Mahathir: “Pak Lah overstaying welcome”


AFP | Jan 30, 08 4:23pm

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad today said he never intended his successor Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to serve more than one term and suggested he should stand down.

Abdullah, who has had a very public falling out with the veteran leader, will contest for his second term in general elections expected to be held in March.

Mahathir previously said he made a mistake in picking Abdullah, and should have opted for influential deputy prime minister Najib Razak.

“That was my thinking, since (Abdullah) was older than Najib, he should be PM for one term and then Najib should be able to take over,” he told a press conference at the launch of selected letters to world leaders.

“I know it takes time to implement plans and projects but I think if that is to be used as an excuse to stay in power for 18 years then that will not be very welcome.”

Abdullah won a landslide victory in 2004 polls when voters were enthused by his plans to fight corruption, but since then he has been widely criticised for inaction and suffered a steep tumble in popularity.

In recent months he has faced an unprecedented wave of public protests over the rights of minority ethnic Indians, as well as electoral reform and rising food and fuel prices.

“They see a government that is retreating and they want to take advantage,” Mahathir said of the street rallies which would have been unthinkable during his term in power which ended in 2003 after more than two decades.

Abdullah was Mahathir’s hand-picked successor when he stepped down, but after the new leader dumped several of his pet projects he began launching accusations of economic mismanagement, nepotism and corruption.

9 thoughts on “Mahathir: “Pak Lah overstaying welcome”

  1. We deserve the government we get
    So don’t let us ever easily forget
    Lest we are prepared to later regret
    Our roles in getting the leaders we beget

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Thur. 31st Jan. 2008.


    Nice pantun. The reality is that given the way we run our elections via an Elections Commission we are going to get the government we all do not want. The government propaganda machine is hard at work and money will start flowing to buy the voters. It will take some effort to make people change. But if we have to keep on trying, we can beat them. Din Merican

  2. Din,

    As everyone knows Mahathir is not telling us the REAL reason why he picked Abdullah and not Najib. At that time, Mahathir felt that he could control someone considered a “dud” like Badawi rather than someone like Najib who is notorious for stabbing all those relying on him for help in the back when it suited him. Look what Najib did to Razaleigh in the UMNO presidential polls in 1987. Najib initially backed Ku Li, but at the last minute swung his support to Mahathir when the contest was neck and neck.

    Mahathir picked Abdullah because he felt he could control a “dud” successor by pulling the strings from behind. Little did he know that in fact it turned out to be Abdullah who stabbed Mahathir in the back after he became PM. Abdullah not only did not do things Mahathir’s way, but also eased out Mahathir’s cronies one by one in the allocation of projects which went to his own cronies, namely Patrick Lim Soo Kit @ Patrick Badawi through the help of his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin, a good friend of Patrick.

    Mahathir is furious with Badawi not because he opposed Badawi’s money politics and other forms of corruption which are similar to his as well as UMNO’s racist divide and rule policies. In fact Badawi inherited all this corruption and racist policies from Mahathir and perpetuated them. Mahathir is furious because Badawi kicked out all his cronies and replaced them with Badawi’s own. Worse still Mahathir felt slighted when all those ministers whom he appointed when he was PM, and who bodek/ampu him, now turned round and humiliated him in their support of Badawi who as PM control their positions. Top of the list of such shameless people are that fat lady from MITI Rafidah Aziz and that moron from Padang Rengas, Nazri Aziz. You can bet your bottom dollar that the minute Najib becomes PM, Rafidah and Nazri will be among the first to call Badawi all sorts of names that they are calling Mahathir now.Such is the despicable and low down culture of siding with the winners in UMNO.

    Take what Mahathir said here with a pinch of salt. Better still flush it down the toilet for something coming from someone who has no principles in that today, he can be your best friend and tomorrow your worst enemy. If somehow Badawi were to restore some of the mega projects to Mahathir’s cronies, that senile and unprincipled one notorious for his selected amnesia while testifying in the Royal Commission over the Lingam scandal, will say he made the right decision to appoint Badawi as his successor a few years ago.

    UMNO politics, it is as dirty as you can get. Rafidah, Nazri and others will go along with their boss as long as they can do their own things. If Mahathir thought he could be the puppeteer, he was wrong. Now he wants to put Najib as Prime Minister in order to balas his hutang budi to the late Tun Razak. But Najib is problematic for UMNO and the country. Frankly, I am of the view that we should look beyond UMNO to Anwar Ibrahim and his PKR and usher in non ethnic based politics. Furthermore, UMNO is so corrupt that it is beyond reform.—Din Merican

  3. Who is Mahathir to say how long the sitting Prime Minister should stay longer in office, or for another 18 or 20 years?
    Mahathir himself overstayed and spent 22 years destroying the Malaysian Judiciary, the backbone of this nation. It’s time he realises that he has lost all moral rights to criticise the sitting Prime Minister whom he(Mahathir) had handpicked to succeed himself. Much as we dislike Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, whether he stays for another term or should stand-down is not for Mahathir to decide, but the Rakyat decision.

    His latest renewed ‘attacks’ on AAB is I believe, to distract attention from the Haidar RCI. His reputation tainted, his name has been mentioned ever too often in the Inquiry. Just ignore him. This man knows no shame, he does not understand the meaning “SHAME” – this is what the late Tun Suffian accused him of.

  4. Don’t waste any more time with Mahathir, he is not worth our attention. What’s his problem now, felt ignored and powerless? He can hang himself for all we care!

  5. That’s Mahathir. As someone put it, “the old man can slap you and then deny it with a straight face after that.” And that’s what he’s been doing all this while, right up to this day. And he keeps at it cos he has also calculated all his political moves 20-30 steps ahead, and is extremely confident that no one could touch him; even if PKR comes into power(am I correct in this assumption?)

    He’s probably singing “Que Sera Sera” and dancing his way to whatever after-life paradise he thinks he’s gonna attain….

  6. He has to take public’s attn away from Haidar Royal Commission of Inquiry. The heat there is too much for him, his reputation at stake. The fear of the truth how rotten he has been 22 years in office.


    We cannot run away from the truth. It has a way of catching up with us… through divine intervention. Now the public now knows that Anwar is a victim of grave injustice as part of a conspiracy to finish him off politically. No amount of “sorry” can compensate for his suffering at the hands of the authorities. Wan Azizah and his family were in emotional agony over the years, but they kept faith in God. But the time has come for us to make the change.

    Stop the rot. Fix the Judiciary if we wish avoid to repeat of the Anwar black incident and put an end of the ISA legislation. Kind regards, Din Merican

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