. Thanks for your support.—-Din Merican

  2. i will certainly do my bit..and collect Rm1 from as many people as i can to “save Raja Petra Campaign”…. i will pray…tell rpk….the righteous shall be bold as lion!!!! No human wisdom, scheming can prevail against God’s will and purposes..

  3. You shall have my moral and financial support!—jag
    jag, counting on it pal. Only rm1 per person.—Din Merican

  4. I fully support a Fund of the Common People to defend Bro’ Pete and this fund should be managed and kept in trust by some prominient public figures, to be used for the defense of poeple like RPK who find themselves in legal tussle with the authorities for speaking up on our behalf – the Common People.

  5. Always a good samaritan when it comes to righteousness and charity for a just cause. Long live Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

  6. Not only will you have my support, you will have Malaysian youth who stand for justice and freedom of expression to back you up… Raja Petra is the most entertaining, informative and opinionated source of information on the internet- my father and I visit his site as our daily internet routine (even before malaysiakini)- It is an absolute travesty that the government in its state of weakness and vileness has to resort to such immaturity

  7. Dear Din,

    Any friend of Raja Petra is an Abang of me.
    Btw RM1.oo is too cumbersome so I’ve actually added more. Hope my contribution would help in every little way.
    My prayers for my buddy Abang Pete!

  8. If I am a beggar and will die of hunger if not for
    not for the RM1.00, I WILL STILL GIVE it to the RPK fund.All of us owe a MORAL DUTY to support RPK! I’m dying to know the bank a/c to donate (I want to donate more than RM1.00 nevertheless)

  9. Yes,let’s do our little bit and be so proud of it. Let’s contribute to the “SAVE RPK FUND”, it can make a big difference.I am on my way to the bank.

  10. I have one worry though. The verdict could have been written before the trial commences. Anyway I will have to pass the hat around my church members and then then bank in a larger sum. I am not sure why the donation should be limited to this token sum of RM 1.00. I also suggest we say a silent prayer for RPK and his family, especially to give Marina the strength to go through this ordeal.
    Mr Smith, RPK wants to show the authorities that Malaysians support him. Numbers matter to him. He believes that we who go to his blog and understand his position on issues, both local and national, will give him their moral support as well.—-Din Merican

  11. Mr Smith,

    Great Idea! Can we organize a prayer vigil for RPK each respective religion to be held in their respectve place of worship?

  12. Din, my 8 yr old asked me to give his today’s pocket money for the Save RPK Campaign

    Din Ahmad, good to know that your 8-year old “Ryan Giggs” has a high sense of justice. Maybe, our politicians need to back to school to learn common decency and huge doses of humility.—Din Merican

  13. Some blogs are suggesting rm2 token sum. I guess it’s up to us individual to do what we think is best. RPK and friends just don’t want to impose too much on his supporters.

  14. oledi remitted my little contribution…RPK, God bless U..all of us r with u..even though the odds r stacked agst u said – God work in mysterious ways..

  15. We Rakyat shall see our day of light and no one can deny our right and belief. Count me in, spriritually and financially in the effort not only to save RPK but the nation. Cheers, mate.

  16. Hi Uncle Din;
    Will promote this on my blog 🙂
    May the truth save Raja Petra and us all!

    sloone, sedition? what is that word when applied against our friend, Pet. Somebody high is trying to get him as if to settle old scores. Actions of this nature represent a big blemish on the Badawi Administration and will affect Malaysia’s image. But these characters don’t care…just power and money matter. Thanks for your help.—-Din Merican

  17. I have just deposited RM10 from me and my 9 other friends to CIMB bank. We strongly support RPK..Malaysian Hero!

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  19. Every Malaysian should take upon oneself to support and save RPK from being gagged and muzzled by the barbaric and murderous UMNO regime. Count me in. We should send a clear and deafening message to the powers be.By hook or crook the UMNO regime should be toppled. WE CANNOT FIGHT UNETHICAL LEADERS IN AN ETHICAL MANNER.

  20. Definetly in.looking and asking around when?
    The trust fund should be under RPK wife name and someone as trustee together.

    The more info in every bloggers site regarding the accounts.any extra pennies from save RPK can roll over to other bloggers in trouble.So must be under RPK and some trustee.

    raj raman, please read Raja Petra Update for details of the account.—Din Merican.

  21. Hold it guys! Can we wait for Din Merican to confirm and hear directly from Raja Petra himself re the Bank Account before we start donating.

    In another Blog, someone posted a CIMB account with a personal name. Frankly I think that’s not right.

    Let’s wait to hear from Raja Petra direct before we donate. Thanks.

  22. Din, thanks for taking the effort to mobilize. Several associates and I have banked in some dough. I also suggest we keep the PayPal link on MT a permanent basis for a voluntary donation by folks. Say a couple RM every month, to defray website maintenance costs and also help out with his legal fees seeing that the trial has been pushed to October. Thought maybe I’d bring this up here so you and several of his friends can convince him, because you know Pete can be a bit of a stubborn mule where contributions from us readers and supporters are concerned.

    All the best!


    FFT, Raja Petra is very careful when it comes to getting funds from the public and his supporters. I do not blame him because there will be people soliciting funds on his behalf with his knowledge and consent.Please wait and I am sure a special account can be created with a reputable bank where donations can be credited. I have not be been to get in touch with him at this time(1.20p.m) to find about the bank account which will be opened for this purpose.—Din Merican

  23. Please give us the bank account soonest; we will start getting contributions immediately. BTW, is Raja Petra in the lock-up because he refused to put up the RM5000 bail? Can’t some of us put bail for him? We want him out & free – pls give suggestions, ask for help. His supporters will not hesitate to help him in any way!

  24. Hello Din,

    Please go ahead and start the Bank Account. There are lots of people who want to do something for RPK. Thanks for the initiative.


  25. aggressive sharing this site, MT at facebook, emails, etc.

    how do we go about with the RM1 ?

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  27. Oops! It seems bank a/c no: and name of account holder are incorrectly posted on malaysia-today. Got to visit the bank again.

  28. Jangan cabar saya…saya tetap LAWAN…. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    macam mana nak lawan kalau tiada sokongan dari anda 🙂 dan rakyat Malaysia, lawa wan.—Din Merican

  29. Memang lah orang yang makan cili tetap rasa pedas.
    lawa wan, tak cukup. Hantar RM1.00 anda ka akaun khas RPK sebagai sympati anda.—-Din Merican

  30. What old scores?! That’s abuse of power by the powerful! History will repeat itself. They threw Anwar Ibrahim into jail for 6 years, remember?

    The minute they lock RPK up, they will lose another 3 States next GE-13! Those UMNO/BN stooges better believe in the power of the internet and credibility of Bloggers by now, or regret it later!
    Jong, we should not wait that long for change. This regime is totally discredited. Parliament is now debating the RPK issue. Badawi/Najib should have a proper explanation for their action to charge RPK in court for sedition.—Din Merican

  31. God bless this true patriot.I will always stand by you in will and thought my brother from another mother.

    It would be nice if you can contribute your RM1.00 to the RPK legal defence fund and ask your family members, friends, neighbours and associates to do the same. Thanks, aiman—Din Merican

  32. I have paid through paypal. Thank you brother Din. Take care.
    Thanks, penangnites for this—Din Merican

  33. Done- me and 19 others are with you, Pete!
    Thanks, noyawns and your friends. That money will go to RPK’s legal defence fund. Go ahead ask others to follow your example.—Din Merican

  34. Rakyat Malaysia will not let you go to jail…… we are there for you RPK…


    VC, contribute RM1.00 to RPK’s legal defence fund, not just for his bail. Why only RM1.00, you may wonder? First of all, it is not a burden to any one. A tea tarik costs more. Secondly, the number of supporters will matter. It is to show to the politicians in power that they cannot fool around with people power. We can no longer tolerate authoritarian rule by a weak Prime Minister, or his poster boy, Deputy Prime Minister. Tun Mahathir shall have the sole privilege of being the first and last autocrat.

    If you truly stand up for RPK then send your RM1.00 to his fund. Go to the blog or for the bank account number. Ask your family and friends to do the same.—Din Merican

  35. funds transferred via cimb online this morning. god bless RPK and god bless malaysia. justice will prevail.
    Thanks, Ben, for your support. Please ask your friends, etc to do the same.—Din Merican

  36. Dear Brother Din;

    Will follow your advice in Our Hours of Need.

    If RPK need us to help Mrs RPK do let us know too coz charity begins here & not Wisteria Street ( Balkis or some Tanjung Flower).

    Is it possible to post the amount collected so that we can rally more people & be transparent in the whole thing.

    May Our HERO be Protected & Bless by the Amazing Grace of All Religions :- Islam; Christian; Buddhism; Hinduism; Sikhs; Taoism & all

  37. My heart felt heavy when I heard the news. What a sad, sad day for Malaysia. Yes, will definitely do the deposit (understand the $1 per person concept) Each ringgit I deposit will represent one of my family member. (don’t worry, got many!) We have to save RPK, and in turn be saving ourselves. We have to save the soul of our failed nation which is devoid of principles, morality, and conscience. Our leaders are blind to our needs, deaf to our cries, and immune to any criticism. They lord over us, whip us to submission and horde all riches for themselves. RPK – blaze the way ahead for us! You are the shining light of hope in our hearts.
    Thanks on behalf of RPK—Din Merican

  38. That RM 1 per person have its reason. RPK, you know deep down there are more than 5,000 people who will support your cause. Get the account up please. ASAP
    John Fam, thanks for your support. Mrs Marina Petra called me to say that 25,000 people have contributed to the fund. Only RM5k are needed for the bail. So we can suspend for contributions until the day when funds are needed to fight his case in the courts.

    RM20k will go to charity to be decided by RPK. Our man refused bail and there is now a campaign to obtain his unconditional release by PR. As a result, RPK is now incarcerated in Sungei Buloh, where Anwar Ibrahim was in solitary confinement for 6 years by his political mentor, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed (go to—Din Merican

  39. Send me the account number and bank details please, so that I can too do a little to help to uphold the justice for our country man (the brave one and the first leader in Justice King Blogger)

  40. We want “All for Bloggers and Bloggers for All!” Long live RPK!

    You sound like the Four M’s of Victor Hugo, pallie—Din Merican

  41. We salute a man who has rightly earned our respect – for standing up to the truth. We will support you, all the way.

    Thanks—Din Merican

  42. “His strength is of the strength of ten because his heart is pure.”

    I’ve read this somewhere and I’d like to dedicate this to our beloved RPK. May God Bless You!

  43. Din, Was busy today and by the time I got on line I heard that an amount several times that was necessary had been collected. Events will unfold fast in the next few days but when the next round of collection comes along you know I and indeed thousands of others will be there with you. Not only to donate money but for any other activity that is necessary. Please count on that. RPK is really a one-off phenomenon; a rare individual who has the support of all who love Malaysia. I just had three Emails from overseas friends asking how they could help – unbelievable!
    Naseer, he is truly one of a kind. I admire and respect him for his integrity and courage.—Din Merican

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  46. We would like to support to save Raja Petra with 1 dollar campaign but we do not know how to do it.
    Yap, you have to wait for the next campaign. Thanks for your support.—-Din Merican

  47. there is no justice in Malaysia.
    So fred, you have identified a fundamental problem. Now, what do you propose to do about it? Sit down and watch tv or are you going to stand up and vote for change and ensure that there will be justice in our beautiful country. Raja Petra and I and many others in civil society and blogosphere intend to do something about it because we believe that Malaysia can be a fine example of a constitutional state, where no one, be he a Tun or a Mr Nobody, is above or below the law.—Din Merican

  48. keep up the good work and let all malaysian to enjoy the “true freedom” in the country. Salute both of you and God bless you all. to contribute? What the account number?

  49. June, I just cut and paste from another thread, can’t be wrong:

    Bank: CIMB

    Account No.: 1403 0214 3340 50

    Account Name Holder: Visvalingam

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