Your Weekend Entertainment: The Velvet Voice of Indonesia’s Hendri Rotinsulu

November 22, 2014 Your Weekend Entertainment: The Velvet Voice of Indonesia’s Hendri Rotinsulu For this weekend, Dr. Kamsiah and I wish to present for your listening pleasure the velvet voice of Indonesia’s Hendri Rotinsulu. The entertainer surely knows how to put life and passion into songs composed by composer, Ismail Marsuki. May the songs we … Continue reading

Anwar Ibrahim at Georgetown University, Washington DC

November 21, 2014 Anwar Ibrahim at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. Desperate Times for Democracy in Malaysia by James Giggacher, Asia Pacific Editor As Anwar Ibrahim’s fate hangs in the balance, Malaysia’s democratic chances are slipping further away, writes James Giggacher.  Malaysia’s long-time Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s fate still hangs in the balance; his political … Continue reading

With Bad Economic News, Abe’s Magic Seems to Evaporate

November 21, 2014 Japan: Between Monetary Stimulus and Fiscal Austerity By Martin Fackler  TOKYO — Is this the end of Abenomics? And if so, why did it fail? These are the questions being asked in a shellshocked Japan just days after government accountants announced that the economy, which most experts said they believed was … Continue reading

Orang Melayu Bagaimana?

November 20, 2014 Orang Melayu Bagaimana? Yes, ahead of the UMNO General Assembly 2014, it is appropriate for us to ask Who is a Malay, and What will happen to him in the 21 century. In this poem, the late Usman Awang gives us an insight into the character of this strange specie of the … Continue reading

Chairman Lodin, come clean on 1MDB, figures don’t lie

November 19, 2014 Chairman Lodin, come clean on 1MDB, figures don’t lie by Kharie Hishyam Like a toddler learning to walk, controversial state investment fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd is slowly coming out to refute its critics. But proper explanations are yet to come and its latest public statement only spawns more questions. Amid the … Continue reading