MCA’s Chan Kong Choy Out

February 21, 2008

MCA deputy president Chan Kong Choy is expected to call a press conference this afternoon to announce his decision not to contest the 12th general election.

There has been wide speculation that Chan, who is also transport minister, may quit active politics due to health reasons.

The ruling BN coalition has yesterday finalised its list of candidates, and it is learnt that Chan’s name is not on it.

It is expected that Chan’s seat of Selayang in Selangor would now be contested by his political secretary, Yoo Wei How, who is the party’s Youth organising secretary.

MCA leader Ong Ka Ting is expected to announce the full MCA line-up for the March 8 general election at 5pm today.

Chan has been embroiled in the Port Klang Free Zone scandal last year where the mega-project was eventually bailed out to the tune of RM4.6 billion by the government.

Last September, in the midst of the scandal, he was reported to have sought medical treatment in Australia.

At that time, there were rumours that he was about to quit his ministerial post but this was quashed by Chan on his return to Kuala Lumpur.

It is believed that he came under pressure from MCA chief Ong Ka Ting to step down.

12 thoughts on “MCA’s Chan Kong Choy Out

  1. It is better for him to go, after all he did nothing for malaysians in general and the chinese in particular. from the looks of his face, he is not an honest person – ‘thor sooi wah yan’

    kinson,he won’t go away. People must decide in an elections. It is important that we Malaysians used our votes wisely. Think carefully and then exercise your civic right with prudence.—Din Merican

  2. Ask him to take his ill-gotten millions from the PKFA scandal elsewhere. No sympathies from me at all. Good riddance to a corrupt fella. Sadly, I will have to say the same riddance shit for the next MCA fella who sits as MT.

    Din, my vote will not go to BN. You can be rest assured. By supporting corrupts, I will be equally guilty as corrupt.


    I agree with you. But we cannot let the corrupt get away with their millions. We should prosecute them in our courts (we must first eliminate corrupt judges) and then recover all their ill-gotten gains for the national treasury. Otherwise,we cannot fight corruption.—Din Merican

  3. These MCA chaps are loyal and obedient pets. They will sell out the chinese race and the nation for crumbs from UMNO’s table. A bunch of good for nothing running dogs. If they truly represent the chinese community, they should stand and contest in chinese majority areas like Cheras, Bukit Bintang, Sitiawan.

  4. Free Malaysia,
    Those MCA politicians I call them ‘running dogs’, you call them ‘pets’ but as long as they keep their mouth shut, it’s ok otherwise ear-ache lah!

    That’s the quality of MPs Malaysia has, it’s real embarrassing listening to them speak. How can they ever go on world stage, baffles me! There are only two from MCA whom I can proudly say speaks well – Lim Ah Lek and Chua Jui Meng.

  5. Jong,

    Lim Ah Lek & Chua Jui Meng?? I dunno. To me, I rate leaders based on their integrity, sincerity and passion to serve the people and nation. No doubt, ability to speak well is important, but to me that is secondary. I mean that Khairy Jamaluddin speaks very well, but is he a good leader?

    As for MCA, I believe it is time for us, chinese to put an end to this spineless party of eunuchs. And we must look at the bigger picture, and not be swayed by the usual UMNO-BN’s pre-election goodies and sweet talk or promises. I mean take all their pre-election goodies but come polling day, vote for the Opposition. Whether it is DAP, PKR or PAS (yes PAS!), vote for them. Anything but that rusty unbalanced dacing.

  6. Free Malaysia,

    Can’t agree more, those politicians at MCA and Gerakan are spineless eunuchs, running dogs for UMNO what else! They have allowed themselves to be ‘used’ allowing UMNO to call the shots everytime and not being looked upon as ‘serious partners’ within the BN Government.

    One UMNO cybertrooper in another blog commented that MCA, MIC and Gerakan will be wiped out in the General Election if not for UMNO’s support and votes, …how pathetic!

    Obviously UMNO knows those ‘running dogs’ do not have the support of the community they claim to represent and it’s for that reason they are neither respected nor appreciated by UMNO today. See how useless they have become? Their top leaders have benefited in sharing the “duit haram”, one even turned his son into an ‘instant millionaire’ at the age of 26 when most guys his age would still be struggling hard to earn a decent living, let alone climbing the corporate ladder!

    A vote for MCA, MIC and Gerakan has always been a vote for UMNO, nothing else. If we want our voices heard, our interests and aspiration be looked into, let’s go for change. Let’s put our votes to PKR, DAP or even PAS. We can’t be worse than where we are in today, can we?

  7. Jong,

    Check out They people there did some great leaflets which we can help by printing and then distributing them out to spread the message to the rakyat.

  8. How can anyone have high regards for those tainted scums of society? They never fail to amaze me, titled or no title, I have little or no respect for them and now I’m told there’s a queue lining up for “tunship”. It’s a big joke, since when any of them desrve that title except for those already in the cemetery!

  9. Thanks Free Malaysia. Good for you, do what you can!

    Thanks Watch for the correction and for the link, how timely! I’m sure it’s not at all a coincidence that this same topic cropped up and is being discussed today. I am encouraged and hopeful we’ll be able to see better results this GE on 8 March 2008. At last Malaysians remembers, and they want answers why PM Abdullah Badawi have still not delivered his GE 2004 pledges and promise to clean up corruption within the BN Government!

    Let’s hope Gopeng voters will vote wisely, stop this BN/MCA candidate at all costs and don’t ever let him go near our nation’s till!

    I like to share with my friends here of a saying: “No good water comes from muddy spring, No sweet fruit comes from a bitter seed”!

    Let’s stop the rot and GO FOR CHANGE !

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