Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim: Our Outstanding PKR Menteri Besar, Selangor Darul Eshan

First of all, on behalf of his many friends and associates and my own self, I congratulate PKR Secretary-General Tan Sri Dato’ Abdul Khalid Ibrahim on winning the Ijok, Selangor State seat, and for being the new Parliamentarian representing Bandar Tun Razak.

As one of his PKR colleagues, I know how he successfully handled the delicate and strenuous negotiations with DAP and PAS on the allocations of seats which prevented three corners fights in many constituencies in the last General Elections, and how much energy and time he expended on campaigning in his constituencies and helping his colleagues in their ceramahs around the country.

We were together, for example, on one rainy evening in Sungai Lallang, Kedah where he clearly articulated our Party’s Economic Agenda to his audience. I was impressed with the way he handled and bonded with the crowd, and witnessed his people touch. It was a complete tranformation of a leader known for his tough and no-nonsense approach to business.

We can be proud that today (March 10, 2008) at 2 p.m., after his audience with DYMM Sultan Sharifuddin Idris Shah Al Haj Ibin Al Marhum Sultan Sallahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Al Haj, Sultan Selangor Darul Ehsan, Tan Sri Khalid will be the new Menteri Besar. He is also expected to seek an audience with DYMM Sultan Selangor again, and then announce his team to lead the most prosperous state in Malaysia into a new era of transparent, open and accountable government.

At the press conference yesterday in Petaling Jaya, Tan Sri Khalid pledged to “embark on an open bidding system for projects…” and would “ask the Legal Adviser to enact a law that will enable the state to give the public the right to information.”(The New Straits Times, March 10, 2008). He is not a man who will mince his words, having been trained by his mentor, the legendary Governor,Bank Negara Malaysia, Sime Darby Group Chairman, and Permodalan Nasional Berhad Chairman, the late Tun Ismail bin Mohamed Ali.

Tan Sri Khalid is Chairman, Amanah Millenia Fund Berhad and Board Member of SIRIM Berhad, Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) and National Productivity Centre (NPC). He is also Executive Committee Member of Unit Investment Fund and Member of the Financial Engineering Forum, Jeddah-based Islamic Development and an Alternate Member, APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC).

University of Malaya trained Economist, Tan Sri Khalid also holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from The Univresity of Queensland, Australia. He served as teacher, credit officer and financial analyst, Chief Executive, Permodalan Nasional Berhad and Group Chief Executive, Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad (until 2003). He is an Eisenhower Fellow and the recipient of The Business Times-American Express Malaysia CEO of the Year Award (1998) and the University of Queenland International Alumnus of the Year Award (2001).

Selangor is fortunate to have such an outstanding man with a proven track record of public service and hands-on business experience as its new Menteri Besar. There can be no doubt that Tan Sri Khalid will be bring constructive changes to the state, and ensure that there will equal opportunity for all.—Din Merican

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  1. Great man for a great state. Hopefullt Tan Sri will exercise his responsibility with great efforts to uplift the standard of living of the “ummah”.

    He has been given a chance and I can say to you that Tan Sri Khalid will not let us down. He means business!!—Din Merican

  2. Dear Din:

    Nice tribute to Tan Sri Khalid! May he help usher in a new dawn for Selangor and its people. My best wishes to him and his team.
    Bakri Musa

    Dr. Bakri,

    Khalid is miles and miles ahead of Khir.Toyo, the UMNO raper of Selangor’s resources and symbol of corruption via commissions and a close associate of Zakaria Ideros. Selangor will be a model state under his administration. DYMM Sultan expects very high standards of performance and ethics and we will not fail DYMM Sultan.—Din Merican

  3. Wow. That’s very impressive. With such a man as MB, I am sure Selangor is set for glorious times.
    I do hope he will keep in mind, all the time (even during his sleep), that he was put there by the Malays, Chinese and Indians.
    He is MB for all.


    Anwar Ibrahim has said many times that we are a party for all. We make no distinction between our supporters and UMNO-BN supporters. They are all Malaysians and will receive their rights as guaranteed by the constitution, including their share of government revenues for development. There will be no such a thing as “projek oleh Kerajaan Barisan Nasional”, only “projek rakyat”. This is because government is using rakyat’s money.

    There must be a clear separation between government and party. In the case of UMNO-BN, party and government are one and that leads to all of abuses. Government answers to the people and the party are accountable to its members. It is disingenious to mix the two.—Din Merican

  4. Congratulations Tan Sri Dato Abdul Khalid Ibrahim and your team from the ‘United Rakyat’!

    Put your best foot forward guys and do your best, remember your election pledge to those who put you to office.

  5. Hi Din – tks for the update.

    As for the open bidding of projects – may i suggest Tan Sri to consider adopting Transparency International framework in Public Procurement call the Integrity Pact.

    In May 2006, TI Malaysia chapter has organized a National Workshop on Preventing Corruption In Public Procurement: Capacity Building And
    Networking For Civil Society And Lcal Governments which resulted in a Handbook call Curbing Corruption in Public Procurement based on cased studies in Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan.

    the Handbook provides an overview of the problem of corruption in public contracting and offers suggestions and experiences of how this problem can be addressed.

    This is the link:


    If you want to have a copy of the handbook you can always get one from TI-M.

    P/S – For transparency purpose please note that I am acknowledged in the handbook as part of the Editorial and Research Assistants for the TI-M part.

  6. Brian,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I know your name is mentioned. I have been working closely with TI-Malaysia since it was under Tunku Aziz, my Bank Negara and Sime Darby colleague.

    I myself have a set of the documents you mentioned. But I will contact Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam and Richard Phang for more copies. Cheers,Din Merican

  7. Hi Din,
    Given this opportunity to govern Selangor, I hope Khalid and PKR will not fall in the same trap as UMNO and its leaders. Please see this as an opportunity to prove to all Malaysians that PKR has the capability to provide the ideal alternative to the National Front. Be on guard against being seduced by success like what is happening to UMNO. As a first psychological change, please adopt Anwar’s idea that all PKR elected representatives should not be addressed as “Yang Berhormat”. If possible drop all the honorific titles which is becoming an embarassing trait of Malaysia.


    We will look into that. The First 100 days will set the tone for the coalition administration led by Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim in Selangor. Thanks for your views.—Din Merican

  8. I am oversea malaysian who is so glad that you will be our beloved selongor state mentri besar. We have so much woes about unfair treatment from our previous governemnt in developing our state and in helping all races (chinese and indians especially) in education, finance, business and religions. Rumors were thousands of Indonesians who was not even born in Malaysia were converted to Malaysian citizens and obtained bumi status. Yet, I am so as many millions of malaysians who were born and raised in malaysia should have been in bumi status long ago, but were neglected and dismissed in our rights. So, I congratulate to our new government in Selangor, and looking forward to a change and bring justice to our people, all people. Praise to a government for the people and by the people.

    Dear Vincent,

    On behalf of Tan Sri Khalid, I thank you for your words of encouragement. He reads my blog and will note your message. My own view is that status is not important. Many with bumi status are still poor.

    During the last election campaign, I went to some of the most remote places in our country. I was stunned to see that in our country, there are many Malaysians who have to depend on nature’s bounty for their daily sustenance. Our development policies have failed. Merdeka—freedom and independence— is meaningless to them. Their bumi status is one big joke. What is status when they are poor!! They need jobs, they need good schools for their children and better healthcare clinics and good roads to bring their produce to the market place and they must clean drinkable water and electricity to light their homes and petrol at affordable cost to power the Honda Cubs and Modenas bikes.

    The 50-year rule by UMNO-BN only benefited their political leadership, families and cronies. What we need equal opportunity for all so that we to be the best that we can be. We must restore time tested values of hard work, honesty and integrity.There are no short cuts to success.—Din Merican

  9. Dear Din,

    With your kind of tribute to Tan Sri Khalid, there doesnt seem to be much else to say. His credentials are definitely better than a dentist who tried to manage a state – at least now we may be able to increase the nation’s per capita supply of dentist. But then he probably do not have to work for the money anymore and his wife probably do not need to go back to become a staff nurse.

    Tan Sri Khalid’s mentor the late Tun Ismail Mohamed Ali, as you said, is a legend. His values in life are quiet simple – integrity and hard work . Tan Sri Khalid’s values are the same. That is why in his first PC he talks about transparency and openness. I pray to God that he will be suitably guided to carry out the tasks – an unenviable one no doubt. For the next 5 years Tan Sri Khalid and his team has the chance to show how things should be done in this country of ours. He just need to repeat his star performance in building Permodalan Nasional Berhad to its stellar position. The choice of Tan Sri Khalid as the proposed MB reflects the ‘isdom of Dato’ Sri Anwar as the leader of PKR.

    Tan Sri, let us show the people that there is a better way in managing the country’s resources – as opposed to the BN way of doing things.Because 5 years down the road, Tan Sri’s track record may become the bench mark of governing the country’s resources.

    Din Ahmad,

    You know Tan Sri well having worked with him in PNB. It was good that he sent to the prestigious University of Chicago for your MBA. He is a truly good executive with guts and vision. He was responsible for encouraging me to join PKR and I am grateful to him for the opportunity to know the party and its leaders, especially Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah and my favorite University of Malaya professor of rural sociology, Dr. Syed Husin Ali and other stalwarts.

    PKR has this unique opportunity to build a model of good governance in Selangor Darul Ehsan. We will “just to it” with Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. He needs a good team and we should be ready to serve with him when he calls for good and tested professionals. Stay in touch.—Din Merican

  10. Congrats Tan Sri Khalid on your appointment as MB Selangor. That was a meteoric rise in politics indeed!

    I wish you all the best in this uphill task of running the State of Selangor, obviously not an easy one, but with an able team of young men and women from the United Rakyat, I am sure you will sail through with flying colors.

  11. dont betray us


    You didn’t say that to those rogues in UMNO-BN, did you? You allowed things to slide. Only now you are awake. That said, let me assure you that we won’t, but you must work with us. The “Tidak apa attitude” of the past must go away. Each and every one of us must do his/her part to make this country great again.—Din Merican

  12. We have high hopes for you Sir! We know there’s alot of work to be done, cleaning up the BN mess and getting things in place etc. We wish you all the best!

  13. Sir, [YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim]we congratulate you on your success on being conferred the new MB for Selangor Darul Ehsan. Leading this new era forward, we pledge our support and our pleas to be heard. Problems in our area are aplenty.
    From : Ricky Chong – Tasik Permai.

    Ricky, I thank you on behalf of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. If you have problems in your area,you can see our local service center in your area, or talk to our PKR state assemblyman, or parliamentarian. Right now, Tan Sri Khalid is busy preparing to ensure a smooth and orderly transition from the Khir Toyo administration to his. He is also working hard to form the State Exco. Regards,— Din Merican

  14. Very glad that Khalid Ibrahim is MP in my area (Bandar Tun Razak) and also MB for Selangor now. If I am not mistaken Khalid received a huge number of votes in Batu 3 1/2 area where lots of working class people live in Perumahan Rakyat. They have been looking forward to the one family one house scheme for so long now (which the previous BN rep was unable to deliver). Please ask Khalid to look into this. If it works, he will turn Bandar Tun Razak into a PKR fortress!

  15. Dearest,
    Wish has came true,the new dawn has come and is upon us now.I couldnt been be more happier for the change of wind and my fellow malaysian especialy my hometown Subang Jaya Selangor..who seek to change.

    As a new voter and it was my second time voting,I belive the youger generation like me would like to see somethings more new things for a change as Im 28 years old and probably most of my generation felt the same way that now might be a good time for the new state ruler ensure us the yourger generation will not be abadoned,us our needs are more likely be different than our parents.
    I hope for the best..

  16. Dear Din,
    Not much facilities for Tasik Permai residents under the BN state government. We need to pass this info to our newly elected honourable MB YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, that since the new state government still haven’t form yet but shop-house residents Kg. Tasik Permai, Ampang were circulated with letters from the Hulu Langat Land Office to pay a maximum RM125,000/= to RM250,000/= for the land title premium. Some political members were distributing the letters and asking them to pay up.
    We take note seriously that residential houses pay RM2.00/= per sq. ft. for the land title. Since it is under the name of “kampung” [village] which means it is a rural area, it should be of the lowest rate for fellow residents. Request from residents, if perhaps 90% reduction will benefit the whole kampung, but final suggestiom will still be from the state government. The case of (2) two different rates, RM4.70/= and RM2.00/= still haunts them, where these poor residents as nobody voice up for them
    There are some chinese politicians who says we squat on the land for so many years, but do remember we pay TOL annually, we didn’t stay free-of-charge. So, we just hope, truly, our newly elected Selangor state government, will with utmost seriousness look at all angles into this particular matter.
    Flash-floods which had been affecting us for more than (15) fifteen years, both in front and rear portion of the shop. Also that we wish to voice up is, this particular place is a ghost town, with no market place for the local residents. Fellow aged-old residents will need to walk a long distance, to the “Pasar Tasik Tambahan”. Just by the side of the market is Hulu Langat Highway, completely dangerous for trepassers. Lorries very often over-turned or knocked into nearby shop-houses.
    We, as concerned fellow residents of Tasik Permai truly hope, our honourable YAB MB will care to look into our affairs.
    Ricky Chong / PKR Tasik Permai

    Ricky, please contact Tan Sri Khalid’s office in Shah Alam. Get your facts and put forward some constructive ideas. Thanks for your hard work. We have plenty to for all Malaysians and we cannot fail voters.—Din Merican

  17. YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim,

    Tahniah di atas kejayaan cemerlang Tan Sri menerajui Negeri termaju ini.Adalah menjadi harapan semua agar kecemerlangan ini akan berpanjangan setelah diberi mandat.Pajakan 5 tahun mandat ini bakal menjadikannya ‘free hold jika amanah disempurnakan seperti tersirat dalam manifestonya.Strategi harus disusun daripada sekarang (5 tahun tidaklah lama).Pengukukuhan minda rakyat terhadap keyakinan kepimpinan dan parti perlu diabadikan,diselami dan difahami.
    CADANGAN:- untuk semua negeri di bawah pemerintahan Barisan Alternatif -sebagai pengukuhan minda- Warnakan semua bangunan kerajaan negeri dengan warna identiti parti termasuk Ferri &Jambatan di Pulau Pinang.(ingat warna ingat parti ingat peti undi dan bermottokan jangan lupa undi lagi). Sekian untuk kali ini. Wassallam

    ahmadmarzuki, terima kasih bagi pihak Tan Sri Khalid. Jika saudara sudi, sila hantar idea idea and cadangan terus kepada pejabat Tan Sri di Shah Alam. Wassallam.—Din Merican

  18. Dear Din,
    My wife, son and I had the opportunity of shaking Tan Sri Khalid’s hand just before we enter the polling station to cast our votes and I must admit that that handshake made one hell of a difference on our decision. I remembered very well that my wife and son asked me who that person was and when I told them that he is none other than the candidate for the Bandar Tun Razak Parliamentary constituency, my wife and son were shocked. Such a “humble and down to earth” person was their comment on Tan Sri Khalid and needless to say, their votes and mine went to Tan Sri.

    Congratulations and syabas to Tan Sri Khalid and Congratulations to Dato Seri Anwar too for leading PKR. For your info Din, We have stayed in Taman Connaught for more than fiftheen years but have never seen Tan Chai Ho before. He must be under the impression that the people will vote for even a piece of wood so long as that wood stands in the election under the Barisan Nasional ticket. He must be dreaming!!!

    By the way Din, do PKR have a service center in the constituency of Bandar Tun Razak and if so, could you give me the address?

    Amiruddin, thanks for your support. May I suggest you contact Sdr. Yahya (012-2839957) and you can inform him that I ask you to contact him.Yahya was the Elections Director for Selangor.He is a very nice and helpful man. He now works for Tan Sri Khalid in the MB Selangor’s Office.—Din Merican

  19. Tahniah kepada TAN SRI KHALID ISMAIL kerana diberi kepercayaan memerintah negeri selangor selama 1 penggal semoga ia kekal untuk beberapa penggal lagi.saya harap TAN SRI dapat tunai modifesto yang telah dibuat sekiranya parti B.A memerintah SELANGOR.saya berharap exco dilantik dapat menghapuskan RASUAH PEMBERIAN TANAH sewaktu BN memerintah yang berlaku di kg saya”KAMPUNG SUNGAI BUAH” TAHNIAH TAN SRI.dari DUN N55.

  20. Tahniah YB Tan Sri Khalid di atas kejayaan yang dicapai, semoga Allah memberkatinya.

    Mizi, terima kasih bagi pihak Tan Sri Khalid yang merlukan kerjasama kita semua.—Din Merican

  21. Tahniah YB atas lantikan sbg MB Selangor. Semoga dapat menjalankan tugas dengan baik, cemerlang dan penuh amanah. Cuma saya sangat berharap, supaya jangan sebab ‘Menang Sorak, Kampung Tergadai’. Sayang jawatan & Parti, Negeri digadai. Malaysia (Tanah Melayu) dinamakan sedemikian kerana orang melayu adalah pribumi asal.Yang mendatang tetap mendatang, sama ada suka atau tidak. Perumpamaan, anak angkat tetap anak angkat, tak mungkin status bertukar jadi anak kandung, bukan?? Hak anak angkat, akan samakah dgn hak anak kandung?? Tidakkk sama sekali. Jadi, hak istimewa melayu tetap hak istimewa melayu. Saya anak jati selangor, saya tak mahu anak & keturunan saya merempat @ mengemis ihsan bangsa lain satu hari nanti, YB. Demi Allah, perbuatan jahat & khianat akan dibalas akhirnya. Jangan jadi Melayu mudah Lupa..jgn kita ‘dijajah’ semula.

    p/s: cubalah YB tinjau seluruh pelosok kg kat slgr tu…berapa kerat org Melayu yang hidup senang-lenang, berapa peratus kedai melayu di klang? di Pekan Banting? Boleh dikira dgn jari? Nak hapuskn juga DEB? Satu hari nnt org melayu duduk bawah jambatan…nauzubillah.

    PendapatSaya, zaman sudah berubah. 37 tahun telah berlalu, dan ternyata bahawa DEB gagal membela nasib orang Melayu. Oleh itu kita kena mencari cara lain untuk mengubah nasib orang Melayu, cara yang lebih adil bagi kaum Cina, India, Kadazan, Murut, Orang Asli dan lain lain. Seperti termaktub dalam manifesto PKR, ekonomi kita bukanlah kuih yang hendak dibahagi-bahagikan. Ianya berbentuk sepohon pokok untuk disuburkan dan yang jadi milik kita bersama.Dasar ekonomi perlu direka dan diatur dalam acuan yang sama. Bangsa Melayu mesti berani menghadapi cabaran dengan penyediaan yang kemas dan cukup.

    Kita lemah jika dimanjakan oleh Kerajaan UMNO-Barisan Nasional yang tidak adil terhadap orang Melayu status ekonomi rendah dan miskin, dan kaum Cina, India dan lain lain yang juga miskin. Jangan terlalu sentimentalis; kita hendak lebih realistis, bersikap berani dan bermaruah. Jangan diexploitasikan oleh peminpin Melayu dalam UMNO.—Din Merican

  22. Congratulation !!!!!!! Tan Sri you have made it happen. Now lets work out a plan to sucessfully build our Selangor to be the best state in Malaysia.
    First, we have to revise the Local Government Tax which has been a long tussle for tax payers whom were not able to enjoy the tax payer rights. We have areas like Teluk Gong, Teluk menegon and couple of areas where the Toyol had invaded the poor people by forcing them to pay tax for no reason. Only for one reason that I know is the” TOYOL ” PKRM has managed to stop the TOYOL from sucking our blood for real.
    In Teluk Gong we have 103 illegal factories, we have 53 ” ibu tunggals ” and we have 203 school children whom cannot afford to attend religious school. No job chances are to given to local residents. Almost all the workers whom work there are foreigners, they even daringly do businesses like Malaysians.
    We have a very rich MPK officer Ashnoor to take care of them with his way of becoming rich out of the foreigners.

    Get rid of the main culprits in MPK to save Klang Council, sorry to say the X councillors are to screened of their assets. They have been going on like Kings in Klang town. SAVE KLANG

    Thanks, Anthony, for your comments. You should formally write to the new MB’s office or work through your ADUN in Kelang.—Din Merican

  23. YAB bTan Sri
    Terdahulu saya mengucapkan tahniah kejayaan Tan Sri menubuhkan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor.
    Dalam tempuh yang pendik perkara yang menafaatkan penggundi adalah pengecualian air.
    Secara peribadi saya pesara polis tahun 2007. Saya adalah OKU, telah berdaftar dengan MOF, tetapi hingga sekarang gagal mendapat sebarang bekalan bagi menampong sara hidup sekeluarga saya. Haraf dapat Tan Sri beri petunjuk dalam era pemerintahan Tan Sri


    71010 LUKUT,
    0122068917 /066517053

  25. Tan Sri Dato’Abdul Khalid Ibrahim,
    Once again “Congratulations” to u & PKR nationwide.

    Recently, i did sent a personal letter requesting to assist me solving a matter betwen “Brisdale Holdings”& myself as buyer for Bdr.Armada Putra Double Storey purchased year 1998 & received the keys 07/07. Demand for pampasan, but yet till now theres no respond or payment.
    Tan Sri,pse.help me to solve this matter.
    Dr.Mohd.Rashid(Lukut/Port Dickson)

  26. Din ,no matter what Tan Sri’s detractors say about him when he was in Guthries, at least he was building up the group on his own. It was a proud day for Malaysians too when the dawn raid happened for those old enough to see it . Now we have the biggest property and plantation tie-up in malaysia or even south asia. Yet they have to resort to sourcing out property project management or JV or partnering (whatever they call it ) to a small time company in TTDI . Why can’t they just buy it up ?What’s happening ? It is soooo sad !


    I agree, Tan Sri Khalid is a good man. I know that he and his Exco colleagues will work hard to deliver on our pledges. It is natural for a man of his standing to have detractors. But he is simple and religious man who was born in Kuala Selangor; he came up the hard way by doing his work. Let us support him. He is good for Selangor.—Din Merican.

  27. A`kum…saya di sini igin memberi sedikit cadangan supaya negeri2 yg kita menagi,
    melakukan hukum hudud kerana dgn itu ALLAH lebih sayang pada kita semua, kerana semuanya telah tertulis di dalam AL-QURAN NUR KARIM, jgn sampai kita di binasakan oleh kaum yahudi,nasrani & majusi, mahukah kita jika pemimpin2 kita tidak laksanakan di akhirat sana akan ditanya, mana2 parti asyik berkata pasal melayu knp tidak ISLAM, orang2 islam telah byk sesat dari landasan islam, apa2 hukuman semuanya di selesaikan dgn wang ringgit.
    Sebenarnya wang byk mana pun tidak penah cukup bila kita tak laksanakan hukum ALLAH, knp dgn org islam sekarang begitu takut dgn manusia, knp tak takut dgn ALLAH??

  28. Highest praises to the legendary, omnipotent, supreme leader Tan Sri Khalid on being the Selangor Minister. May your infinite wisdom and supreme intellect above all mortals lead us all out from the dark oblivion of the supremely evil BN. BN must pay for what they did to our beloved Dato Seri Anwar. BN must be obliterated so supreme leader Dato Seri Anwar can lead. HIDUP ANWAR!

  29. Alhamdullilah kepada yang satu kerana atas anugerahnya kepad YBhg Tan Sri, saya sebagai rakyat jati negeri selangor begitu berbangga atas kemenangan Tan Sri dan amat berharap Kerajaan Barisan Alternatif dapat menjalankan tugas dengan jujur, ikhlas dan amanah.Rakyat hanya ingin yang terbaik dan terbaik dan pembelaan untuk rakyat adalah satu kewajipan pemimpin kita. Saya dan rakan-rakan begitu berharap dapat bertemu dengan YBhg Tan Sri untuk bersalam dan mengucapkan tahniah kepada beliau dan barisan EXCO selangor yang baru dan juga yang akan memperjuangkan nasib rakyat yang tidak memdapat pembelaan sebelum ini. Saya amat berharap agar kerajaan negeri selangor aman dan damai di bawah pimpinan YBhg Tan Sri,SELAMAT MAJU JAYA untuk Tan Sri dan EXCO Kerajaan Negeri

  30. Dear Mr Din,
    I am in full support of Tan Sri’s genouristy in assisting the families of the Hindraf detainees.

    I would like to donate RM 1000.00 towards a worthy cause as this.Advise me how I shd go about this.

    My heart says that help shld come thru PRK and not Indian community as such–
    we need to send a message that Indians dont need party based politics!!

    Hidup PR, hidup PRK. Hidup Makkal Sakthi.
    And hidup Merican!!


  31. Dear Mr Din,
    I too welcome Tan Sri Khalid’s appt: about time Selangor has a competent and clean administrator. I live in Kelana Jaya and have attempted twice to sell my unencumbered double storey house to no avail. Twice the land office rejected without giving reasons, and I have incurred close to 12k in costs. Can I have the assurance from the new MB that I can get to sell my own property? I have bought another house in Shah Alam, and am now stuck after two prospective buyers demanded for refunds of their downpayment after the land office rejected.

  32. Dear YAB Tan Sri,
    Salam Sejatra.

    I’m from Ampang.I was told that an Indian teksi driver just new to Ampang and an Indian Christian reps are being considered for Ahli MPAJ.I’m fr Makkal sakthi living in Ampang since 1968 was a MIC man left in 1995,affte hitting the MIC leadership.

    I have submitted for Ahli MPAJ.I own an Ad Agency plus in Real Estate business.

    Ampang has a population of 580,000.We only have 0.9% land
    occupied for light Industries(Total 14,359 hectors.)Agri 3.1%
    some 200,000 over youths are without potential plans in Ampang.
    More then 10,000 hectors are jungle reserve which can be converted for agribase harvesting or some light industries to capitalise our HR from youths. MPAJ only good at commercial bldgs that never benefitted Malays or Indian youths in Ampang.

    My attempt to be a Ahli At MPAJ is not sure.I applied with my qualification. I feel the Indians quota deserve a calibre person then just a name sake in your administration.

    Tan Sri, Many Indian Hindu friends are very disappointed that more Christians are given privilage by Yb Xavier Jaya kumar as a Christian,Yb Sivarasa as Ceylonese Christian.Hindraft and Makkal Sakti are 100 % represented by
    Hindus.Not By Christians.They were hidding during Bersih and Hindraf rally.

    Tan Sri, I would appreciate your own judgement with Dato Seri Anwars carefull thought in appointing the councilors.

    I’m aslo doubtfull about the Health Tourism for Exco Villgae.Better to have an ICT certificate level college to help the below poverty youths to secure jobs in ICT related fields.

    Selangor must have its own educational centres for the Pakatan
    to move further attracting the Rakyat.

    The Health Tourism will fail.We dont have that many specialist
    to attract foreign tourist for H Tourism.We our govt cannot
    afford to make such a huge mistake while federal is dennying to support tourism in Sel.

    Regards and best of luck.

    Thank you

    M.Pon Rengam PJK

  33. Dear Din,
    I am residing in Tmn. Connaught which comes under the parliamentary constituancy of YAB Tan Sri Khalid. The streets in and around Tmn Connaught on both sides of the Connaught Highway, the three overhead bridges, the road and side lanes facing the SRJK (c) Taman Connaught are so dirty,the playgrounds fitted with new lightings even before the election but never operating, the area near to Giant and UCSI are so dirty littered with plastic bottles, waste papers, and broken pieces of glasses from perhaps hundreds of liquor bottles are just a few examples of poor management that the residents of Cheras are quietly talking about daily at the school compound while waiting for their children. They are already comparing the the situation before and after the election and whether they made the right choice or not. Din, Tmn Connaught area is made up of majority Chinese and Chinese by nature do not voice out their unhappiness openly. Please do something before the situation deteriorates further.
    Thank you.

  34. Talk of racial togetherness & harmony – talk of my childhood years only. I’m an hindu indian who had friends – real friends – from all races – from all backgrounds – meaning educated people, fellow classmates, neighbours, teachers, local religious head, ustaz!!! This is not a lie. I was one of the few non-malay in a very malay majority school and lived in a former prime minister’s hometown neighbourhood (a mix of poor and well to do people). Things were so different then. When I fell very sick in school due to a wrong medication given by a private doctor, it was a malay classmate’s father who sent me home and upon seeing our open garage filled with potted plants and a swing, he gently asked my father if we had transport to take me to hospital – when the answer was no – he said that he would send his daughter home & have a quick lunch and come and take all of us to the hospital. Teachers at school was very nice decent teachers and even the ustad in my class would gently poke fun at the one or two non-malays in the class during ugama class (we were allowed to do our homework during this lesson – but we always took the opportunity to go to the ladies and wash and powder our face with the precious powder knotted in our handkerchieves) – and when we quietly sneaked in after a few minutes – the ustad in the middle of his teaching would comment how beautiful and white we looked!! To the delight and fun of the whole class of boys & girls! If it was not this, he would come around during class when the students were copying lessons from the board and quietly turn our books to see what nonsense we would be doodling and ask us who the caricature was! 1 hour was a long long time then and I guess he knew that !

    Hari Raya eve & mornings were always special mom would not cook at all cos we would be receiving dulangs of food from a few neighbours and when we returned the dulangs with a little sugar we would received ‘duit raya’. IT WAS HARI RAYA FOR US TOO!!!

    When Deepavali came, my parents would catch our home grown chickens and tie them up to pass on to the neighbour one house away. It would be tied to his fence and he was a local imam. He would slaughter the chickens when he got home (so that it was halal) and would pass them back to us for our feasting. Then it was our turn to carry our dulangs to the neighbours for IT WAS DEEPAVALI time and we received DEEPAVALI MONEY !!!! By the way all celebations did not end with the dulangs. We visited each other homes the next morning.

    This same imam (of pakistani and malay descent) used to have story telling sessions in the evening at his home ” ali baba and the forty thieves and so on ” I used to be in awe of him and his stories minus a book. Only when I grew up I realised all those stories were famous persian stories & what a rojak audiance he had, indian and malay children and an adopted chinese grandchild of his.

    There were very few chinese and when chinese new year came, there would be bags of oranges tied to our gates.

    I would go over to my malay friends homes and have lunch or tea after school and so would they. One even stays at my home overnight ocassionally washes her clothes (for next day’s school which we go together) and wears mine (minus underwear much to my mother’s alarm).

    Experiences in my childhood was very lasting as I love malay food till today and at least twice a week we cook malay food, chinese on some and indian food the rest of the days.

    I wish my own children could experience a fraction of this today. Maybe Selangor MB could just chuck away Rukun Tetangga & Perpaduan Kaum and what have you, and encourage malaysians to be what we are – MALAYSIANS – period ! Make Selangor the first state to experience was my childhood was. A monumental task perhaps but lets start somewhere.

    What say you Din?

  35. sir

    i was Dep. Sec. PKR Cawangan Kg. Ampang Indah and we PKR at Kg. Ampang Indah shall support PKR to the end of this world…

    May Allah Bless Dato Seri and Malaysia

    rozman, focus on the perjuangan and we will be fine. Kita kena berkhidmat untuk parti kita yang berjuang untuk rakyat tak kira agama, bangsa dan warna kulit. Salam, Din Merican

  36. Salam.

    Saudara Din,

    I’m a small time contractor doing underground utility detection and mapping, mostly for main contractors of various utility companies, i.e. TNB, Gas Malaysia, etc. Most of this contractors especially those who are doing jobs for Gas Malaysia are my close friends and former colleagues in Gas Malaysia. All of them have one common nagging problem that they are facing. The name of the problem is KJS – Konsortium Jaringan Selangor. Back during Abu Hassan Omar days, they were known as JIS – Jaringan Infrastruktur Selangor and both my partner and me were roped in to assist them in preparing proposals to be incorporated for the setting-up of this company. The main agenda is to propose to the state, that the company shall be a one stop center for all existing underground utility data bank. To cut a long story short, only during Khir Toyo’s tenure that the company was finally up and running and by that time we were already out of the picture. However, please understand that I’m not doing this as a revenge or anything of that sort, I’m just trying to highlight the problems of all utility and infrastructure contractors.

    The problem is, the Selangor State Government (under Khir Toyo) has appointed them as one stop center for all contractors to obtain their variuos permits and “wayleave” from any local authority in the state. For example, lets say Contractor ‘A’ has been awarded a job by Gas Malaysia to lay natural gas pipeline in Selayang Baru. One of the first few things he have to do is to go to KJS to obtain the necessary permits and “wayleave” from Majlis Perbandaran Selayang, JPS, JKR and so on. KJS supposedly will apply all the permits for the contractor which have to pay a certain service fee and also provide BG – Bank Guarantee. Problem arise when not only the contractor have to provide BG to KJS sometimes they even have to provide BG to JKR and so on. And that is money in the bank retain for a certain period of time.

    The question is, do we need KJS? How come a private company could ask BG’s from contractors? Same sort of situation exist in Melaka too. But over there the company’s name is BKI. But forget about Melaka, we need to take-over first. This sort of conditions are creating all sorts of problems for the contractors, not only the pricing of contracts have gone down drastically, now they have to cough-up extra money for all this BG’s and …………(you know what)

    Again for your info, I do not personally gain anything from this because we’re just providing our services to the contractors and we do not have any dealing with KJS. It’s just that I’m pissed-off with them same like I’m pissed-off with a certain private company that could obtain anybody’s “confidential” financial status.

    Sampaikan salam saya sekeluarga kepada Tan Sri. Semoga kita memperolehi kebaikan di dunia dan di akhirat, Insya ALLAH.

  37. macam mana saya boleh berhubung dengan dato khalid ibrahim? saya ada hal yang penting ingin saya sampaikan padanya…… boleh saya dapatkan email nya..

    Firdaus, assalammu’alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakatuh, Sila berhubung dengan Setiausaha Politik Tan Sri Menteri Besar, Nik Nazmi di Bangunan SUK, Shah Alam. Sila talipon saya (017-366-0897) untuk maklumat yang lebih tepat lagi. Salam mesra, Din Merican

  38. i am residing in Taman Cempaka, serendah, selangor.
    Please observe and improve Hulu Selangor district office all department the way there manage things.

    Especially rubbish collection management and lanscape maintenance.i think we are living in “hutan” and rubbish is every where”.

  39. Assalamualaikum wrh.

    Saya adalah salah seorang AJK Surau Desa Muhibah, Bt. 13 Jalan Cheras, Kajang. Datang setiap Ramadhan kami AJK surau akan memohon Permit untuk menganjurkan Pasar Ramadhan dan apa jua keuntungan hasil penganjuran tersebut akan di masukkan ke dalam tabung Surau. Dengan keuntungan tersebut kami menganjurkan aktiviti seperti bertadarus setiap malam ramadhan, saguhati untuk kanak-kanak yang bertadarus, ceramah setiap minggu, sambutan maulidur rasul, memperbaiki kerosakan serta membayar bila air dan elektrik. Permohonan penganjuran kami yang mendapat sokongan Pejabat Agama Daerah Hulu Langat telah di tolak oleh pihak MPKJ dan diberikan atas nama Ketua Kampung JKKK Batu 13 Jalan Cheras, Kajang (untuk tabung JKKK). Kami telah membuat surat susulan kepada YDP MPKJ bagi menerangkan tujuan permohonan tersebut selepas mengemukakan permohonan penganjuran sebelum mesyuarat. Alasan yang kami dengar ialah kami sudah terlalu lama jadi penganjur. Salahkah terlalu lama jadi penganjur sekiranya untuk surau? Boleh semak akaun surau kami sekiranya terdapat penyelewengan. Apa yang lebih mendukacitakan dan menjadi tanda tanya ialah Ketua Kampung Bt. 13 telah menaikkan banner (dengan logo Majlis Daerah Hulu Langat) serta mengutip wang pendahuluan sebelum keputusan mesyuarat di keluarkan. Apakah telah ada keputusan sebelum mesyuarat? Inikah yang dinamakan ketelusan dan sekiranya ya saya rasa sudah terlalu telus. Apakah ciri-ciri yang perlu ada pada seseorang sebelum dilantik sebagai Ketua Kampung. Saya rasa sekurang-kurangnya berjemaahlah di surau berdekatan (walaupun ini hak individu tapi sebagai ketua kampung saya rasa perlu) walaupun setahun sekali dan mengenali masyarakat setempat, saya rasa ini ciri-ciri asas sebagai Ketua Kampung. Saya hairan tiadakah cara lain Ketua Kampung berkenaan mendapatkan dana (tabung JKKK?) selain mencantas usaha AJK surau Taman Desa Muhibah selama ini. Ini mungkin masalah kecil pada sesetengah pihak tapi bagi kami AJK surau, kalau aktiviti setahun sekali surau pun di cantas bagaimana pula isu lain yang lebih besar. Saya sungguh berharap perkara ini mendapat perhatian serius dan diselidiki agar perkara-perkara sebegini yang tidak mengikut peraturan dan saluran tidak berulang di masa-masa akan datang.

    Sekian terima kasih.


  40. Saya geologist dari Jugra dan selalu ke Pantai Morib, Kelanang dan Batu Laut mandi manda dan menjaring ikan. Pencemaran pantai dari bahan buangan najis babi ini telah mencemarkan air laut sekitar kawasan sekian lama sejak dari puluhan tahun. Jika berenang disini maka anggota badan akan gatal dan miang dan jika tangkap ikan maka ikan mudah busuk dan lembik kalau sejam terbiar kerana pencemaran ini. Longgokan buangan ini jelas di Batu Laut, Tanjung Sepat sampai ke Sungai Pelek. Projek ternakan babi moden dan setempat amatlah diharapkan bukan pasal politik, bangsa atau agama tetapi kami kehilangan keindahan pantai bersih dengan panorama yang boleh naik taraf ekonomi perlancungan.
    Kalau pun projek ini dijalankan, akan memakan masa 5 tahun lama nya sebelum pantai-pantai ini benar-benar bersih dan cantik.
    Hasil dari penternakan begini memanglah haram termakan oleh orang Islam tetapi pentadbiran MB juga menjaga kepentingan kaum-kaum lain, maka berikan kepada kaum tersebut untuk sosioekonomi mereka. Ada juga kalangan mereka orang-orang yang susah dan miskin masih lagi rumah buruk dan serba kepayahan di Tanjung Sepat misalnya, maka disinilah patut disalurkan ekuiti tersebut. Biarkan ekuti itu dipegang oleh syarikat-syarikat yang membawa kepentingan mereka bukan Islam yang miskin.
    Ramai sangat orang Islam yang tidak memahami etika ternakan babi berkelompok ini dan Kerajaan jangan hanya hadkan kepada ternakan itu saja, Kalau MB buat Lembu berkelompok sekali pun tiada semua yang OK, macam korbankan lembu untuk Raya Korban, berapa ramai yang bebunyi ‘Mooo’, Masalahkan?.
    Jadikanlah pantai kami destinasi perlancungan yang tidak dapat dilupakan pengunjung. Sehingga jumpa lagi

  41. Dear Tan Sri,
    I would like to draw your attention to the traffic jam caused by the contractor who was responsible for upgrading the road at the roundabout at section 15 (near to Yeo Hiap Seng). For your information, the jam was so bad for the past 2 days (14th and 15th Aug, 2009) that thousands of factory workers were late for work and thousands of ringgits were lost in late deliveries of goods to customers as a result of the jam. How can the contractor be given a free hand to close whichever part of the road as he likes without taking into consideration the inconvenience it would cause to the rakyat. Imagine they close the round about totally without giving any alternative. What happen to the state government and its agencies involved in checking on these irresponsible contractors? Tan sri, I am appealing to you to take immediate action to rectify this congestion problem before Monday comes. I dare not imagine how the jam will be on this comming Monday (17/8/09). Many factory workers were penalised by their employers because they were late for work as a result of the jam. The workers are very unhappy as their allowances and salaries were deducted and if this situation continue, Pakatan Rakyat may lose thousands of votes in the next election. Please do something before it is too late. Don’t let the contractor do as they like. The roads and round about do not belong to them. They cannot be allowed to continue to be arrogant.

  42. asalamulaikum kepada tan sri…

    1. lebih baik bekukan saja lesen arak di selangor.kelab malam, pusat perjudian. haramkan terus kunjungan orang2 islam kedalam pub. club2 malam….tempat maksiat tak bersempadan …haram kan terus …jadikan selangor kelantan 2….kita umat islam mesti bersatu…
    selamat maju jaya selangor.. cita-cita dan impian kita rakyat malaysia. kerana rakyat kita datang, kerana rakyat jugalah kita pergi….wasalam…

  43. ….selangor memang bermasalah sejak kerajaan barisan nasional lagi dah lama dah..tan sri pun maklum dengan masalah selangor …memang payah…….jenayah tinggi…kes penceraian tinggi…tempat maksiat tidak di kawal oleh majlis tempatan . tempat paling tidak selamat di malaysia…kes jenayah terlalu tinggi… kes kemalangan jalan raya paling tinggi di dunia…antara bandar metropolitan serba…super maksiat….

  44. A`kum…saya di sini igin memberi sedikit cadangan supaya negeri2 yg cadangan perantau untuk tan sri,
    perjuangkan lah melakukan hukum hudud kerana dgn itu ALLAH lebih sayang pada kita semua, kerana semuanya telah tertulis di dalam AL-QURAN NUR KARIM, jangan sampai kita di binasakan oleh kaum yahudi,nasrani & majusi, mahukah kita jika pemimpin2 kita tidak laksanakan di akhirat sana akan ditanya, mana2 parti asyik berkata pasal melayu knp tidak ISLAM, orang2 islam telah byk sesat dari landasan islam, apa2 hukuman semuanya di selesaikan dgn wang ringgit.
    Sebenarnya wang byk mana pun tidak penah cukup bila kita tak laksanakan hukum ALLAH, knp dgn org islam sekarang begitu takut dgn manusia, knp tak takut dgn ALLAH??

  45. Dear Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Menteri Besar, Thank you for leading Our Selangor into the direction we wanted. Would like to note some points to ponder for a better Selangor.

    1) Who are the voters?
    2) Do the voters come from the Federal Government?
    3) Do the voters come from the State Government?

    Let me answer you all that in one line.

    We, the Local Government Tax Payers are the voters. We wanted a change of Government in order to enjoy the fruit of the the Tax we pay to our P.B.T.’s.
    Very sadly your EXCO’s had all RIGHT in the world to choose their best friends, their crooks, their gangsters, their relations most of all their ” Yes Men in almost all the P.B.T.s in Selangor ”
    Our honorable Chief Minister, we may have alot more of the kind of uncalled for dialoques with residents or tax payers in time to come.
    The Local Counciliors as portrayed worst than the B.N. councilors, so far.
    Does the State Government have any guidelines for a eligible Councilor? Where is the mechanism of a qualified Councilor?

  46. I am writing in to request for a SPEED BREAKER to be built near house no. 16-20, Jalan 20/144A, Taman Bukit Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

    A HANDICAP (blind) boy is staying there and has been sujected to living dangerously due to speeding cars daily.

    Kindly contact 012-2832223(LIM) if possible

    Thank you

    Mr.Lim KS

  47. My Honourable Chief Minister of Selangor, you are giving the best to us in Selangor. There is nothing that I could ask for. All i can is to include you in my prayers everyday for your good health and your wisdom to make Selangor a state of DEMOCRACY. Y.A.B. Tan Sri Datuk Menteri Besar, am coming to SUK almost every other day on my job matters. Never it trigged me to meet you or disturb you for anything. I do get many referral emails from your office of complains from Sri Jati, Ara Damansara. Which I resolve with the relevant personnels daily. In the same office of yours, I almost had a fist fight with the former, but today its a “House of Justice ” to me. Do forgive me for am vocal at times, in the process of DEMOCRACY only. In my family prayers its you whom we need as long as you live. Besides you, Puan Seri Datin and her contributions to the needy ones programmes which, I always meet with my Y.B. Tuan Suhaimi Shafei. She is a living Legend. Love you oth like our very own.

  48. I really admire our mentri besar of selangor, his character and commitment to his rakyat. Our country has turned from a relativley abundance of water resources into one of scarcity. He has made a wise choice to ensure that there will be no water crisis, at least in the foreseeable future. But a good management and save water usage has to be implemented as soon as possible. Technologically, we could provide help to reduce waste water by over 50 percent. My contact email address is longmeichei@yahoo.com.my or call me at 0129522570 for Richard Long.

  49. The Star Newspaper dated 3 October 2010.

    Its mentioned in the newspapers that Tan Sri has imposed many people-friendly policies such as:-

    1) implementing the free water for first 20 cubic metres
    2) giving RM2,500 bereavement ex-gratia after the death of elderly folk

    How can the above be claimed?

    Thank you
    6019-228 1318

  50. yeah!!!! our beloved MB!!!! i love u so much for bringing us to the dead end!!! loving u now and ever for corrupting selangor state with neglecting and slow-mo action!!! businesses so down!!! water quality out of range!!!! no humanity!!!! ahli-ahli mp force their officer to summon as many ppl as they ca so they can collect as many RM and put in ahli ahli MP pockets’s!!!!! wow!!! love u so much!!!! more forest to cut down!!!! wow!!!! like it baby!!!!!! more butt!!!! more ass!!! more everything on fucking slooping!!!! wow u r damn great fucker!!!! cocksucker!!!! dick head!!! lets go baby khalid!!!!! come to you papa!!!

  51. assamualaikum YB saya nak mintak pertolongan berkenaan sampah di kediaman saya bersebelahan flat rizwan,pihak berkuasa lansung tidak mengambil berat tentang sampah yang tidak di kutip malah tong sampah juga tidak di sediakan,masalah nye sekarang sampah sudah banyak,penduduk mula risau tentang penyakit yang akan datang,malah lagi bau kurang menyenangkan penduduk,saya berharap YB dapat membantu saya serta penduduk rumah pangsa dahlia taman ukay bistari ulu klang,bermacam macam aduan telah di buat namun tiada tindakan dari pihak berkuasa,yang memerlukan bantuan segera masri nawi

  52. Assalamualaikum YB,
    Saya adalah salah seorang ibu yang anak nya mendapat kejayaan cemerlang di dalam peperiksaan SPM 2010. Saya ada mendapat undangan untuk menerima hadiah ini pada malam ini 6/5/2011, pihak YB ada menyatakan akan menghubungi saya, tetapi hingga ke saat ini tiada sesiapa yg menghubungi saya. Saya cuba untuk menalipon pejabat YB dari semalam hingga ke saat ini, talipon di pejabat YB tiada sesiapa yang menjawap nyer. Saya amat terkilan berhubung dengan perkara ini.

  53. Assalamualaikum Wr Wb,

    Semoga Tan Sri senantisa dalam keadaan Sehat Wal’afiat..

    Saya Rahmatullah Dari Indonesia,dulu sama sama kita jumpa di Palembang,juga dalam beberapa kesempatan kita pernah jumpa di Hotel Gran Melia Jakarta semasa Tan Sri dalam kunjungan Pembicara MASYARAKAT TRANSPARANSI. sudah lama sekali kita tidak ada kabar berita hampir 7 tahun..saya ucap kan Tahniah atas Menteri Besar Selangor D E,kalau Tan Sri berkenan boleh kita berbagi Khabar.ratullah@yahoo.com.Salam hangat.


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    or blog posts on this kind of space . Exploring in Yahoo I
    finally stumbled upon this website. Studying this information So i
    am satisfied to convey that I’ve an incredibly excellent uncanny feeling I came upon exactly what I needed. I such a lot indisputably will make certain to do not overlook this web site and give it a look regularly.

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