Kerismuddin “Apologises”


Do you trust this man (picture below) when he says that he regrets the keris incident and now apologies? I know, you will say that this apology is dictated by politics post March 8—and I agree. The Barisan Nasional, in particular UMNO Malay nationalists like Kerismuddin and Khairy Jamaluddin, was rejected by the Malaysian voters. If not for the postal votes, fancy tricks of the Elections Commission headed by Rashid Rahman and vote buying antics of the cash rich Barisan Nasional, Malaysia would be under the Pakatan Rakyat government today. And Kerismuddin would probably have retired or just be an ordinary Member of Parliament if he were elected.

Laughing when he should be crying

In my opinion, Kerismuddin is making a tactical retreat because it is politically expedient for him to express remorse or swallow the bitter pill, so to speak. Imagine what he would have done if the Barisan Nasional had won resoundingly in 2008, as it did in 2004. My guess is that he would be wearing the keris under his coat with arrogance as he heads to his Ministry every morning. UMNO arrogance will be on display again.

Unfortunately, like the rest in Barisan Nasional including our Prime Minister, Kerismuddin totally ignored the signals which our Special Branch and Military Intelligence had given to them of an impending political tsunami. In stead, he and Khairy Jamaluddin were talking “sifar pembangkang” (zero opposition). As if in defiance, Malaysian voters sent 82 Pakatan Rakyat candidates to the 13th Parliament, which opens on April 28, 2008.

If he is serious about his apology and wants to show remorse, then Kerismuddin should resign as Minister of Education whose portfolio is in mess, Member of Parliament and senior UMNO party member and retire quietly from politics. In addition, he should do at least a week’s community service, wearing a vest with the words “I am sorry” printed on its back. Otherwise, this apology is meaningless.–Din Merican

Hisham apologises for keris act

Chan Kok Leong
April 25, 2008

Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein today apologised for raising the keris “if it had affected the non-Malays”.

He said that he took full responsibility for his actions but gave no guarantee that he would not repeat the keris-waving again during this year’s Umno annual general assembly.

“I am sorry if it had affected the non-Malays,” he told reporters after attending a Barisan Nasional (BN) Youth meeting at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

At the same time, he also apologised to the Malays over his “failure to uphold the Malay symbol (keris)”.

The values of the keris is not what has been portrayed by certain factions but the “current realities” (election results) show otherwise, he explained.

“I’m not a vain and arrogant person and I can accept this. This is also a sad lesson for me but if the politics of today say otherwise, I’ve to accept it,” said Hishammuddin, who is also BN Youth chief.

“The struggles of BN is ultimately more important than myself and we cannot indulge in actions which will frighten other races,” he added. “This is a realisation that we’ve come to today in our meeting after one-and-a-half months of soul-searching.”

But when asked if keris-waving would be discontinued at this year’s Umno Youth assembly, Hishammuddin replied, “This is not the forum to discuss that.”

However, one reporter got the minister red-faced when he asked Hishammuddin how he could contest for Umno vice-presidency (as speculated) if he couldn’t defend the keris in Umno Youth.

The visibly upset Hishammuddin turned around to the other Youth leaders to ask them if he had failed and laughed off the matter saying, “It’s just a matter of perception.”

Struggles must change

Hishammuddin’s keris-raising act has been seen by many as one of the factors in the non-Malays voting away from Barisan Nasional in the March 8 general election.

umno 2007 pemuda keris 061107 groupThe education minister had raised the keris during the Unmo Youth assemblies for the past three years, claiming that it symbolised Malay supremacy and Umno’s role in defending that.

After the youth wing’s annual assembly last year, he had also defended his actions, calling the keris a symbol of strength.

Before the question-and-answer session, he told reporters that after a lot of soul-searching, the BN youth wings had reached a consensus on some of the reasons for the ruling coalition’s unprecedented setback in the elections.

Among the matters discussed, said Hishammuddin, was the question of how the respective movements can defend their parties’ struggles without offending others.

“The recent elections revealed that BN’s struggles must change. And this is an awareness understood by the youth sections.”

He said that the movements can also no longer rely on rhetoric as they are not a new faction. The education minister also said that there were certain actions people found unacceptable even after 50 years of Independence.

“Although, we still won the elections, we’ve heard the people’s voices and learnt some of our weaknesses,” said Hishammuddin. “If we don’t change, we stand to suffer even bigger defeats in the future.”

Bigger role for East Malaysia

Besides the ‘keris’ issue, the meeting also discussed the contributions of their East Malaysia counterparts.

“The recent elections have shown that they (East Malaysia) have become the backbone for BN and we need to re-position them more centrally,” said Hishammuddin.

“There is a lot for us in the Peninsular to learn from Sabah and Sarawak in terms of racial and religious harmony and how they have proven the strength of BN in their victories.”

Placing them more centrally within the national youth movement should not be viewed as just an extra cabinet post or more oil royalties but also reflective of many East Malaysians’ hopes, said Hishammuddin.

The new political realities also present an opportunity for Sabah and Sarawak to play a more vital role in national politics, he added.

Meetings among the component party youth sections will be held every two weeks to discuss ways to revitalise their grassroots support, said the BN youth chief.

MCA pleased

Meanwhile, MCA Youth chief Liow Tiong Lai said that they were hopeful that the keris-wielding act will end.

After the press conference, Liow said that his youth wing was pleased that Hishammuddin had decided to apologise for the matter.

“This is an important change,” said Liow, who also described the apology as a “brave act”.

When asked to comment on MCA president Ong Ka Ting’s statement saying that “ketuanan Melayu” was inappropriate in today’s politics, he said: “MCA as a BN component does not like to play up racial politics.”

“But MCA is for multi-racial policies although it’s a communal party. MCA’s ambition is to defend all races because BN defends all races.”

Hindraf 5

When met after the meeting, MIC Youth head SA Vigneswaran reiterated the movement’s call for the government to review the Internal Security Act (ISA) detention of five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders.

Vigneswaran explained that while the initial arrest was warranted, the longer the issue (their detention) persists the worse it would be for MIC.

“People on the ground think that they (Hindraf 5) were punished for voicing their sentiments.

“For 50 years, MIC and BN have been solving the community’s problems. But because of this detention, all our service has gone down the drain,” said Vigneswaran.

But while the MIC youth leader explained their stand on the issue at the BN Youth meeting, no consensus was reached on the matter.

20 thoughts on “Kerismuddin “Apologises”

  1. TOO LATE !!!

    “Kerismuddin” – will be stuck to him for the rest of his despicable life. No Malaysians for generations to come will forget his highly insensitive and irresponsible keris wielding antics while frothing from his mouth!

    If he is sincere about it, he should resign from all posts in UMNO and the government with immediate effect. He is the cause of UMNO down the chute of doom today, and the real reason for Malaysians of all races to boldly reject the 50-year old UMNO dominated BN government.

    Thank you Kerismuddin, you have helped to awaken many Malaysians!

    Good comments, Jong. There are many “muddins” including the circumcision specialist who we called Tok Muddin. The Tok Muddin at least did a great job on many of us in my generation. This political muddin is a disaster, yet he has ambition to be DPM under his cousin, Najib and then become Prime Minister. Both Najib and Kerismuddin think that the premiership is their birthright. No way. The people of Malaysia will decide.—Din Merican

  2. Yes, too late! What’s the use of apologising when in the same breath you said there is no guarantee “keris-weilding” will not be repeated next UMNO Assembly? There’s no sincerity in your ‘apologies’! Don’t insult the intelligence of the rakyat.

    Don’t be too cocky Kerismuddin, without those postal votes and vote-buying, you’ll be planting rice in Johor Iskandar Malaysia right now!

    Guffaw, he is what the Indians say pochee!—Din Merican

  3. Apologies??? My Bloody foot !!!!

    The reasons for the so-called apology are as follows :

    1. Political Expediency

    2. A vain attempt to placate the rakyat who (if Kerismuddin does not have the intelligence to realise) sees through his bull.

    To put it simply, the so-called apology is very little, very late. Way too late. “I am sorry if it had affected the non-Malays,” he says. He sure was not sorry all this time that he waved the keris around so does he expect us to believe he is sorry now? Stop kidding yourself if you think Malaysians do not know that you are lying though your bloody teeth.

    “I’m not a vain and arrogant person and I can accept this. This is also a sad lesson for me but if the politics of today say otherwise, I’ve to accept it,” said Hishammuddin.

    Exactly man, you have just screwed yourself by this statement – you apologise BECAUSE the politics of the day says OTHERWISE, meaning you would have sent your keris with the next Malaysian AstroNOT up to outer space.

    “The new political realities also present an opportunity for Sabah and Sarawak to play a more vital role in national politics.”

    Looks like you have not managed to pass politics 101 yet. The new political reality is that the BN has to give up all their policies based on Ketuanan Melayu, Malay Agenda and above all the nepotism, cronyism and put an end all forms of corruption and the much abused and so-called negotiated tenders. The reality of politics today is for the BN to realise that being elected as ADUns and MPs does not mean you have the sole exclusive rights to fill your pockets with the wealth of the nation. It is not for even the wives of politicians to transfer monies collected from the public in the name of a registered association just because they think the money belongs to them.

    The realities of politics today, Kerismuddin, is that the government should take action to recover all ill gotten wealth and punish the criminals (Yes, CRIMINALS) who have misused their positions for personal gains.

    Anyway, Mr Youth Chief, I am sure you will have a lot of time to ponder over your fall from political grace because Malaysia now looks forward to a better tomorrow in partnership with Pakatan Rakyat.
    Thanks, anak Malaysia, I believe you, others and I can transform the way we run our country. Pakatan Rakyat can and will make the difference with the cooperation of Malaysians. We are for an accountable government responsive to the needs of the rakyat.—-Din Merican

  4. Just leave Kerismuddin! Politics is not for you. Resign all posts and “balik kampong tanam jagong”. Shame on you for sticking on to your political posts. Don’t expect your cousin to protect you all the time, as very soon he cannot even protect himself.

    How can you lead by example – a Minister of Education,when every child in school knows how you had threatened the NONs (Non-Malays) with your keris? Your pitbull pix are all over the place, all over the world. How can you hold your head high when you walk into every schools, every supermarts and national function, without a feeling of guilt?
    Wow, kojak. Hope Kerismuddin visits this blog to read your comments. Thanks.—Din Merican

    Your dad Tun Hussein Onn must be turning and tossing in his grave knowing that you have dragged his good name down the mud with your offending racist action and words? How do you feel Krish?

  5. Dear Din,

    “The struggles of BN is ultimately more important than myself and we cannot indulge in actions which will frighten other races,” he added. “This is a realisation that we’ve come to today in our meeting after one-and-a-half months of soul-searching.”

    It is obvious why he is apologizing. It is implicitly contained in his own statement. He is apologizing because “ the struggles of BN is ultimately more important than myself”. That means if the results of the elections had been favorable to BN, he would not have apologize. That means deep inside him as a person he do not see the need to apologize, not even after the immediate outcry of the non-Malays after the shameful act. That means deep inside him he do not care about what the other half of the people in this country feels. Very sad and shameful.

    This is the person that is responsible for moulding the thoughts of our children. The person that is supposed to collectively have the greatest impact on what our future leaders’ values and worldviews would be.

    After one and a half months of soul searching, the Pemuda UMNO, realized that whatever their feel towards the non-Malays should be kept to themselves and not to be shown in public. Before the election they were confident enough to show their true selves now they are going to keep it under wraps for political expediency.

    Should we wonder now why after 50 years of independence, most aspects of our life in this country are still being centered on racial lines ? This kind of leader (?) makes our jobs as parents in developing children to be blind to racial differences so much harder. He is not fit to be the Minister of Education or for that a matter a leader in this country.
    Din Ahmad, he is a nitwit like the rest of them in UMNO and that is why this Malay centered party has leadership deficit and will eventually implode.—Din Merican.

  6. Din Merican,

    That was quick, you’ve got such tremendous sense of humor! 😀
    Yeah that big mouth has a small brain alright!

  7. His apology is definitely too late. And about his portfolio, the Education Ministry that he’s been treating like a joke.. he owes all of us an even bigger apology for what he has done to basically “sabo” the whole system.

    I’ve got a comment on this piece of news on my own blog:

    “dato hisham ni, ingatkan nak minta maaf sebab pelajaran bahasa melayu dan inggeris tidak memuaskan. sediakan pelajaran memasak dan menjahit utk budak perempuan ke. pelajaran membina bangunan utk budak lelaki ke.menyediakan pelan pelajaran lebih baik ke. pasal keris. kelakarlah. sekarang orang dah pakai machine gun la. memang patut kaum lain marah. mereka rasakan melayu dah maju. tak payah pakai keris.”

  8. Am sorry but apology not accepted. This man is a low life, a coward and to have a mong like him as our Education Minister is major malu beyond anything.

  9. Kerisamuddin,
    if you want to apologize, do it sincerely. Don’t use “IFs” and make excuses then say,” IF IF IF need be, even though I didn’t do nothing wrong, just a Malay Custom, I would insincerely apologize to All of you for not using and using keris in future.” Clouded logic from Kerisman.
    Any human being who really want to apologise would,
    Do it properly. Sincerely. Without excuses. Malaysians need no UNSINCERE apology from you for wielding or NOT wielding keris like a fanatic, we need good politicians who care about us. NOT you Mr Keris.
    Apology not accepted.

  10. There’s no need for him to be sorry. We should thank him instead, for his very act alone, gave bloggers the ammo needed to take down a huge portion of the monstrosity we’ve unwittingly nurtured over the years. So now that he’s taken the ammo back, we should source for another one. Let’s storm the barracks! No, jk.

  11. Thank you for that FAKE apology. You are late in apologizing to all Malaysians regardless of race…cause first of all…your apologies are shallow, CRAP. Something like how you perform in bed with your dogs.
    2nd…i will never ever vote for a government run by idiots like yourself and arrogant bastards, not to mention BRAINLESS and plain stupid like your other fellow mps of your political party.

    You and your dogs are by far the dumbest if not the worst of the lot compared to shit in a dumpsite.

    Go home…the voters have said enough is enough…but idiots don’t get it at all. We don’t want your FAKE talk, your Racist agendas, Your cronyism, your Corruption, your Judicial Manipulation, Your economic raping spree, your Children who drives ferraris and mercedes benz and drinking booze (haram di sisi agama islam) on Tax payer’s money and also on hard working farmers meager income. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  12. Dear Din Merican,

    Your thoughts and opinions are always inspiring.

    The keris is a sacred cultural symbol of the Malays. Sorry to say Hisham had also insulted the Malays when he waved the keris shouting rhetorics. What makes him think Malays are under siege?

    More like it, Umnoputaism under threat and bankrupt.

  13. Is he sincere in his apology? Look at these points:

    1) the timing of his apology – enough said

    2) the actual words he used —“I am sorry if it had affected the non-Malays,”

    + the “IF” means he does not know why/whether people were offended so he is apologising for something he does not know what for hence he does not know/bother about/understand the underlying reasoning

    ….hence it does not really matter to him what he is saying anyway.

    I remember Jocelyn Tan in a disgraceful column in the Star trying to repair the damage. In that article, he said the charade was to “let of steam as we Malays are under a lot of pressure”.

    So he really does not have a clue about the implications of his antics until the dissenting voices grew louder and louder.The final realisation manifeted itself a month after March 8.

    3) Quote “At the same time, he also apologised to the Malays over his “failure to uphold the Malay symbol (keris)”.”

    – he is trying to please both side while trying not to lose face. Is our Malay fellow countrymen that shallow?

    The Malay pride means more than a man admitting his own stupid mistake.

    The pride of Malay lies in their economic well being, social structure, religious strength, real achievement of substance like Bakri Musa’s clinic in USA or Halim Mazlim’s shipping business which he built on his own etc.

    Not depend alone on a man letting off steam by shaking a piece of metal foaming at the mouth then claims he does not really know what he is doing.

    4) Quote “The values of the keris is not what has been portrayed by certain factions but the “current realities” (election results) show otherwise, he explained.”

    – yep, final solid proof that he remains unrepentent. It is not his fault but some other unidentified people misquoting his words. Frankly, if you are live on TV, standing firmly on your shaky grounds on countless media stream media reports, it is hard to claim that you are being misquoted.

    Frankly, he should have saved his breath. The MCA people who applauded it reminds me of Prime Minister Chamberlain who claimed peace with Adolf short before the shooting started.

    So in the end, what he said was not really from the bottom of his heart, anyway.

    The real issue for him is political survival for UMNO.

  14. I cannot fathom why, until today, UMNO cannot understand the basis upon which the non-malays fell so strongly about the issue. It is not the keris, idiots, it is the fact that when certain delegates asked him to bathe it in blood, Hishamuddin (rather than admonish the speakers) puffed up his chest in proudness. Most if not all non-malays RESPECT and appreciate the keris, but NO ONE will appreciate being threatened with it. Simple as that. There, I’ve saved you buggers 3 years of mesyuarats trying to figure things out…

  15. Obviously, Hishammuddin is not really/sincerely sorry. He is trying to play a game of words. He shames his father’s good name. I was a teenager then when his father was PM. He was a much better human being. Hishammuddin and Khairy are both very ambitious. What I am not too sure about is whether they are both mentally challenged (I am not joking at all) or very arrogant, thinking they are above all other mortals. Malaysians have to realise the whole group in the upper echelon of UMNO need to go before real long lasting change can be achieved. They are all conspiring to get rid of Pak Lah before he can possibly change too many things exposing their corruption. They are presently fighting for their political lives and will do anything to protect themselves, even not excluding murder.

  16. Hi Din,

    Nice talking to you. Just got back this morning raining all the way, but reached back at 7.30 am safe and in one good piece.

    Re Krishamuddin, he is insincere with his “apologies”! He has an ulterior motive, of coz. Why did it take him years to apologise, why? …because he is going for the VP or Deputy President post? To him I say, poraaaah!

  17. With whom is the keris now?Is it with Khairi? I think he does not deserve to hold it looking how he landed Japlin Akim into trouble with MACC.I think he deserves a wooden one!
    SELAMAT BERJAYA DATO MUKHRIZ! Lain kali hati-hati ,orang di sebelah Dato mungkin ada pegang keris dalam poket seluar.Keris kayu pun bahaya juga Dato!

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