The Four Aces and Brenda Lee

Great May Day to all of you and the Four Aces, arguably the most popular vocal group in the 1950s and Brenda Lee will entertain you.—Dee Jay Din Merican

3 thoughts on “The Four Aces and Brenda Lee

  1. Happy Labour’s Day to you too, Dee Jay Din..

    I am having dinner with our Asian Renaissance girl, Damina Khaira tonight 🙂
    My best regards to Damina, our Oxford educated young lady . Ask her to participate, and share ideas, views and suggestions. Hope you are paying for the dinner!! 🙂 —Din Merican

  2. Din,

    Happy Labour’s Day today to you. And the right way to celebrate it with greats from the 4 Aces and Brenda Lee. Good of you to feature greats from the 50s and 60s. I’m sure many of us nostalgia buffs would like to listen to Johnny Mathis (A Certain smile, misty) Guy Mitchell (Truly Truly Fair, She wears red feathers) Rosemary Clooney (Be my life’s companion), Petula Clark (Baby Lover) Russ Hamilton (I had a dream)…and countless others…….Hey come to think of it. I’m reliving my old days in sending requests to Radio Malaya…except that I’m doing it here….in the email…in the 21st century…Anyway have a nice day, kawan.




    Thanks, David. —Din Merican

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