28 Januari 2008

Cadangan Kementerian Pelajaran untuk menggantikan karya-karya para Sasterawan Negara dan penulis tersohor kita dengan penulis-penulis semasa yang dianggap popular di dalam mata pelajaran bahasa dan sastera di sekolah amat mengejutkan dan harus dibantah oleh semua yang menghargai nilai sastera dan warisan khazanah budaya negara.

Rancangan tersebut, yang dicadangkan untuk dilaksanakan pada 2010, dikatakan akan merangkumi penyingkiran karya tokoh-tokoh seperti Shahnon Ahmad, Usman Awang dan Samad Said, untuk digantikan dengan para penulis yang belum lagi terkenal ataupun penulis yang belum diiktiraf para karyawan. Kekayaan khazanah sastera mencerminkan ketinggian budaya sesebuah masyarakat, dan para sasterawan ini telah membina khazanah tersebut secara berterusan selama ini. Adakah kerajaan meluahkan penghargaan terhadap sumbangan mereka selama ini dengan tindakan sebegini?

Kami tidak membantah penggunaan teks penulis semasa yang dianggap popular sekadar memberikan pendedahan kepada pelajar tetapi galakan ini tidak seharusnya mengorbankan karya-karya agung bangsa. Di dalam perkara ini, selain dari mengembangkan karya-karya Bahasa Malaysia, kerajaan mesti turut mengambil peranan proaktif dalam mengembangkan sastera di dalam bahasa-bahasa lain terutamanya minat membaca hasil-hasil klasik sama ada di dalam Bahasa Inggeris, Cina mahupun Arab.

Pendidikan ialah hak asas semua rakyat dan menyediakan pendidikan yang bermutu ialah tanggungjawab pihak berkuasa. Meskipun Kementerian Pelajaran dalam sepuluh tahun kebelakangan ini sememangnya tidak dikenali kerana dasar dan tindakan yang munsabah, namun cadangan terbaru ini teramatlah tidak masuk akal, malah lebih dikesali andainya ia dibuat atas perkiraaan politik. Jelas sekali, tidak ada sebarang manfaat daripada cadangan ini. Saya menyeru semua rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin untuk membantah cadangan yang dikira dangkal dan merendah darjat budaya bangsa.



Does the Minister of Education cum UMNO Election Chief for Permatang Puah Parliamentary Seat in 2008 General Elections know what he is doing in his Ministry? I think he is being sent into political oblivion to make way for the Prime Minister’s son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin. If not why send a Johor man to Province Wellesley when they know that Hishamuddin does not understand budaya utara. —Din Merican

Haidar Commission: A new circus in town?


28 JANUARY 2008

The Haidar Commission in ruling not to admit evidence on fixing of court decisions has severely affected public confidence that the present administration is serious in restoring the rule of law in Malaysia.

It is disappointing to note that the Haidar Commission has ruled that I need not be called to provide evidence of corruption as indicated in the synopsis of my statement to be given to the Haidar Commission. I am certain that the evidence that I can give will be of significant assistance to the Haidar Commission to get the truth behind this dark patch in Malaysian judicial history.

The decision by the Commission to arbitrarily disallow me to testify would certainly lead one to the conclusion that some unseen hand is at work. This hand is so powerful that the Commission will stop at nothing to prevent me from giving evidence, even though the evidence concerned will definitely shed light on the testimony given so far. Instead of seizing the opportunity of the Inquiry to find the underlying cause of this scandal, the Commissioners, (in particular the Chairman Tan Sri Haidar), have chosen to fetter themselves with procedural legalities and restrictive interpretations as to what they can do and what they cannot do.

The purpose and objective of the Enquiry is to assure both the Malaysian public and foreigners that judges in Malaysia dispense justice without fear or favour. Unfortunately, instead of adopting a robust approach to surgically remove the cancer of corruption in the judiciary in all its forms, the Commissioners adopt at a restricted interpretation of its term of reference and thereby exclude investigation into the most malignant form of corruption that decisions of the Courts in Malaysia can be fixed. The crux of the matter is that the Lingam video shows that persons who are likely to be corruptible or are corrupted are appointed or promoted as judges. The Commissioners have fallen into serious error in only allowing evidence of brokering of judges’ appointments without allowing evidence of corruption to be admitted.

I had prior to the setting up of the Royal Commission warned that the terms of reference of the Enquiry must be sufficiently wide and clear to ensure that the public interests is served. This was not done. As a result of the poorly drafted and restrictive terms of reference, the Commissioners have now made a manifest error.

Obviously, in pursuing this farcical approach to justice, the Commission has not only deprived itself of the opportunity to get a better picture of the true state of affairs but is wittingly or unwittingly become complicit in the obstruction of justice. I use this term not in the restrictive legal context but in a wider ethical and moral context taking into account the legitimate expectations of the people. And it is the legitimate expectation of the people that the proceedings of the Inquiry be conducted so that justice is not only done but seen to be done.

I also call upon Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to take immediate action by providing a clarification on the terms of reference to ensure that evidence of corruption including the fixing of decisions beginning from the time of the sacking of the former Lord President, Tun Salleh Abbas be admitted in the ongoing Enquiry.

If the government is serious about combating corruption as well as restoring confidence in the judiciary, this is the opportunity for it to prove itself. Rather than just paying lip service to the principles of accountability and transparency, the Prime Minister should take decisive and firm action to bring to justice all those responsible, how high they may be, for corrupting the administration of justice in this country.

I urge Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to act immediately in order that Malaysians and the international community can be assured that his administration is serious in combating corruption and is genuine in wanting to uphold the rule of law.


Malaysia’s Competitiveness Ranking: Badawi misleads himself, not us


29 January 2008

Prime Minister Abdullah’s claim that Malaysia is currently ranked 8th in the world in terms of competitiveness is deliberately misleading.

Closer examination of the data reveals that this is true only within the category of countries with a population of 20 million or more.

According to the full World Competitiveness Report 2007 as cited by the Prime Minister, Malaysia is in fact ranked only 23rd in the world. Fifteen of the twenty-two countries ranked above Malaysia in 2007 have populations of less than 20 million people, while seven of the twenty-two have populations exceeding 20 million.

Malaysia’s competitiveness ranking in 2006 was 22nd, and in 1997, it was 17th.

Prime Minister Abdullah’s decision to resort to such misdirection is a weak attempt to hide the fact that Malaysia’s economic fundamentals have weakened progressively under his government.

Malaysia’s competitiveness is plumetting and where once our economy stood shoulder to shoulder with countries like Singapore and Hong Kong, we are now ranked 23rd in the world, they are ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Malaysia is clearly in need of a higher calibre of leadership if Malaysia is to realise its full potential as an economy of global stature.



I learned years ago at university that statistics (statistics in the hand of an incompetent politician, I mean) and lies have something in common and that is they are tools that be used to conceal reality. But if repeated often enough, they are taken to be the truth. In the hands of Prime Minister Badawi, they become one big joke. The Prime Minister’s attempt to make Malaysia look good under his leadership has failed again. It will continue to fail because he has no credibility left.

The breaking news is that he has launched yet another corridor, this time in Sabah, and that is his solution to all our problems. More corridors. It won’t work when he cannot even fix the rot in the judiciary. The Haidar Commission is going to be another huge letdown. The witnesses are not concerned about lying to their teeth even under oath—Din Merican

VOX POPULI: Is this all Pak Lah is good for?

source: http://www.malaysiakini.com

January 29, 2008

People are suffering with the price hikes. They are already hard-pressed so just let them voice out their grievances. Don’t shut them out.

On Opposition condemns mass arrests

Nirmala Naidu: The more the government tries to shut us up, the more we are going to rebel. There are more rallies and demonstrations that have yet to come. People are suffering with the price hikes. Especially in the low and average income groups.

They are already hard-pressed so just let them voice out their grievances. Don’t shut them out.

I just watched the video of a Malaysiakini journalist being hauled into the police truck. What is wrong with our police? These people are innocent. Why throw them into a truck? They looked like caged animals in there.

This is inhumane. Is this all Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration is good for? Go catch the real criminals, god damn it!

I salute the PAS lady representative. She was so gutsy when she revealed the number of males and females detained. People like them give us hope for the future.

HSW: Maybe the people should organise a ‘Support BN rally’ and surely getting a police permit will not be a problem.

At this rally, placards must show ‘Yes to price increases’, ‘Yes, to crime increase’, ‘Yes, to Zakaria Deros’ mansion, etc.

The message will not be lost on the Malaysian public!

On Lingam challenges clip authenticity

Judicial Independence Believer: Although the Lingam tape was captured six years ago, it was only released now through Anwar Ibrahim. If the tape had been released during Mahathir’s reign, the entire matter would have been closed. He would have branded it as opposition lies, confiscated all copies through the police and the matter would have been closed just like hundreds of other scandals during his reign.

Pak Lah for sure has greater integrity. His integrity will be revealed when he decides whether he will go all the way in cleaning up the judiciary or only make some cosmetic changes with the intention of fooling the public.

On Uthaya risks heart attack: family

Subra: Isn’t it so sad that our PM has failed time and again because he listens to bad advice all the time? If Utayakumar were to go into a coma or suffer a fatal heart attack, the PM can rest assured that hundreds of thousands of Indian voters will turn against the government.

It should be conveyed to the PM that the crowd at Batu Caves this Thaipusam was significantly smaller. The Indians are still boiling. Don’t let them boil over.

TM Kumar: I wish to comment on the recent action by these so-called fighters of Hindu or Indian rights. Please note the movement started off with the right message but somehow the opposition and some so-called Hindus have manipulated the movement for their own benefits.

Here I wish to refer to Anwar Ibrahim for I clearly remember he was the one who once said that he could stop a temple bell by a stroke of his pen (the temple vs mosque issue in Penang some years back).

Today he is fighting for us the Hindus. Well, many are taken up by his actions. But the rational Hindu knows that what Anwar is doing now is for his political comeback.

As such, I ask my Hindu and /Indian Friends to think rationally before casting their votes. We are what we are because of our past leaders. What we can do is to join forces with the current leadership for a better tomorrow.

On Vincent Tan takes full control of Sun, Edge

Garviel Loken: I have stopped buying The Star since 2006 due to the bias reports which treats readers like an idiot. The Sun is the only newspaper that I enjoy with a cup of coffee in the morning.

If it’s going down the road of The Star and NST, it’ll be a step backwards for Malaysia’s press progress towards having an independent and unbiased stand.

On Remembering Christopher Fernando

Aaron Yap: I saluted and admired Mr Fernando as one of the best out there. A real loss to the country for he was a man with such a good ability. May God bless him and let his soul rest in peace. To Mrs. Fernando and his rest of the family members, please stay strong during this trying moments.


On Dato Christopher Fernando, I wish to add my fond memories of the man. He was born in Yan, Kedah a few years after me. We both are from the same area at the foot of the awesome Gunong Jerai that had been for thousands of years the landmark for seafares who traversed the great Indian Ocean in search of adventure and fortune. I knew Chris since school days as he was my brother’s classmate.

The last time I saw Dato Christopher was at Sdr Azmin Ali’s Hari Raya Open House in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. He was in the brim of health and upbeat. He was a good and humble Muslim. He did not allow his reputation as an outstanding counsel to go to his head. He was a genuine friend to me. To his widow and family, I extend my sincere condolences.

Semoga Allah mencuri rahmat keatas roh kawanku Christopher

—Din Merican

Press Release: NEW VK LINGAM Revelation

My friends,

No sooner did the RCI decide not to call Anwar Ibrahim’s testimony on the VK Lingam video clip on grounds the information he posseses is irrelevant, Dato Seri Anwar has released another segment of the Lingam tape recording. In this segment the predecessor to Ahmed Fairuz and the former Chairman of the Royal Commission of the Police Force, Dzaiddin Abdullah, is clearly identified as having compromised his integrity by accepting bribes from at least VK Lingam and Vincent Tan.

There should be no handwringing on the authenticity of this segment as such has already been verified by numerous experts.

It takes a man of great leadership and vision to understand that this Royal Commission if left to its own devices will do its level best to sweep this widening conspiracy under the rug and further destroy the credibility of the Judiciary, which is was supposed to restore.

Why then has the RCI has chosen to ignore the PKR de facto leader who brought these evidence to light on September 20, 2007. The politics and the power of certain vested interests now on full display to the public makes me sick. The public outcry at this point should be deafening. Never has the level of decadence in the judiciary been so high and so obvious. Talk about credibility and independence of this RCI!! It is going to be a SHAM.

The hearings will be completed by next Wednesday and unless something miraculous happens, we can say that Anwar will not get his day at the hearings. Let us hope some other credible witness(es) can testify.

28 Januari 2008

Pada hari ini saya menerbitkan segmen ketiga rakaman video lawyer VK Lingam yang diberikan kepada saya pada Jumaat lepas, 25 Januari. Klip ini memberikan bukti tambahan bahawa konspirasi yang kini sedang disiasat oleh Suruhanjaya Diraja melangkaui usaha melantik Ahmad Fairuz ke Mahkamah Persekutuan. Segmen 5 minit ini secara langsung mengaitkan bekas Ketua Hakim Negara Dzaiddin Abdullah yang didakwa menerima rasuah dari VK Lingam dan Vincent Tan agar beliau tidak mengkritik kedua-dua individu tersebut secara terbuka. Dzaiddin Abdullah merupakan Ketua Hakim Negara antara Disember 2000 hingga 2003. Di dalam video tersebut disebut VK Lingam menyatakan: “Dan kita telah memberikan beliau hadiah paling mahal. Jangan tanyalah apa bendanya. Saya telah beri kepadanya dan Vincent Tan telah berikan kepadanya.”

Meskipun pada awalnya penubuhan Suruhanjaya Diraja telah memberikan rakyat Malaysia harapan agar kewibawaan dan integriti Kehakiman dapat dipulihkan, kami belum yakin dengan prosiding dan keputusan prosedur yang dibuat para Pesuruhjaya setakat ini. Suruhanjaya Diraja mestilah dapat menjunjung ketelusan dan integriti agar tidak kelihatan merosakkan lagi imej sistem kehakiman negara. Saya dengan ini menyerahkan bukti terbaru ini kepada orang ramai dan menyatakan kesediaan bekerjasama sepenuhnya dengan prosiding Suruhanjaya selama ini.

Video ini dapat dilihat di laman web saya http://www.anwaribrahim.com.


January 28, 2008

Today I am releasing a third segment of the video tape recording of lawyer VK Lingam that was given to me on Friday, January 25th. This clip adduces additional evidence that the conspiracy currently being investigated by the Royal Commission extends beyond the attempt to fix the appointment of Ahmed Fairuz to the Federal Court. This new 5-minute segment directly implicates former Chief Justice Dzaiddin Abdullah who has allegedly received bribes from VK Lingam and Vincent Tan so that he cannot attack those two individuals publicly. Dzaiddin Abdullah was the Chief Justice of Malaysia from December 2000 until 2003. It was quoted as: “And we have given him the most expensive gift. Don’t ask about it lah. I have given him and Vincent Tan has given him.”

While the creation of the Royal Commission gave the Malaysian public some hope that the credibility and integrity of the Judiciary might be restored, we are unimpressed with the proceedings and the procedural decisions made by the Commissioners thus far. The Royal Commission must operate with the highest level of integrity and transparency so as not to be seen as feeding the rot which has tarnished the Malaysian Courts. I submit this new piece of evidence to the public, and extend my full cooperation to the Commission’s ongoing proceedings.

The video can be seen on my website at http://www.anwaribrahim.com


Pilihanraya Yang Ke-12 : Masa Untuk Perubahan Telah Tiba

Kepada rakan seperjuangan, sahabat handai, penyokong Parti KeADILan Rakyat dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia,

Biarlah apa yang dikatakan oleh Perdana Menteri Abdullah Badawi mengenai tarikh pilihanraya atau beliau masih menunggu tibanya ilham, saya, kamu dan semua penyokong sekarang bersiap-sedia untuk menghadapi pilihanraya umu yang ke-12. Ianya mungkin diadakan diantara sambutan Tahun Baru Cina hingga pertengahan bulan Mac 2008 atau mungkin juga lebih awal lagi mengikut ragam Perdana Menteri.

Saya menjemput semua anak muda Malaysia yang dinamis menjadi sukarelawan, penolong dan duta rakyat. Saya berani berjanji bahawa pengalaman yang akan diperolehi dari perjuangan mengubah nasib rakyat, bangsa dan masa hadapan negara akan memberi satu transformasi yang luar biasa apabila mengambil bahagian dalam perjuangan politik di akar umbi.

Mereka yang berani menyambut cabaran saya, sila hubungi saya di alamat email dan telefon number yang tertera di blog ini. Tugas kita bukan mudah kerana kita akan menempuhi banyak cabaran selama 2-3 bulan yang akan datang.

Parti kita bersama dengan rakan-rakan politik kita dalam PAS dan DAP akan mencabar UMNO dan Barisan Nasional yang mempunyai banyak faedah dan kelebihan sebagai kerajaan memerintah. Umpamanya, mereka menguasai arus media perdana. Mereka menggunakan media tersebut untuk menyebarkan propaganda mereka dan putar belit serta helah untuk menipu rakyat.

Mereka sudah mengeluarkan iklan-iklan negatif terhadap Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan PKR dengan menggambarkan kita sebuah parti yang mengganas dan suka membuat kacau-bilau. Tujuannya ialah untuk menakut-nakutkan rakyat yang cintakan keamanan dan harmoni antara kaum. Mereka sudah menunjuk dengan jelasnya bahawa mereka akan menggunakan kekerasan polis dan anggota cawangan khas serta undang-undang rimba seperti Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA).

Oleh kerana mereka terdesak untuk menang pada kali ini, mereka akan menggunakan bermacam-macam cara seperti melakukan penipuan di dalam pilihanraya termasuk menggunakan orang yang telah kembali ke rahmatullah untuk mengundi, undi pos dari tentera dan polis serta melakukan gerrymeandering. Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya, Tan Sri Rashid Abdul Rahman dan organisasinya berat sebelah kepada pihak UMNO dan Barisan Nasional. Pilihanraya kali ini seperti yang lampau, umpamanya (2004) jelas akan berlaku banyak penipuan, terapi atas nama perjuangan menuntut demokrasi dan kesejahteraan rakyat. PKR akan lawan tetap lawan!

Kita mesti mengambil peluang ini untuk menggembeling ketidakpuasan hati rakyat terhadap dasar-dasar kerajaan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional dan sikap sombong serta bongkak pemimpin-pemimpin mereka. Kita boleh mendapat sokongan rakyat dengan merapati mereka serta menyebarkan maklumat yang benar dan jelas terus kepada mereka tentang perubahan dan harapan yang baik bagi semua melalui cara dan teknik berkaitan dengan politik pilihanraya yang cangih dan innovatif.

Saya telah mengunjung ke ceruk negara kita dengan tujuan mendampingi dengan rakyat dan berasa bangga atas sambutan yang kami di PKR telah nikmati. Mereka turun dengan hebat sekali, kadangkala dalam cuaca yang kurang memuaskan untuk mendengar penerangan dari pihak kami yang tidak langsung disiarkan oleh media arus perdana. Mereka juga merasakan daripada pengalaman mereka bahawa pembangunan yang dijanjikan oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional kepada mereka tidak dapat mengubah kehidupan mereka, keluarga serta komuniti mereka.

Mereka mendengar kisah rasuah dan salahguna kuasa, pengangguran, kadar jenayah yang tinggi dan pembaziran perbelanjaan serta pengurusan ekonomi yang lembab. Dan mereka sangat prihatin tentang kenaikan harga barang seperti minyak masak, gas, petrol dan lain-lain bahan penting yang menjadi asas kehidupan.

Kami memerlukan sukarelawan dan pembantu sebagai bantuan kepada jentera pilihanraya kami yang sedang bekerja keras untuk menghadapi cabaran pilihanraya yang mendatang. Kami ingin menyampaikan maklumat, memantau perjalanan pilihanraya dan membantu calon-calon di seluruh negara.

Kepada anda dan rakan-rakan seperjuangan dalam parti, kami ingin menyatakan bahawa kita boleh mencapai kemenangan yang baik jika kita ada azam, fokus dan komitmen. Ketabahan, kesanggupan dan sikap berani menghadapi cabaran perlu, jika kita ingin membangunkan negara kita semula. Sudah bertahun lamanya, terutama sejak 2003, kita masih sebagai sebuah negara yang tertinggal berbanding dengan potensi yang kita ada. Mari kita semua bergerak dan bekerja keras ke arah satu perubahan yang lebih baik dan adil untuk semua rakyat Malaysia.

Din Merican

Dear Colleagues, Friends, Supporters of Parti KeADILan Rakyat and Fellow Malaysians,

Despite what Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi may say, you and I and our supporters are now gearing up for the 12th General Elections. It may be held some time between The Chinese New Year and the middle of March, 2008, or maybe earlier depending on the Prime Minister’s ilham.I am inviting young and dynamic Malaysians who can serve as volunteers, helpers and goodwill ambassadors and I can promise them that this experience can be a transforming and exciting one for them. They will benefit from participating in our campaigns and related work, and can make a genuine contribution to our efforts for Malaysia in the process.

Those who are keen to help, please contact me. My address (e-mail and telephone number) can be found if they go to Din Merican’s Welcome in this blog http://www.dinmerican.wordpress.com.

Our Party together with our partners in PAS and DAP will be taking on the ruling UMNO-Barisan Nasional which has all the advantages of incumbency. They control the media, for example; they have been using the television and major mainstream media to spread their propaganda.

They have put out negative advertisements (bordering on lies and disinformation) against Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and PKR. They have shown that they will not hesitate to use the Police and the Special Branch. They also used the draconian law, the ISA, against our prominent colleagues and NGO leaders, thereby creating fear among the voting public.

Since they are desparate to win, they have shown (in the 2004 Elections) that they are prepared to rig elections, use phantom voters including the help of our dearly departeds, and postal votes (from military and police personnel), and other means like gerrymeandering. Even the Elections Commission, especially its Chairman Tan Sri Rashid Abdul Rahman, is openly in their favour. The Elections cannot under these circumstances be free and fair. But lawan tetap lawan in the name of democracy, and we shall overcome.

We must capitalise on the mood of our citizens who are increasingly frustrated with the policies and arrogance of the UMNO-BN leaders. We can reach the voting public by going directly to them to spread our message of change and hope through innovative and new means of electioneering.

I have been travelling to some parts of our country in recent months, and am encouraged by the responses we in PKR have been getting from ordinary citizens. They turned up in full force, sometimes in inclement weather, to hear our side of the story which is not carried by the media. They also feel from their personal experiences that the development that UMNO-Barisan Nasional promised them did not make a difference to their lives, those of their families and their communities.

They hear of corruption and abuse of power, unemployment, rising crime, wasteful public expenditure and incompetent management of our economy; and they are very concerned about the rise in the cost of cooking oil, gas and basic commodities.

We need volunteers and helpers to supplement our existing election machinery, which is already geared to meet these challenges. We want to spread our message, monitor the elections, and back our candidates throughout the country. With the growing support of Malaysians, we and our partners will have a huge impact on the outcome of the 12th General Elections.

To you, my colleagues, I would like to say that passion, focus and commitment are needed for any great work and for the cause of justice for all Malaysians. Courage, forebearance and audacity are essential in large doses if we are to rebuild our country. For years now, especially since 2003, we as a nation are punching below our weight. Let us together move to change Malaysia and usher in a new dawn.

Din Merican