Shariibuu says ‘hello’ to Abdullah and Khairy—Susan Loone

Photo: A very rush handshake.

Altantuya’s dad, Setev Shaariibuu, was in Parliament today. He waited half a day to meet with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Najib Tun Razak.

He did manage to meet Abdullah after lunch at the Parliament entrance. Shaariibuu was about to leave when Abdullah emerged. The dad went straight to meet him and shook his hands. He said he was Shaariibuu from Mongolia.

A surprised Abdullah said “Hello. How are you?”

Before Shaariibuu could reply, Abdullah walked away. To be fair, he was rushing to attend the afternoon session of the swearing in ceremony of the new MPs.

But I felt the least he could do is exchange some words and say words of condolences to Shaariibuu for the loss of his daughter. But alas!

After him, Shariibuu waited for Najib, but the later was no where to be seen.

But a few minutes later, Khairy Jamaluddin, Abdullah’s son-in-law emerged.

Shaariibuu managed to shake hands with him. He introduced himself again. Khairy replied “I know”.

Then Shaariibuu told him that he was waiting to see Abdullah, to which Khairy reply “Oh, really”.

He later told Shaariibuu he was attending a meeting and would catch up with him later.

After Khairy, Shaariibuu was again waiting for Najib. But we heard he had left the premises. Oh, Najib, where are you?

Ps. Shariibuu’s lawyer Karpal Singh said he had informed Abdullah that Shaariibuu had waited to meet him. The PM replied that he was VERY busy. What a shame!


I met Susan Loone, Dr. Setev Shaariibuu and his lawyer, Mijiddorj Munkhsharuul last evening (7.15pm) at one of the new restuarants in Bangsar Village, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Our meeting was brief because he had to rush to Kuala Lumpur International Airport to take a flight via Inchon, South Korea to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Raja Petra and his wife, Marina and their lovely daughter were there too.

From our conversation, I was able to learn firsthand how he felt losing his daughter, Altantuya who would have been 30 years old on April 28. I could see the strain on his face of having to bear this terrible loss, and the responsibility of taking care of his sickly grandson, and his family.

I told him that Malaysian public is very concerned as evidenced by their reactions to Raja Petra’s “No Holds Barred” piece which carried on just two days ago. He replied that the Malaysian public should be kept informed about the case and his own plight since the mainstream media is not doing so.

I told Dr.Shaariibuu that I was aware of the situation and some civil society organisations and bloggers are sympathetic to his plight, but we all have to be careful because there is an ongoing trial and we should not do anything that can regarded as “sub judice”, or be in contempt of the Courts.

After hearing her lawyer’s translation of my comment, Dr. Shaariibuu looked at me and smiled. I felt for a moment that we did not connect. Understandably so, here I was talking about some legal mambo jumbo, and he was concerned about getting a fair trial, and justice for Altantuya. —Din Merican

33 thoughts on “Shariibuu says ‘hello’ to Abdullah and Khairy—Susan Loone

  1. Najis must have been informed Dr Shaariibuu was at Parliament and reason to scam and play the disappearing act. That’s the beauty of the cellphone!

    Let me make a wild guess what PM Abdullah said to Dr Shaariibuu –
    “Sore-ly la, too busy to reply your letter, nearly lost my pants after last month’s General Election” 😀

  2. Dear Din,
    I thought the attitude towards the letters from the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Mongolia is already a bad reflection of our so called “budi pekerti dan sopan santun orang Melayu”.

    The treatement that Altantunya’s father got at Parliament House is further reflection of the arrogant attitude of the Prime Minister and BN leaders.
    Din Ahmad, in my experience people who are arrogant have nothing upstairs, that is between their right ear and the left compared to Einstein or Gandhi. Need I say more about having “wawasan”.—Din Merican

  3. Sikap bongkak ni amat keterlaluan dikalangan ahli Umno paling ketara dikalangan para pemimpin nya. Jesteru itu kekalahan BN diPRU ke12 adalah satu petanda kediafan parti tersebut.

  4. Dear Din and others,

    A side of AAB not usually seen by the Malaysian public can be seen in this Australian production on AI’s incarceration. If only the rakyat had seen this footage of the man that would become PM then perhaps they would have thought twice, but then again, any man, after TDM would have been welcomed with open arms at that time.

    (if it’s not in this part, please view the other parts in the series)

    In it, AAB was asked about AI’s detention by TDM but you can see for yourselves how he brushed off the question with much arrogance. One wonders if his public display of humbleness circa 2003 was just facade suggested by his PR consultants.
    mysleephead, thanks. Arrogance has been taught a lesson on March 8 and now Badawi is on the ropes, fighting for his political survival. How all this will end up is a matter of conjecture at this stage. My own feeling is that Badawi will get a thumping by his own party apparatachiks. If he does retain the UMNO Presidency, there is a strong likelihood of massive defections. Let sit back and watch the unfolding drama wayang kulit style.—Din Merican

  5. hi. just some thoughts from my mind..don’t you think we have more important issues in the country? i mean, i think this has been overpublicized… and i think it’s redundant.

  6. Shake Shake shake… What’s the point? Isn’t it better to be focusing on more important issues, rather than doing a glamour public scene.

  7. waaa……. quite free har…. Picture shake hands also can become issue…. I cant believe how a picture like that can also be politicized. Come on people, how about we write and discuss more relevant issues regarding the parliamentary proceedings, things that MATTER and stop with making judgements.

  8. Din,

    You were in London in 1990?

    I was in London in 1990 too (1985-1990 and briefly in 1996 and 1997). How come I didn’t you meet when using Central, Victoria, Metropolitan, Jubilee, Circus etc?? Unless you must have been moving around in fancy limos all the time you were there!
    Kawan Wat Siam,
    Yes, I was there. I took the commuter train from Barnes/Hammersmith to the city and back and used the double decker bus to move in the city 🙂 . So we could not have met. Logical, right?—Din Merican

  9. Din, it must be very distressing for Mr Shariibuu. Imagine that he is so desperate until he went into Parliament and meet the PM, DPM and SIL. Is Najib’s career coming to an end? Anyway, Malaysia is well known for its tainted judicial process and corrupted judiciary, so what do you expect. A motion of no-confidence must be tabled against the PM in order for the Sabah MPs to cross over to PR. To quote Anwar, once inside, stays inside!!

    Dr Anwar Ibrahim…Harapan Baru Untuk Malaysia.
    Thanks, Chin.

    It is just a matter of time. Yes, our justice system stinks all the way from the AG’s Chambers. There is no political will to fix it. Zaid Ibrahim will end up a frustrated man and ruin his reputation when he cannot deliver on his commitments. As you can see, Badawi is going back to 2004 in his pronouncements, but, you bet, there is no action. Hope I am wrong.—Din Merican

  10. I hope the PM shows concern to human being if he’s one of them.

    tourman53, do you think Badawi gives a damn? —Din Merican

  11. the least our prime minister can do is to say sorry on behalf of all malaysian.UMNO led BN are very capable of doing all the nasty things to other people…even its own citizen without remorse.

  12. we better pray no malaysian in the future is facing mongolian boxer or wrestler in any international or asia’s sport events,I think they can break our bones in 4 pieces in 2 seconds,without second thought!
    Have you heard of Genghis Khan?No?so,you only know the handsome Khan from Bollywood?better get your finger crossed before you rest-in-pieces!!! 🙂
    raymond, Monogolians had great ancestors and will not hit out at people who do not harm them. Dr Setev Shaariibuu is a respected citizen of his country and was very courteous when I met him.—Din Merican

  13. Our ‘brave’ DPM who sent a half-past-six ‘rebuttal letter’ to RPK for his post, not quite having the balls to meet Dr Shaariibuu face-to-face but instead took off through the back-door, like a dog with its tail behind its two limpy legs. If Malaysia is to suffer this coward as our PM, then may God help us face the world especially little Mongolia.

    And if AAB and his s-i-l are witholding evidence for their own selfish gain, then may God punish them ever so severely.

  14. Dear Bro DIN,

    Thank you very much to YM RPK and YOU for your respective kind diehard efforts to set the records straight with regards to how we Malaysians feel about that tragic loss of his daughter under circumstances that is too bizarre to “Masuk Akal”.

    Bro Din, we met briefly after the talk on the V.K. Lingam and the Judiciary on 26th September 2007. Inspite of your simplicity and humbleness, I felt that you had all the trappings of a great leader, hence my surprise when you were not nominated for any parliamentary seat. Thinking of you again, I could only postulate that it could have been that you could have been the reluctant one. Anyway, MAY GOD BLESS AND PROTECT YOU, YM RPK and your respective FAMILIES ALWAYS. Take care and thanks again.
    Wigneswaran, thanks for your compliments. I am committed to PKR and its change agenda. That is more important to me than being a Parliamentarian or State Assemblyman. It is a choice I made and I am happy with that decision.

    My colleagues in the political front line have my full backing and I will help them serve their constituents. My role model in PKR is Prof. Dr. Syed Husin Ali, who showed me that we in our 60’s and early 70’s must stand back, share our knowledge and experience and help nurture a younger generation of PKR leaders and help PKR to grow from strength to strength. We all in PKR want to serve our fellow Malaysians, not ourselves, because without them we are nothing—Din Merican

  15. Hi Uncle,

    Najib left the Parliament quietly because he wetted his pants, once he got SMS saying that Altantuya’s father was waiting in lobby.
    The whole world is watching, but it is sad and very disappointing that the Malaysian Government did not responding to Monglolian PM’s letter and the whole trias is big stage show or drama. These Umnoputras are so stupid, not only Mongolia wants to break the bilateral relations with Malaysia but this will chase away or scare the foreign investors. What kind of PM we have now; this is bad for the image of our country and people. Shame, shame, shame to be a Malaysian under Abdullah.

    As you mentioned, the Malaysians are caring society and only the current PM is not, we welcome PR to arrange a Donation Campaign.

    My sincere prayers to DSAI to act wisely to took over the Seri Perdana ASAP and we should thank AAB to open opportunities for DSAI to be PM.
    Thanks, thiru. Trust you are well. Your comments are noted. If they did not cheat, DSAI would be in Putrajaya already.—- Din Merican

  16. waa…. if you’re really into freedom of speech on the net, how come you are not posting up my comment? why not allow people to discuss the issue on all sides instead of blatantly filtering only comments you think are “allowable” for your blog?

    just a thought.
    I have not seen your comments before. I will post them and there is no problem. Disagree by all means, but do not disagreeable. Be civil. —Din Merican

  17. May justice be served to the culprits. 99.999% of Malaysians felt for victim’s father. I hope someone can bring justice back to Malaysia.
    najis razak, sad indeed, but that is the justice system until we thoroughly reform it.—-Din Merican

  18. pipitart,

    I don’t know what you wrote to Din Merican Blog but get this right – “allowable” is his perogative! Posting a comment here is not a right but a privilege. Be a little civil.

  19. Bro Din, it shows that life is cheap in Malaysia especially foreign lives. Where’s the justice and fairness. It’s good that you are highlighting this injustice to Shaaribuu’s family. I note that other commentators would like you to stop writing about Altantuya. Kind of sweeping it under the carpet and hope the world will forget. Salams
    shrek, justice will be done sooner or later. This matter won’t go away. Someone’s daughter has been brutally murdered. We may forget but not the Shaariibuu family.—-Din Merican

  20. Looking at the case objectively, there are many unanswered questions which have not been pursued by the Polis and the Courts. If you measure this against 1st world countries, any insinuation against any government institutions will immediately trigger an inquiry by a responsible government elected by the people. This is the check and balance of a democratic country and developed nation. The issues that i know or hear of are:

    1. Is it true that the immigration records were deleted? If so why and under whose instructions?
    2. How was C4 so easily obtained? Is there a loophole that will allow this to happen again or is C4 just a commodity that someone with the right authority or rank can easily obtain?
    3. What about the green Suzuki Vitara that Altantuya was supposedly last seen in? Why was this lead not followed through?
    4. Why the last minute change to the entire prosecution team?
    5. Allegations made by the UTK guys that this is their 7th killing and of more bodies been found on the site?
    6. What motive does the UTK professionals have for killing this poor girl?
    7. Why is it necessary for the AG to say that only 3 persons are involved in this case?

    Trials should involve getting to the bottom of the above and proving beyond doubt (or at least trying to since human beings are sceptical in nature) for the public that justice has been served. Until such a time, trial by public opinion will continue and conspiracy theories will abound and the government cannot blame the people for doing so.

  21. Najib cabut does not meant that he is a murderer. He is just segan to meet the father because his dear fren has been charged in court.

  22. Yes.. Najib wet his pants coz he’s gonna see the father of the woman he used to slept with.. and he killed her..! bastard..!

  23. Din,

    I thought as much. If we didn’t bump into each other Underground then you must have been moving above ground! But I wouldn’t be surprised if you have been moving around in company limos! I ended up meeting a primary school friend from Alor Setaq after some 30 years – in London, of all places – but that was because he was the passport officer.


    As for this Altantuya murder trial, it is not surprising that it has taken this long just to get to where it is. I suspect the puppetmaster doesn’t know quiet what to do. The strip tease show at Intan Malam had to grind to a halt either because the owner of the night club seemed unsure of how much exposure there ought to be or has been busy battling it out in the backroom with the boys from the vice squad.

    Confessions were excluded when they clearly fall within the exception to the hearsay rule. Relevant evidence were not admitted. Witnesses were not called. Prosecuting counsel and defense counsel seemed to be collaborating with each other when they should be at each other’s throats. After all it is an adversarial system. The trial judge gave instructions to both counsel which helped the prosecution’s case.

    It is a textbook example of what not to do for the defending counsel.

  24. Bro Din,

    I always believe in karma. I met the PM few times and from day one I met him (probably you were there too!– ha,ha.. think hard ya..), I know the true color of this man. His PR consultants have done a brilliant job to tuen him into saint. One day, my small heart once said, one day…

    And now, the day has finally come…..

  25. Bro Din,
    As Malaysian, I felt bad and ashame at how PM,DPM & Kharri treat Atlantuya father at the Parliament. How I wish PM should have the courtesy to spend a few minutes talking with DR Sharibihui from Mongolia. That’s bad ,PM should have acted in an honourable and sympathetic manner when meeting Atlantuya father. Why can’t PM be nice to Dr Sharibihui? Thought our PM is branded as Mr Nice Person..ha ..ha

  26. rosmah gotta know about mr. shaaribu wanting to meet with najis…so she summoned him home asap. najis being a coward and scared of his botox wife straightaway cabut lah. najis has never been strong…i heard rosmah had already bomoh him but bomoh not good enough as najis has many affairs…remember ziana zain? then came the beautiful altantuya….

  27. Looking at how our leaders treat the family of a foreigner who got murdered here, i just wonder how the family or relative of a murdered Malaysian would get a fair trial. How would our leaders expect us to have faith with them…

  28. Hi Uncle Deen,

    Great but don’t spread all those lies just like those in the tapes.Like a waterfall beyond our control, one lie after another and all lies in the end. We shall all pay for all sins.

    This is hightec and God is watching and punishing us all the time! We think that we are above the Creator through the innovation of technologies!!!!!!.Think twice whoever you are for the continued peaceful existence of all Malaysians in this country. Don’t let all those foreigners reigned and demoralized us.

    Best regards and may the Almighty God bless you.

  29. mustapha ong,

    I wonder what will GOD do when there are people who fail to speak up, close their eyes and turn their heads the other way to tolerate what they know that are terribly wrong, just because it happens to someone else’s daughter, as long as it’s not theirs?

  30. But then again,

    Why keep harping on other people, This Gatal Altantuya also has to be blamed. Shes also asking for trouble and obviously must be a gold digger and as it takes two to tango.
    May be desperado type and ended up in black mailing some people so accept the fate as a father he should have known this but instead hanging around the parliament, have some dignity and let the court decide. Anyway they’ve got the best lawyer in town. Well as humans we sympathise but this kind of high profile case takes sometime and the longer it takes the pressure mounting and speculations began as though the judgement being made already.
    Hope this will be over soon as we have better things such as food crisis, fuel price etc to ponder about.
    We should pay more attention to our country needs thats the priority. You guys let the court deliberate leave the matter to the experts, they have to respect the laws of our country.

  31. silverose,
    If Altantuya were to be your mother or your sis, will you talk like that.
    will you Wait! Wait! Wait till all the withness K..O?

    ” Respect our country law”. who are you talking to?

  32. This is a crime of the century an icon of extreme injustice that will evoke the anger of GOD and move the Earth.Beware there will be a very major castastrophe ,this extreme cruelty beyond human imaginations and there are signs now to those who are not GOD fearing perhaps they are the devils and LUCIFER who is revolting against the almighty.

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