Trip to Kedah

By Din Merican


Dear Friends,

I will be on a road trip again, this time back to my hometown, Alor Star, Kedah where Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be holding a series of ceramahs. It will be another exciting trip to witness for myself and enjoy the sense of elation whenever Dato Seri Anwar meets ordinary people. I shall have a report for you when I return to Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I am most grateful for your support. My only wish is that more of you, my dear friends, give me your comments and feedback. Please have the courage to express your views and share your ideas. In my experience, I find that there are no correct answers and I know that we have to look at things from many different perspectives. If we want change, we must be able to articulate it. It is not enough to complain. We must take action. There are risks, of course, but remember that even a turtle must stick its neck out in order to move forward.

Join the turtles and be a ninja! A new dawn awaits us…

7 thoughts on “Trip to Kedah

  1. salam pak din…

    Kedah juga negeri saya, saya juga berminat menyertai rombongan bagi meninjau semangat disana, harap boleh diterapkan disini. bagaimana pak din?

  2. Din,

    Have a nice trip to Kedah. If you can, someday, you should visit my hometown Kulim way down south in the same state.

    Thanks, David. I was in Kulim and Lunas in December, 2007. You are from Kedah and no small wonder you are as stubborn as I. Din

  3. Dear Din, enjoy your trip to Kedah. Remember that I was in Baling for 3 weeks. My experience speaks for itself. You are a truly brave Ninja Turtle. Bravo Din! But which turtle are you? Leonardo? Donatello? Michaelangelo? or Raphael? Donatello’s my favorite.

    Chin, I like Donatello too. Din

  4. Now I understand why you so very ‘pantang’! Don’t worry Ninja Turtle lives to a hundred years or more. Good luck and have a good trip but watch your speed, the mata-mata up north are great ‘kopi-O’ addicts!

  5. uncle din

    terima kasih datang bagi ceramah kat sg lalang sp..

    menarik ! mengimbau org2 veteran ke zaman2 dulu

    harvard estate 😛

    Thanks, Vote KeADILan. Harapan Baru untuk Malaysia. We will revive the Harvard estate soccer team and give people there jobs and new opportunities. Din Merican 😛

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