Justice for Raja Petra Kamarudin

An unconfirmed report has it that Raja Petra Kamarudin (picture blow), a leader of the Malaysian blogger community, social activist cum political commentator, and the personality behind the now famous http://www.malaysia-today.net, may yet be arrested by the Police and charged under the Sedition Act for his recent article on the Altantuya murder. I have also been told by another source that one of his writers will charged for sedition on May 6, 2008.

I appeal to all human rights lawyers and fans of Raja Petra and malaysia-today.net to stand by our man. The Badawi government only respects strong public sentiments against intimidation of loyal Malaysians who campaign for freedom, justice and democracy. We cannot stand by and watch on the sidelines. We could be next. I spoke to Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim on Sunday, May 4 and he told to monitor the Raja Petra situation closely. This morning I talk to my colleague, lawyer and MP for Selayang, William Leong who confirmed that he was alerted by Bukit Aman of the PDRM’s intention to arrest Raja Petra.

Having said that, I hope that good sense will prevail and the Badawi Government will stop the harassment and intimidation of journalists and bloggers. We should get on with the business of governing Malaysia. We face challenges in the coming months and next year as the global economy goes into a severe recession led by the United States, the largest economy in the world. We must tackle problems on a non-partisan basis and cooperate with each other in the national interest. It is not interest of our nation, when our government acts against citizens who have the courage of their conviction to speak up when there is injustice , corruption and abuse of power.—Din Merican

My dear friend and fellow blogger, Raja Petra Kamarudin

37 thoughts on “Justice for Raja Petra Kamarudin

  1. I will be there by all means.
    Good for you, facial. Just be there when the time comes.—-Din Merican

  2. I already cast an armour of light onto RPK. He will be protected. Evil that tries to strike him will be striked twice as hard and any blows that befall RPK will only hurt his enemies and the enemies of this nation exponentially. Those that hurt the messengers of good will only bury themselves in the process. Mark my words.
    Armour of Light, shine your light on those politicians in power so that they can feel the heat!!—Din Merican

  3. More than 70 to 80 years ago another great man did some thing similar. You know what happened, the British were not only kicked out of India but also in Malaysia and other countries.

    This time the UMNOputra colonialist will be anhilated in Malaysia. Long Live Maha Athma Petra, your fight will not be in vain. “Manusia Merancang Tuhan Menentukan”.
    Raja Chulan, thanks for your support. Spread the word. Only massive reaction from the public will shake those arrogant politicians in power. We should have rejected them completely on March 8, 2000.—Din Merican.

  4. To my dear Raja Petra , be brave, I am a young generation, i look up to your writings and admire your thought since I shared the same view. May Allah protect you from the animals.I will be there behind you.

    Thanks, Azamri, on behalf of Raja Petra.—Din Merican

  5. count me in to fight for RPK. we will fight with you no matter what.
    easier said my friend. Water cannons, tear gas and batons. That should scare you.—Din Merican.

  6. Raja Petra is the personification of Public Conscience. He represents the thoughts of the masses. He is our spokesman.

    Practically every single BN/UMNO leader and chief of the many ‘institutions of state have an axe to grind.
    They will relish at the thought of Raja being crucified but it is they who will laugh their way to the lunatic asylum.March 8 is breeding lunacy among the vanquished. What a way to invite negative international focus. Is this the tipping point?
    libraa@kycos.com, not yet the tipping point. The tp will come when the economy turns sour.—Din Merican

    Be cool, Antares. Ask your MP to speak in Parliament on this issue. If he does not, make sure you vote him out of office the next time.—Din Merican

  8. An attack on RPK is an attack on all of us, the Rakyat.

    It is time for BN and UMNO to make a choice: They are either with us, the Rakyat, or they are against us.

    Time to draw the line, and we shall see who blinks first.


    The Watcher, the best thing you can do at this time is to pressure your MP to speak up in Parliament. If he is scared, or one of those pak turuts nombor wahid, kick him out come the next elections. That is democracy.—-Din Merican

  9. Dear Din,

    Is it possible for the many of us who share RPK’s convictions for truth, fairness and justice to volunteer and request the powers that be to also arrest and jail us together with RPK by stating that we also strongly share and perhaps will be steadfast and continue the good work of RPK if we are kept outside.

    Sam, I do not see the need to do that. Just contact your MP and let him speak on this issue during this session of Parliament. If he does not then you will know what to do with him the next time.

    The Malaysian public should know what the present government is up to by taking action against those who dare to criticise their policies or conduct. It is obvious to me that they have to get the message of the March 8, 2008 elections. Public opinion matters to politicians. Remember the world is watching.—Din Merican.

  10. We just cannot sit on the sidelines and talk.We have to put all these into actions.We have a MAMMOTH rally,and this will shiver the rotten government to their spines.
    CT Ong,
    Think again. Many Malaysians still voted for Badawi and the BN in the last elections. If they had been more forthright, Badawi would be in the Opposition and PR would be the Government. The tyranny of the majority is at work. Din Merican

  11. geez…pete doesn’t look too happy in that photo up there……
    d.sticks, he is serious and concerned.—Din Merican

  12. just tell me where, I will be there for RPK.
    Keep in touch via this blog, Susan Loong, Zorro, Rockybru, Haris Ibrahim and other blogs for updates. Thanks for your support—Din Merican

  13. We are with you, Din Merican and RPK. Let’s have another march. We should have kicked out the BN goverment for good last march.
    Let us hope it will not come another BERSIH type march in Kuala Lumpur,4aBetterTmrw. This is problem can be resolved by the government,if the BN leadership is serious about tackling national problems. Why take on Raja Petra? —Din Merican

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  15. PROTECT THE CULPRIT AND INTIMIDATE THE RAKYAT who speaks up! Looks like they need to blast us all with C.4 to silence us eh?
    Jong, dangerous talk. You can’t be as barbaric as they are.—Din Merican

  16. dear mericsn,

    the mslsysian government is raping human rights freedom.
    we need to gather nationwide support for Yang Mulia RPK,please come out with petition for signing of all and send to humsn rights commission in Vienna

  17. it takes time to push for a change, what RPK did will be one of the big step towards this big change that we all, the Rakyat been waiting for. RPK might suffer, but i do believe that all this is worth it. by detaining him, there will be another RPK will emerge, Malaysian will wake up and realise what had the government had did over the 50 years. thousand of RPK will emerge soon and the change that we, all malaysian who had been waiting for will arrive. for all RPK had sacrifice, we salute you. you are our hope, you the one who wake us up. with you, there is hope for Malaysian. hope by the time we pushed through the change, RPK we want you to lead our country.

  18. It’s time Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim provides the greenlight to all BN MPs in Sabah to cross over and form the government.We are sick and tired of current administration.Don’t tell us to wait for another 5 years.
    miwaki, everything takes time. Musang Aman is still in charge and has tonnes of money. Your MPs must be sure that they want Anwar to lead the country.—Din Merican

  19. we should (especially thru bloggers) continue to hit this bn bastard hard until they collapse…
    longman, do not forget that a lot of Malaysian voters supported UMNO-BN in the last elections, although we know that Badawi’s leadership is sub-par. They are still the government, notwithstanding. Expect them to change now?—Din Merican

  20. Dear Din, the good will triumph the evil in the end. The truth always prevails and the fake always loses. Adversary is the ultimate test of man. May all of us stay strong in these trying times of the Malaysian government’s lunacy…
    Nice words, Chin. But the real world is made of Hilterites, PolPotists, Osamas and Bushies, Mugabes, and others. The loss of human lives due to such personality freaks does not give realists much hope that good will triumph in the end. Malaysia has not reached that state of lunacy. But our leaders are increasingly repressive and intolerant of criticisms. That is why we need press freedom and a system of checks and balances so that we can prevent any enroachment on our freedom of speech, and other freedoms guaranteed by our constitution—Din Merican

  21. go on fighting injustice man. I’m with you. Actually our nation needs more brave and fearless men like RPK.
    kedengke, test of the pudding is in its eating.—Din Merican

  22. Just state the date and time and I will be there. Remember the power of SMS, guys. spread the message, justice for our hero RPK!

  23. Looks like this guys are in a hurry to give up being the ruling party.They are still in deep slumber. Good for PR. Inform us where to be and we will be there

  24. The power of the internet is in our hands, let’s expose their despotic abuse of authority and harrassment on Raja Petra Kamaruddin, investigative bloggers, writers and journalists. Let’s spread the word and let the whole world know how Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu was gruesomely murdered(blasted into space using C4 explosives), that involved high profile people in power.

  25. you guys are so gay. So what if he gets arrested..if you think youre so strong, u dont even need him in your “struggle against evil” some of the comments sounds really gay, and sound almost like RPK is some kind of a divine idol, in which his arrest denotes the end of the world. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!

  26. written by FFT, May 06, 2008 | 06:53:00
    He wrote about allegations against the IGP, the PDRM, and the AG. No sedition charge.

    He wrote about Khairy in the Chronicles. No sedition charge.

    He wrote about Badawi’s many alleged scandals. No sedition charge.

    He wrote about SCOMI and Kamaluddin. No sedition charge.

    He writes a tame article about Najib and Rosmah, that too backed by information revealed in sworn court testimony, and the sedition act is thrown at him.

    That should instruct you as to who is the heart of darkness and a harbinger of the return to the dark ages of Mahathirism.

    It is patently obvious that Badawi and cohorts, despite their faults and weaknesses, have a progressive open streak that places them relatively light years ahead of the Dark Lords of Mahathirism.

    As Hishamuddin Rais’ earlier article states “Najib Pembawa Zaman Gelap”.

    written by gundohing, May 06, 2008 | 06:32:56
    This is the biggest joke in our police history. Atlantuya was murdured and Raja Petra goes to court!

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  28. Sir,
    Pete’s case is now related to the main Altantuya case, he has the floor now. Nevetheless we will, as fellow countrymen and bloggers support RPK’s rights against this ‘desperate’ act of Dollah’s.

  29. Bro. Din, it reminded me of another UMNO fiasco di Melaka sedikit masa dahulu. The ‘culprit’ terlepas dan Sdr.Lim Guan Eng kena jel.

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