Ole Blue Eyes is Back

Guys and Gals,

Ole Blue Eyes Frank is back to entertain you for this weekend. This time he sings one of my favorites, That’s Life”, followed by “My Way”. Have a lovely and swinging Saturday night with the one who is truly cares. Treat her or him nice. Forget this week’s messy politics and focus on having a good time. Take care.—Dee Jay Din Merican


Here is Dean Martin too.



3 thoughts on “Ole Blue Eyes is Back

  1. Brother Din, You do a great job as a DJ, great change from Cambodia and education huh? Have a great weekend yourself and hope to catch up with you next week.

    Anak Malaysia, still very much linked to Cambodia and very interested in education and the development of the intellect. Music helps.—Din Merican

  2. Dear En Din,

    Similar sentiments echo here. No one does “My Way” better than Frank Sinatra. Very enjoyable video.

    There are 2 contemporary jazz artist u may want to check out if u havent done so – Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr, they sing pretty good too. I attended MB’s concert and he is a real charmer in the likes of FS. Happy weekend !


    Thanks, Edward, nothing like the original. Michael Buble is okay, but there will never be another Ole Blue Eyes, my crooner of the 20th century.—Din Merican.

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