Leadership and Vision

Anwar Pemimpin Rakyat

Anwar Pemimpin Rakyat (2)

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Anwar Pemimpin Rakyat

Ooi Kee Beng, author of Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman: The Reluctant Politician (Singapore:Institute of Southeast Asia Studies, 2006) says:

“The success of institutional reforms relies on them being carried out quickly, riding on a strong wave of popular support and on the idealism of young people enthused by a reformist leader. Reforms done slowly and cautiously are not reforms; they are merely the tweaking of the status quo. Reforms carried out over a long period of time amount to conservatism.” (see interview with Malik Imitiaz in http://www.malaysia-today.net)

PKR’s first leaflet (above—click )— Anwar Pemimpin Rakyat (Anwar, the People’s Leader)— is now inundating Malaysia. The party has printed one million copies of it, and its workers are distributing it in the knook and cranies of our country.

Party activists, riding on Anwar’s second wave, are beating the UMNO- BN strategy to isolate Anwar from voters and preventing them from listening his voice, ideas and programmes.

The party is printing leaflets on what Anwar has done for the country and what he will do when Keadilan win the elections and forms the government. Prime Minister Badawi is at a decisive disadvantage vis-a-vis Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar Ibrahim’s reform movement which began 1998 is about bold and signficiant mindset shift towards a civil government (kerajaan madani), where both efficiency and equity are in play in a market economy along with strong ethical principles. It is pro-business and foreign direct investment as well as people oriented agenda for change.

The party’s guiding principle is “Justice for All Malaysians” under a constitutional monarch, where the constitution guarantees their fundamental rights to free speech, free assembly, free expression and freedom of worship with Islam as the official religion.

My sense is that the momentum for change which PKR created during 2007 and which is ongoing with greater intensity is unstoppable. Come let us rally around Anwar Ibrahim, the Peoples’ leader and vote for Parti KeADILan in the 12th Elections. We will make the difference for decisive change.—Din Merican

3 thoughts on “Leadership and Vision

  1. kembalikan sdr anwar ibrahim ke parlimen,
    tempatkan sdr anwar ibrahim diputrajaya,

    kembalikan maruah malaysia,
    tempatkan malaysia dipersada dunia,

    kembalikan hak rakyat,
    tempatkan keadilan,

    bersatu sebagai rakyat malaysia,
    bersama menjana malaysia baru,

    harapan baru untuk malaysia,
    negara adil,telus dan gemilang.

    Terima kasih, Eddieputra. Kita kena kerja kuat di kawasan Parlimen Subang. Kita memerlukan banyak volunteers (min. 200 orang, lelaki dan wanita). Ayuh, lawan tetap lawan. Kita boleh menang kalau organisasi di akar umbi itu kuat dan boleh bergerak dengan cepat dan berani berdekat dengan rakyat di kawasan Subang. Sila hubungi saya sebab saya bertermu dengan rakan rakan. Salam.—Din Merican

  2. Saya ada dedikasikan sebuah video buat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Boleh ditonton di youtube:

    Terima kasih, Najwan. Kalau rakyat tidak sedar dan berazam baru, mereka akan diperbodohkan lagi oleh peminpin UMNO-BN yang korup. Sakit terok negara kita kalau keadan begini masih berpanjangan. Jangan jad raja sehari, hadam 5 tahun lagi. Din Merican

  3. Go this :

    And you will know why, my fellow Chinese Malaysian brothers and sisters. The message in it is loud and clear (as between sunrise and sunset) that we need change. That change can only come if we totally reject the status quo and vote for PKR and its associates led by Anwar Ibrahim. Din Merican

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