Mr Prime Minister, Sir: You are beyond repair

By Din Merican

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is truly beyond repair. This is someone who came into office in 2003 as result of Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad’s “folly”. He ran a convincing campaign and received a resounding mandate. After four years in power, he has proven himself and his administration to be incompetent and as a result the state of Malaysia is rotten. What a big letdown!

Our country is now the butt of jokes at cocktail parties and in the pubs around Bangsar, not to mention across the OIC, the United States, Europe, Japan and China and ASEAN. He lives in an insulated world. Except for himself, nobody believes a word he says anymore. Even his predecessor is actively working to ensure his political demise.

Badawi is a man who has lost touch with reality. He has forgotten that in November last year he said at his own party’s convention with the regard to the BERSIH March to the King’s Palace, “saya pantang dicabar”. Instead of being cowed, 60,000 Malaysians, mostly Malays, defied him. He is that same UMNO leader who allowed Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn (at Khairy Jamaluddin’s behest, of course) to project the worst brand of Malay nationalism by condoning his keris kissing antics. Hishamuddin has stoked the fire of racist politics in the climate of mounting inter-ethnic and religious tensions.

Badawi’s heavy handed actions against Indians who took part in the Hindraf rally and subsequent use of the ISA against five Indian leaders who are in Kamunting, Perak, galvanised the normally timid and compliant Indians into political activism which now threatens the MIC and Samy Velu’s political future. After acting tough, he has since backed down and suddenly he is talking about national unity and appeasing the Indians with imaginary programmes launched just in time for elections. Do you believe that this snake oil salesman?

Badawi promises everything yet he accomplishes nothing. Here is a “leader” who acts not on the basis of firm convictions or set of well founded beliefs, but out of expediency and duplicity. His four year rule– he is now desperately pleading for another five to complete his mission– is a story of mismanagement of the economy, poor public service performance, rampant corruption, rising crime rate and unemployment, inflation, wasteful public expenditure and a humiliating judicial scandal. It will be a major catastrophe for the nation if voters are again deceived by Badawi’s promises.

What of the man himself? If we can believe the New Straits Times (February 9, 2008) and The Star, we know that he has a rather inflated view of himself. He is quoted by both these pro UMNO-Barisan Nasional papers as saying: “I work very hard. I mean it and you know it. It is the will of God that I have become the Prime Minister and it is my responsibility to work and serve the people”.

As if such boastful arrogance is not enough, he goes on to claim, “I have not benefited one sen from anyone for what I have done. Some people want to give me money, but I do not need it. The government takes good care of its Prime Minister.

Believe him? He is falling back on his image as Mr. Clean, a charade which got him votes in 2004 but is unlikely to prevail this year given the dismal record of his administration, the ailing economy and the Anwar factor which is never mentioned but talked about often within UMNO circles.

Mr. Badawi hardly strikes us as a hard worker. His era will certainly be remembered as the Sleeping Prime Minister.

But far worse than sleeping on the job is stealing from the purse. One really wonders how an UMNO leader swimming in a sea of corruption, cronyism and patronage who has done nothing to combat endemic corruption is really not on the take.

As Minister of Finance, Mr. Badawi is directly responsible for the management of our nation’s tax revenues and it is therefore fair game for the people to ask him a few very important questions.

  1. Why, Mr. Badawi did you purchase an Airbus Corporate Jet costing RM 200 million for your own personal use? How much taxpayers’ money did you spend refurbishing that luxury jet to suit your expensive tastes? The Royal Malaysian Air Force owns planes to fly VIPs and Royalty. Aren’t they good enough for you?
  2. Second, how much of taxpayer’s money did you spend on renovating the Official Residence of the Prime Minister after you took office in 2003?
  3. Third, on what basis did you, as Minister of Finance, award the RM25 billion project to redevelop the Penang Turf Club land to Patrick Lim of Equine Capital, or the monorail project costing some RM3 billion to Scomi, a company controlled by your own son, Kamalludin Abdullah.
  4. Fourth, how much subsidy has been given to Rapid Kuala Lumpur to run a bus service? Who are the real owners of this company, which is also running Rapid Penang?
  5. And, fifth, why do you have to spend PETRONAS money to host the annual Monsoon Cup? More questions can be raised, but that is enough.

You said some people want to give you money. Why did you not report this to the Anti-Corruption Agency so that action can be taken against them for attempting to bribe the Prime Minister?

You have plenty to answer for. It does not surprise me that you are unable to deal with Zakaria Ideros, Khir Toyo and even your Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Defence for earning through his cronies a total of nearly RM1 billion as commissions from the purchase of two French made submarines and Russian fighter jets. You are also not able to explain what happened in the case of the RM 4.7 billion Port Kelang Free Trade Zone project where UMNO and MCA leaders are involved, inter alia, in a land acquisition scandal, raking in nearly RM1 billion in profits.

These are not mistakes at all, Mr Prime Minister. They are come under the category of “dereliction of duty” and the buck surely stops at your table as Minister of Finance and Prime Minister (as First Lord of the Treasury). The state of Malaysia is rotten under your stewardship. The voters should know that. Unfortunately, your Government controls the media and they barely know the facts.

19 thoughts on “Mr Prime Minister, Sir: You are beyond repair

  1. Din Merican’ has aptly made a summary of our unbeloved PM’s disastrous premiership. Articles such as this must be continuously made available to the the rakyat to combat mainstream (= BN,s) treacherous misinformation that are designed to brainwash all voters.

    Thanks, Shan. This PM is like an emperor who has no clothes. Once people can see beyond money and titles, they will know the truth. In the meantime, we got to struggle on and tell Malaysians that the man at the helm is ruining their country. Take care.Din Merican

  2. Dear Din

    If you had made a similar string of allegations against Singapore’s PM you will surely be sued till your bottom is naked. I’m totally amazed that in Malaysia, however, there have been enough allegations of corruptions against the whole range of office holders from the MP to the PM, against the Police from the constable to the IGP and against government employees from the department chief clerk to the secetary general and NOT ONE of them have taken the legal route to clear their name.

    How is it that despite the very clear inference that one can draw from this reluctance to take legal action against the accussers, many Malaysians are still not convinced that political change MUST take place before Malaysia can achieve 1ts World status by 2020 as targetted by Tun M many years ago?
    You are probably correct when you mentioned that the NEP did more harm than good despite the fact that a very small minority of Bumis benefitted BIG TIME while the larger majority are given the impression that they are fine so long as there is NEP!

    Dear Olive,

    LKY and his team were totally devoted to Singapore. As men of integrity and honour, “philosopher-kings”(Plato) and men of virtue (Confucius), they will defend themselves and sue those who accuse them of corrupt practices or abuses of power. Here in Malaysia, people in power dare not sue because they cannot face up to public scrutiny in the courts.

    Najib, for example, will not sue Anwar Ibrahim or me for that matter, because it is a fact that he and his cronies earned huge commissions from purchase of two submarines and Russian fighter jets. Neither can the UMNO-MCA politicians who were involved in the land acquisition scandal (Port Kelang Free Trade Zone). It is public knowledge here that UMNO politicians and their associates in the MCA and MIC are corrupt. Our own civil service is also tainted with corruption, not to mention our Royal Malaysian Police and our Judiciary. Corruption has become a way of life in Malaysia and that is terrible. Malaysians feel that they cannot do much about the system. I happen to feel otherwise. Collectively, Malaysians can make a difference. We are mea culpable if we accept things when we know that they are wrong.

    NEP needs to be replaced. In any economic system, incentives must matter. We must respect and reward talent, hard work, risk taking and entreprenuership, and intellectual property rights. I have been taught in basic economics that “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. You only deserve what you put in (getting a rate of return for your investment and effort commensurate with the level of risk). So the system, we adopt must be able to satisfy the test of both efficiency and equity.

    Thanks for your response.—Din Merican

  3. He will make the same promises he made 4 years before and like his promises (MODAL SUDAH HABIS) all talk and bullshit walks, MR.PM why do you think Malaysians gave BN the 2/3 majority they were tired of the inherrant corrupt practises of the mahathir era, but they also wanted stability, you could have cleaned house and made Malaysia more dynamic,looked outwards instead of the shite you stirred.

    India & China had not woken up yet at that time and singapore was in the doldrums, trying to reinvent themselves, instead of getting rid of the dead woods what did you do , you perpetuated the rot, you give more power to the religious bodies, and what did we get, night club raids, and shite like that, in the name of religion you created little dictators, Mahathir was smart he knew that if he had stayed on BN WOULD HAVE LOST BIG, INSTEAD OF CLEANING HOUSE reinforcing the foundations, of the constitution you weakened it and allowed empty headed zeolets run the show, well you sow what you reap, the predictations in the international markets is they are waiting to see if there will be any changes in the Malaysian government (HOPING FOR heavy losses by BN), Malaysia is the ideal investment ground for the middle east investors STABLE,MUSLIM COUNTRY, BEAUTIFUL CLIMATE, LITERATE LABOUR FORCE, AND NO FUNDAMENTALISM (THE ARABS have enough of that in the middle -east)but a lot of them who came here got burnt due to corruption perpetuated by the Umno led government, and the straw that broke the Camels back was the WTHDRAWAL of the JEBEL ALI GROUP FROM PKFZ, THAT BASICALLY KILLED THE FDI FROM THE MIDDLE EAST, EVEN FUND MANAGERS FROM INDIA ARE SCARED OF COMING HERE, WHY they are all middle east trained.

    I remember when fat lady came to dubai with a trade delegation in 2004, she was asked a question (from one of the fund manager from One of the emerites who happened to be an Indian and this small sized man controlled us130 billion portifolio) he asked Fat lady what gurantees are there in the forms of safeguards on investments they were in malaysia, in other words (the 30% bumi equity no hanky panky) FAT LADY TOLD HIM OFF very arrogantly as though she was doing HIM A FOVOUR (INDIAN -PANDANG RENDAH?)THAT THERE ARE NO GURANTEES, WELL that answer killed a lot of investment opportunities, the investment fdi portfolio went to INDIA, which he wanted in the first place but the arab bosses wanted Malaysia being a Muslim country and all.About the presidency of the OIC the Arabs tHOUGHT they were going to get Mahathir, who is very much respected and admired for being dynamic (according to arabs lah)and they wanted him to lead AND REPRESENT THEM WITH HIS IDEAS, as he was also very outspoken towards the US (remember this is post 9/11)and what happened when Mahathir retired there were shock waves in the arab world but The presidency was already decided so very reluctantly it was given to Badawi, and what did he do fall asleep during OIC MEETINGS, You must understand the Arabs may putar belit sweet talk and all that but when it comes to money they are ruthless, own family member have been known to be disinherited and thrown out if any fiddling of funds happen, even murder is not far fetched, THEY EXPECTED THE CEO BUT WHAT THEY GOT WAS THE PEON.

    Malaysia is the laughing stock of the middle east right now.The billion dollar Saudi (the bastion of ISLAM)investment that went to SINGAPORE (WHETHER KAFIR OR PORK EATER) IS BASED ON MERIT and basically a Slap by the arabs to Malaysia, the brownie points that were so hard earned by Mahathir (AND BELIEVE ME WHATEVER YOU SAY ABOUT HIM HE HAD HIS FACTS ON HIS FINGERTIPS) for Malaysia sudah resap. So people you want FDI, PUT IN A CLEAN GOVERNMENT and get rid of these corrupt morons with kampong rhetoric.You keep barisan you get ZIMAHWE OF ASIA IN THREE YEARS and to the pm and the half past 6 cabinet you punya modal sudah resap, you can lie and cry wolf only so much, the people of Malaysia have had enough of airheads.

    And the best joke is these bn dickwards keep shooting themselves in the foot especially that moron on AL JAZEERA, IT WAS BRADCAST LIVE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, AND ALSO THE HINDRAF RALLY, GUESS WHAT THE FDI FUND MANAGERS THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY RUN THE MIDDLE EAST ARE MAJORITY INDIANS ,GO CHECK YOURSELF, WHAT DICKHEADS , BOCOR ,KELUAR and these clowns want FDI investments!!!!!!

    Thanks, brother for sharing your thoughts with us. Let us do something to shape a better future for Malaysia, and we must do it now.—Din Merican

  4. His Chief ministers are not even toeing the line. Look at the suit by Tan Sri Chong over the Mazu construction. In the affidavit, it was mentioned that he had a meeting with Badawi and Najib and it was agreed that the PM will direct the CM of Sabah to validate the earlier approval. You know what happened? Next day, the earlier approval was withdrawn.

    Look, he can’t even control his warlords. what can he do for the country and the people? Work harder, PM and let us see what he can do between now and election time, except to give out more goodies through MCA and MIC. and of course, more contracts to your cronies, I presume.

    yh, The PM is a no hoper. The sooner Malaysians recognise him for what he is and then throw him out, the better will it be for all of us. Otherwise, he will put our country backwards at least by 50 years. —Din Merican

  5. I think its interesting how you and your Siamese twin Bakri Musa unleashed such academically-laced venom on AAB.


    Bakri and I do not believe we are being unfair or brutal. We were merely stating facts about ABB and providing some ideas for his education. Unfortunately, he is not for the big time, only just able to deal with matters in kampong style. His remarks usually give him away. He is unaware of what he is saying all the time with platitudes and sound bites scripted by his spinners on the 4th Floor of the Prime Minister’s Department. Without their help, his speeches and comments are at best pedestrian and cliched.—Din Merican

  6. “I have not benefited one sen from anyone for what I have done. Some people want to give me money, but I do not need it. The government takes good care of its Prime Minister.“

    He is libel for protecting the “guy/guys” who wanted to bribe him!! He is in conspiracy if he does not revealed the person/persons who wanted to bribe him! He should report this incident to ACA and with his executive power he should apprehend the culprit!! Wonder, if the guy/guys have the guts to bribe “a clean man” if the lobbyist in the PM Office/Circle had not advised the culprit earlier. Understanding the Malaysian culture, nobody is there to offer something unless they were being informed earlier that it is within the practice of our PM or PM Office/Circles.

    Echelon, you are correct. Something does not add up. Din Merican


    Kerajaan pimpinan imam besar HADHARI, sesungguhnya sedang merangka beberapa projek tahyul bagi memenuhi kantung keluarga dan kroninya (makmum ).

    Antaranya, WPI yang akan mengadaikan satu wilayah johor kepada Singapura secara halus.
    Koridor Utara,Selatan dan Timur yang mencecah ratusan bilion, sedangkang keperluan malah kejayaannya masih kabur.

    Kesemua projek ini tidak dapat dijalankan kerana Pak Lah memerlukan mandat baru untuk meluluskannya. Mandat kali ini perlu besar kerana projeknya besar. Persoalannya,terlalu banyakkah duit yang tersimpan dalam perbendaharaan negara? Kalau banyak, mengapa dibatalkan projek kesayangan DR.M yakni jambatan bengkok? Mengapa dihentikan pembangunan Fasa 4 dan 5 di Putrajaya?

    Melihat pada persolan diatas, sudah terang lagi bersuluh. Rakyat Malaysia akan di BARUAKAN oleh IMAM HADHARI serta makmumnya untuk menanggung segala projek yang tidak berkesudahan ini.

    Caranya mudah, sekiranya UMNO/BN menang dalam PRU-12 ini, maka kos bahan api akan dinaikan, manakala setiap barangan yang menjadi keperluan asas melambung tinggi. Wang rakyat akan diperah secukupnya dengan dibebankan oleh cukai yang tinggi.

    Perkara ini bukan baru diMalaysia, sudah 50 tahun rakyat diperbodohkan oleh UMNO/BN. Taktik memberi kain batik,baja subsidi,pemberian geran tanah,duit sogokan diatas nama bantuan, sudah menjadi tradisi kempen UMNO/BN tatkala pilihanraya. Tradisi membela rakyat disaat PRU adalah taktik lapuk UMNO/BN yang sudah diketahui oleh rakyat kebanyakkan. Malangnya rakyat masih mahu mengangkat puak ini untuk terus memerintah Malaysia.

    Tidakkah kita rasa “hina” apabila hanya menerima hak kita selepas 5 tahun “SEKALI?”. Adakah kita berasa bangga dengan kain batik dan pelekat yang hanya mampu diganti setelah 5 tahun? Lihatlah negara jiran kita yang berani melakukan perubahan semakin maju, kalaupun tidak dengan ekonomi, hak mereka sebagai rakyat lebih terjamin.

    Rakyat Malaysia seharusnya berani untuk membuat perubahan. Rakyat harus merenung situasi sekarang yang semakin mendesak. ianya hanya dapat diselesaikan melalui proses hijrah dari yang lama. Perubahan tampuk pemerintahan kali ini, lebih bersifat wajib. demi menyelamatkan negara yang tercinta.

    Perhatikan setiap isu yang menjadi permasalahan pokok dengan hati yang dingin. hayati setiap situasi yang semakin mendesak dalam keadaan fikiran yang dingin. Kemudian lakukanlah perubahan bagi mencorak kehidupan yang lebih baik, telus dan gemilang.


    Eddieputra, sebab itu kita kerja keras. Rakyat hendaklah faham tipu and janji palsu Imam Hadhari. Salam.Pak Din

  8. The writing’s on the wall. All good living is coming to a close.The next elections would send him to pasture. Because time is short, strike while the iron is hot , plunder, plunder, plunder our money all the way!

    Angela, please spread fast the message of change to all your Malaysian friends. We just cannot irresponsible and greedy politicians to ruin our rich country. Thanks.—Din Merican

  9. Badawi, please dont beg. It is beyond pathetic. It is desperate.

    There is no need for you to worry. You have the electronic & print media at your full disposal. You have the entire government machineries. You have the EC on your lap. You have postal votes. You have the police & SB at your calling. You have two obedient pets in MCA & MIC.

    So, why need to resort to begging the rakyat? No class la. As the PM, you must show some class.

    Free Malaysia, he does not understand you. He ain’t got class as the cowboy compatriots of George Bush will say. He wants a second term and if he can get it by begging, it is fine for him —Din Merican.

  10. Good to know the rakyat is awaken now. I hope we all do the right thing on March 8th. We have to show it with a might of a pen on the voting sheet, that’s all. -vince

    Vince, if we have a majority of Malaysians like you, Anwar will be Prime Minister. We are working hard for this to become real. Thanks for your support.—Din Merican


    Dear Siva,

    I disagree with Badawi’s politics. I think his economic policies will fail. But I respect Badawi’s decision to marry Jeanne Danker. He loves her. That matters, not whether she was married before. I wish them many years of happiness and marital bliss. My main criticism of his leadership is that it is unprincipled and incompetent. That has to do with his character. Nice guys don’t make good leaders because they, as populists, are too eager to please and they do not lead.—Din Merican

  12. The thing i am most appalled by is the way he endorsed Ahmad Fairuz when he said that Malaysia’s judiciary should discard common law and uses shariah not that Shariah and hudud are competent enough to be called judiciary anyway. Ahmad Fairuz’s job is to protect the secular nature of the judiciary not change it to a theocracy. Even the Arabs are secularizing and they want to regress instead.

    Taxpayer, what else can you expect from Badawi. That is why we should send him into retirement like the Australians did with John Howard and that is what the Pakistanis will do to General Musharaff. Welcome the Barak Obamas and the Kevin Rudds. So welcome Anwar Ibrahim. Din Merican

  13. For a long time, I have opted to use my right not to vote because I had thought it would not make any difference at all since all politicians buat janji kosong, fill their own coffers to the brim and beg for second term. How I wished for true leaders who only have nationalism and the rakyat at heart to lead this ‘poor’ nation again. Tunku Abdul Rahman was an excellent example ….ordinary man,humane,simple and pure. He said once that he was the poorest ex-PM but the happiest. What a great man…May God Bless his soul.

    Back to real time…. is politics all about money,mega projects,sending a man to space when we don’t even have an elaborate space project. By the way, what is our Malaysian Angkasawan doing now ?

    Some years back, I can remember the spirit of muhibah where we were encouraged to mingle and mix with other races. What has happened to this muhibah concept ? If I am an Indian, am I not a Msian ? If I am a Eurasian, am I not a Malaysian ? If I am a Chinese, am I not a Malaysian ? Why ask us to leave Malaysia if we disagree with the politics ? We have no rights ???



    Thanks for your comments. Don’t wish for true leaders. We have such a person in Anwar Ibrahim. Vote for him and his associates and in the first 100 days of his administration you will begin to see the difference. The petrol price at our pumps will be reduced with immediate effect. FDI’s will flow again. The Rule of Law will be restored and the Police will be told to serve the people and fight crime, not to brutalise us citizens and the creaking civil service will be given a big shokku (Japanes word for shock). Anwar and his PKR stand for justice for all Malaysians. Our constitution protects the rights of all of us.

    Public expenditure will be managed according to the principles of good governance. We will ensure efficient use of our tax dollars. The corridors and other dreamy projects of Mr. Badawi and his cohorts will be immediately reviewed.

    Our Angkasawan was a space tourist and all his experiments in space are hoaxes. Today he is just a good looking model, making great money for himself. We have been conned.—Din Merican

  14. Brother, we are all on the final lap before the votes come in. I have had my share of Bodowi bashing, Najis battering (at least I did not use C4), and overall BN cursing. My call is (and has all this while been) to ALL right thinking Malaysians to put an end to having these scums of dishonest, corrupt and racist polityical hoods having a free rein in ruining our beautiful country.

    While on a recent trip to the National Park, I had a chat with some young tour guides and it heartens me that even these orang kampong have not an iota of respect and trust in our so-called Yang Berhormats. If these young people can be so fed up of the BN we DO HAVE HOPE that we can put all these corrupt people to pasture.

    Let the Opposition’s call not be “Deny the BN the 2/3 majority”. Let the call be to Sink the BN all the way. By setting the target at a full blown defeat of te BN,the least that the Opposition can get then will be 1/2 – enough to kick butt. If the Opposition (Gerakan included) can knock the ruling govt into a tail spin in 1969, this can be achieved again this time. I have emailed and phoned just about every friend and relative I have to do my bit to fight for the fall of Bodowi and Associates.

    I now call on every true Malaysian to stand up and be counted. Irrespective of your creed and race, let it be your duty to reach out to all your friends and relatives and make sure that we all carry the same message – “THE BARISAN NASIONAL MUST GO – NO IFS AND BUTS ABOUT IT”.

    Thank you Brother for doing this very enviable task of reaching out to all Malaysians to highlight the crookedness of the present BN Government.
    May Malaysia see a new day on March 9th 2008 -with the shackles of BN dictatorship destroyed.

    Dear Jimmy,

    Thanks. Let hope those feel the way as you and I do will vote wisely; then BN will be denied their 2/3rd majority. A strong opposition is required so that the government in power cannot amend the constitution is not amended to suit its needs. Fancy, amending it to accommodate Rashid Abdul Rahman so that he can play along with the UMNO-BN leadership for this coming elections. Vote wisely. Badawi is a disaster for Malaysia.—Din Merican

  15. Din,
    Re your reply, I am sorry that I cannot agree with your statement (and definitely that of most opposition candidates – and that is “To Deny the BN their 2/3 majority. Worse still, I am disappointed that some Opposition candidates play up the fact that they are the underdogs.
    Let us not carry on with this negative feeling. The aim is to give the BN a Hiding that they deserve *for lying to Malaysian, for cheating the Malaysians through corruption, *for destroying the close rapport (NO, I would prefer to call it the Brotherhood and Understanding that we Malaysians shared with one another in the early days of Malaya) between Malaysians all over Malaysia, *for the ” Creation of the idea of a Master Race” (don’t they know what happened to the other creator of another Master Race in World War 2?) and * for the destruction of all thats good in our beloved country. What is wrong for ALL Malaysians and the Opposition to set a target to PUT AN END to all that is wrong by mounting this challenge to make this very necessary change for the good of the country. The BN is not run by a team of intelligent , educated and sincere people dedicated to lead the country to greater things. All we have are a bunch of greedy Yes Men willing to sell their souls and their own mothers just for the Money that they can amass by screwing others.
    Come on, fellers, let us aim for the skies and even if we fall short, we would still exceed the 1/3 that we ask for.
    Hidup Malaysia and Malaysia untuk SEMUA bukan ny hanya untuk Crony dan Kunchu BN>

  16. Why Khairy will surely win in Rembau … check these numbers in the Maklumat Pemilih. 890211050014,991025740081,961022505236,991230710156,971219750079.

    If it is true, then Rembau town must hold a certain record for having a good number of old folks over 100 years old. If it is not true, then I must assume that even the dead must rise from their graves to cast their votes on 8 March for Khairy…of course ! Even the dead can’t rest in peace. This upstart don’t have the to fight like a gentleman in an election….need dead people to support him. How shameful !!!

    dll, CigKu Bud who is challenging Khairy in Rembau is quite an aggressive candidate. It is not going to be easy for Khairy to defeat a well oil PKR machine.—Din Merican

  17. 1. Najib promised better living quarters for soldiers. We retired soldiers when we go to the clinics, we are required to pay for the medicine. When asked “why?” the respond is “tiada peruntukan”. So what bullshit is Najib trying to promised the soldires?? Or is he returning back those money that he got as commission!!!
    2. Don’t forget the purchase of tanks. Many moon comes and many moon goes, where are the tanks? Do we really need them?? I heard the price has already shootup to RM24/25m per tank??? The purchase was not recommended by the then Director of Armour but they when ahead with it by buying something that other coiuntries do not want to use…obsolete.

    Rtd Soldier, don’t you think it is time for your Veterans organization to get rid of your Minister of Defence? By being corrupt, he puts the lives of our brave soldiers in danger. Any weapon will do as long as the “commissions” are good.:D—Din Merican

  18. fyi, whatever happened, happens or will be happening it’s bcuz malaysia boleh.

    now who started this ‘malaysia boleh’ thing?

    From Mahathir’s—“Malaysia Boleh” to Badawi”—“Boleh Sapu Habis Malaysia”, that is “cemerling, gemilang dan terbilang”. It is a very profitable place to be if one is a corrupt crony or proxy to some politician in the cabal of power. Thanks, J.Ong.—Din Merican

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