Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitr Al Mubarak

July 27, 2014

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitr Al Mubarak

din and kamJuly 28, 2014 has been declared Syawal 1, 2014 in Malaysia. Dr. Kamsiah and I wish all Muslims and other friends Happy Idul Fitr–Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri–and may tomorrow be a modest time for celebrations  as a mark of respect for those who lost their lives tragically on MH370 and MH 17 and their families.Those Malaysians who are leaving Kuala Lumpur to their respective hometowns for the long weekend, please drive carefully.

We are grateful to all of you for your support of this blog. Dr. Kamsiah and I have learned a lot from your comments, views and ideas and we want you to keep on sharing your thoughts and feelings about developments in Malaysia and other parts of the world with us and your friends.Please do not be afraid to tell us and others who read this blog what you think. –Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

A Gathering Storm over Johor Sultan’s Commercial Dealings (Part 3)

June 12, 2014

A Gathering Storm over Johor Sultan’s Commercial Dealings

PART 3: Is another constitutional crisis brewing in Johor?

by Khairul

khaled-nordinEven though Johor Menteri Besar (MB) Mohamed Khaled Nordin has pared down the Sultan of Johor’s proposed executive powers in the controversial new housing bill, many observers wonder if this is just the lull before the storm.

Could there be another constitutional crisis in the making similar to the one in the 1980s?

Although the constitutional crisis in 1983 that led to the diminishing of the monarchy’s powers occurred under different circumstances, compared to the current uproar over the Johor housing bill there are basic underlying themes.

In both cases, the executive and monarchy are trying to exert power and control over one another.

Although the previous constitutional crisis in 1983 was at a bigger national scale, it is not entirely inconceivable that a wider tussle between royals and state government could develop following the current situation in Johor.

“I wouldn’t call it a constitutional crisis just yet, but we have to keep monitoring the situation closely,” said According to Senai state assemblyperson Wong Shu Qi. Another observer says that there are very slim chances of it happening only because the current Prime Minister (PM) Najib Razak is not likely to go against the royals.

“In the previous crisis in 1983, there was Mahathir Mohamad (former Prime Minister) who campaigned aggressively against the royalty. I don’t think Najib is strong enough to do that,” said an observer.

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Gong Xi Fai Cai and Welcome Year of the Horse

January 30, 2014

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Welcome Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse

As we write this message to welcome the Year of the Horse, our Chinese friends around the world are enjoying their traditional Yee Sang dinner with their family members. Dr. Kamsiah and I wish them Gong Xi Fai Cai and hope the Year of the Horse will bring good fortune and health to them and their families.

Chinese New Year picFor those in Malaysia, we wish to assure them that our country will be safe and secure, despite provocations by politicians and their supporters, if we continue to live in harmony and respect each other. We have lived side by side for generations and can continue to do so if we do not allow our emotions and prejudices to get the better of us. Let us play our part to ensure a happy and prosperous Malaysia.–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

Greetings from Malaysia

December 24, 2013

2014Our sincere good wishes to all our friends and associates around the world. As bloghosts, Kamsiah and I are indeed grateful for your interest and support. We enjoyed reading your comments. To those are humble enough to want to learn, these comments are eye openers. Keep well and let us join the Xmas and New Year celebrations and pray that we can continue to live in peace.–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

‘Nambikei'(Trust), Mr. Prime Minister?

November 10, 2013

MY COMMENT: ‘Nambikei'(Trust), Mr. Prime Minister? Well, IDin MericanX for one cannot trust you. Your words are cheap. It is action that matters most. You have been talking from the first day you took office in 2009, and have not done anything that can promote the very things that you talk about. Are you sleep walking or a just blinded by sycophancy and flattery of the so-called deliverers of “good tidings” to notice that all is not well in our country? Bernama is obviously reporting the stuff you say to please you, and disappoint us. Enough of the spin from Bernama, your personal staff at the Prime Minister’s Department,  and Idris Jala and his expensive consultants at Pemandu.

What more do you want? You got your mandate from GE-13, although Barisan Nasional lost the popular vote. You were recently made President of UMNO uncontested. There is enough power for you to what is good for our country. Let me remind you that leadership is about character and integrity. These qualities are the two fundamentals for any man who seeks to be a leader. Look deeply at yourself, and then show us that you have got what it takes to be the Chief Executive of our country. It is NOW or NEVER.–Din Merican

Prime Minister Najib: Embrace two fundamentals of Harmony

Najib Razak has urged people of various races to embrace two fundamentals of harmony – work together in a strong bond of friendship and allowing richness of culture to flourish.

The Prime Minister said the strong bond of friendship would enable the country to overcome any obstacles while the richness of culture would be a force that would portray Malaysia as a culturally diverse country.

Addressing the National Deepavali Open House at Bandaraya Square, Johor Bahru last night, he urged the Indian community to continue to strengthen the strong bond of understanding and cooperation between government and the community that was built over the years through ‘nambikei’ (trust).

g-palanivel1.The celebration held by the Tourism and Culture Ministry was attended by Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, Natural Resources and Environment Minister G Palanivel who is also MIC President, Johor Menteri Besar Mohamed Khaled Nordin, and Tourism and Culture Minister Mohamed Nazri Aziz.

Najib said cooperation among people of various races would ensure a better quality of life for the present and next generations.

TRUST NAJIBNambikei or Tembikai, Najib?

“If the strength of an elephant lies in ‘thumbikei’ or trunk, the strength of a man lies in ‘nambikei’ or trust,” he said.

The Prime Minister said the government was committed in fulfilling the pledge made in the 13th general election manifesto to improve the well-being of the Indian community. He said this could be clearly seen through a number of initiatives such as an additional allocation of RM50 million for Tamil school infrastructure announced in the 2014 Budget.

Najib said RM100 million was also allocated to improve Tamil schools performance and provide skills training for Indian youths as well as a RM50 million fund for the Indian Entrepreneur Development Scheme (SPUMI) under Tekun Nasional and loans under Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia.

Special attention given

He said many areas in the life of the Indian community were given special attention through various innovative approaches to bring about a positive change to the community.

“For example, from 2009 to 2013, the government has allocated RM560 million for Tamil schools infrastructure development nationwide.

“I am very impressed when informed of the Tamil Schools Future Action Plan that for the past five years the achievement gap among SJKT (Tamil schools) was reduced by 50 percent while the gap between SJKT and national schools is now less than four per cent,” he said.

He said the UPSR National Average Grade for SJKT increased from 2.58 in 2010 to 2.44 in 2011 with similar trends seen in Mathematics achievement from 92.5 percent in 2011 to 94.1 per cent last year while Science achievement rose to 87.6 percent in 2012.

On entrepreneurship, he said until October this year, more than 19,000 Indian entrepreneurs had received financial assistance amounting to RM227 million, including about 11,000 from Tekun loans amounting to RM137.3 million since SPUMI was established in 2008.

Meanwhile, about 30,000 people of various races attended the celebration which was arrayed with cultural events depicting the multi-racial society in the spirit of 1Malaysia as well as a tourism product.

Kumpulan Artis Kebudayaan Johor waxed the floor with a welcome dance followed by Temple Five Arts Troupe gyrated with Indian traditional dances before revellers were vowed by Permata Seni Tari children.

In the spirit of Deepavali, Najib completed the ‘kolam’ pattern.The Deepavali celebration started at 2.30pm with various activities such as Indian music, dance performances and a demonstration on ‘bunga malai’ or flower arrangement.

Various traditional Indian food and delicacies such as muruku, masalavadei, laddu, putu mayam and tosei were served to visitors including MegaFam participants from Singapore and China.

- Bernama/

Happy Diwali 2013

November 1. 2013

Happy Diwali to all our  Hindu and Sikh friends and acquaintances


Wherever you may be in the world, Dr. Kamsiah and I extend to you and your families a Happy and Prosperous Deepavali. Let there Peace in your hearts  and goodwill towards others.

Please do not forget the millions of people who are no position to celebrate this festival of light because of poverty. Give generously to the needy and bring smiles to their faces at least for this day, if not always. May this quote from my favorite man for all times, Mahatma Gandhi, give them hope:

Gandhi“When every hope is gone, ‘when helpers fail and comforts flee,’ I find that help arrives somehow, from I know not where. Supplication, worship, prayer are no superstition; they are acts more real than the acts of eating, drinking, sitting or walking. It is no exaggeration to say that they alone are real, all else is unreal.”Mahatma Gandhi, The Story of My Experiments With Truth

After 56 Years: Race and Religion polarised Us

August 31, 2013

After 56 Years: Race and Religion polarised Us

by Tommy Thomas@

COMMENT: The social contract, social compact or bargain reached by the TommyThomas02three communities under the watchful eye of the British imperial power as a condition to Merdeka was that in exchange for full citizenship, a right to use their language and observe their religion, the non-Malays had to concede special privileges to the Malays to assist the latter to ascend the economic ladder.

It was a quid pro quo. It was a consensus arrived after hard bargaining, and has formed the basis of nationhood. In this equilibrium, the non-Malays were not to be relegated to second-class citizens: citizenship was not on a two-tier basis and there was going to be no apartheid, partition or repatriation.

What was required from the non-Malays at the time of Merdeka was undivided loyalty to the new nation. They could no longer owe their allegiance to the mother country, China or India. Racial differences were recognised. Diversity was encouraged. There was no pressure to integrate into one Malayan race.

A new nation was to be integrated over time, but as a plural society. Assimilation was out of the question. Thus, a united Malayan nation did not involve the sacrifice by any community of its religion, culture or customs. Minorities were not to be discriminated in a system of parliamentary democracy based on constitutional supremacy. In many respects, the establishment of Malaysia six years after Merdeka strengthened the social contract.


But as Malaya completes 56 years as an independent sovereign nation today, and more significantly, Malaysia turns half a century on September 16, do the 28 million Malaysians have reason to celebrate? Unfortunately, the popular response would be very much in the negative.

Race and Religion

The twin forces of race and religion have substantially polarised the nation. Every issue of public life, however minor or insignificant, is given an ethnic undertone by politicians and the civil service, and glaringly publicised in the government-controlled mass media. Totally absent in the national landscape is a statesman like the Father of Merdeka, Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first prime minister, who is prepared to speak for the nation and the public weal, rather than from a parochial or sectarian perspective.

Even after the closest general election in our history, with the coalition governing the nation not enjoying majority popular vote, and with the next general election only due in five years, politicking of the worst kind continues daily.

mole-Najib-Razak-endless-possibilities-1MalaysiaThe Prime Minister is not giving the leadership that he sought from the electorate, and which he received. With a 44-seat majority in the Dewan Rakyat, the BN government has a majority which is the envy of many governing coalitions across the globe. Yet, a sense of paralysis grips the centre.

Bread-and-butter issues which largely featured in the election campaign of four months ago, have still not been addressed at all. Not a day goes by without murders, rapes and armed robberies occurring in our homes and our streets. Rampant crime has undermined law and order.

The economy has been shaken by mounting debt; not just the national debt, but also consumer and corporate debt. Comparisons have already been made to the run-up to our 1997 financial crisis which was principally caused by a proliferation of debt.

Thousands of Malaysian companies and nationals speak with their wallets; they just take their money overseas in billions. Our currency has received a battering in the last month, resulting in speculation that Bank Negara may have to intervene to prevent further depreciation of the ringgit.

Merdeka Pic

Bread-and-butter issues, as important as they are to the average Malaysian, still pale in comparison with the massive increase in ethnic tensions. What is the point of Talent Corporation spending hundreds of millions of taxpayers monies in an endeavour to attract Malaysians to return home when racial polarisation is on the increase in their nation.

Thousands of non-Malays have done brilliantly in businesses, professions and other private sector areas in Malaysia. They have flourished regionally and internationally in every society that values meritocracy. Hence there is a huge pool of talented non-Malays willing to be engaged in the public service.

Yet in their homeland, the civil service, the GLCs (government-linked companies), the universities, the army, the police – indeed senior positions in the entire public sector – are dominated by one race. How does one justify such massive hiring of personnel from one race to manage national institutions where national policies are made in a nation of multiple communities that claims there are no classes of citizenship or nationality.

Grand coalition

It is accordingly critical in the public interest that politicians of all parties cease polarising the nation any further. All Malaysians must be treated with sensitivity and delicately. Feelings of communities, however weak and influential, must not be hurt. Hate speech must be avoided at all costs. The government must take the lead, after all the whole purpose of electing leaders is for them to lead the nation.

They must cease immediately playing the racial, religious and ethnic card, and take policy decisions that would promote a plural society. If all these actions can only be taken by a government of national unity, that is, a grand coalition of BN and Pakatan Rakyat parties, the national interest compels such an urgent outcome.

There is a genuine widespread concern that we must all play our part in rolling back the loud public discourse on race and religion. This is an awakening call. Unless remedial measures are taken soon, young Malaysians who have the world at their feet, will desert the nation because they feel they have no place under the Malaysian sun.

They are our future, but they see no future at home. That is the tragedy that must be avoided this 56th Merdeka, and this 50th Malaysia Day.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

August 7, 2013

Greetings to All Fellow Muslims and Friends

Aidil Fitr

My wife Dr. Kamsiah and I wish you, my Fellow Muslims, and our friends in Malaysia and around the world Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin. It is that time when we Muslims celebrate the arrival of Syawal and bid fond farewell to Ramadan, the holiest month in the Muslim calender. We also wish you all good health and happiness and  thank  you for your kind wishes and support throughout the year for this blog.

Archbishop Marino stresses Need for Compassion

July 30, 2013

Archbishop Marino stresses Need for Compassion

by Terence Netto@

Papal nuncio to Malaysia Archbishop Joseph Marino, in his first public remarks following the recent controversy ignited by comments he made on the ‘Allah’ issue, said the “very essence of our humanity is defined by the heart that cares and has compassion.”

Archbishop Joseph MarinoSpeaking to an overflow crowd at the annual Feast of St Anne celebrations at Bukit Mertajam, in Penang, last Saturday, Marino said that “so important is our common work for the good of others, which in itself is a true inter-religious dialogue of action,” that it becomes a means by which Christianity expresses its search for the divine.

The Vatican Ambassador had maintained a discreet silence since the ignition of controversy over remarks he made in an interview published earlier this month when he described as “logical” the Christian Federation of Malaysia’s arguments for the use of the word ‘Allah’ in faith education and in the rituals of prayer and worship.

His comments drew the ire of Muslim NGOs, Perkasa and Jati, which protested the remarks as interference in Malaysia’s domestic affairs and called for a retraction and an apology before venting more anathema by urging the nuncio’s expulsion and the embassy’s closure.

Marino responded by expressing regret that his remarks had caused offence but left things at that.

No mention of Allah row

He did not refer, not even obliquely, to the controversy during his homily at the annual week-long veneration of St Anne which culminated on Saturday with a service at which the nuncio presided with Penang Bishop Sebastian Francis in attendance.

Addressing members of other faiths also present in the congregation that packed the church and spilled over into its ample grounds, Marino said:

“The Catholic Church without hesitation rejects nothing that is true and holy in other expressions of faith, and even more she regards with sincere reverence those ways of conduct and of life, those precepts and teachings which, though differing in many aspects from the ones she holds and sets forth, nonetheless often reflect a ray of that Truth which enlightens all men.”

Penangnites came for PSY

February 13, 2013

Penangnites came for PSY, not Najib, says Susan Loone

Psy in Penang

About 30,000 braved the sweltering heat to see top South Korean pop star Psy gallop on stage to perform his world famous ‘Oppa Gangnam style’ at the BN’s open house in Penang today.

They were with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak at Penang state BN Chinese New Year (CNY) open house held at the Han Chiang College field.The numbers were short of the expected 80,000, although a police officer on his rounds said he estimated the crowd as about 50,000.

As Najib was entering the venue, the emcee shouted “Are you ready for Psy!psy Are you ready for Oppa Gangnam style!” before welcoming the PM and his entourage of BN leaders.

Despite the emcee asking the people to give PM a rousing welcome, the crowd was mostly subdued, many fanning themselves under the burning February heat.

Puteri UMNO and BN supporters were seen waving ‘I love PM!’ banners but they were in the minority. Nibong Tebal MIC chief R Rajagopal said he had arranged 10 buses to the event.

When asked why he was not shouting “I love PM!”, the 62-year-old retiree replied “It’s okay, I’ve done a lot of that already”.

NajibxAttired in red traditional Chinese shirts, Najib and wife Rosmah Mansor together with children Ashman and Nooryana Najwa, arrived at 10.48am and were greeted by a lion dance troupe and a Chingay procession. He was accompanied by state BN leaders Teng Chang Yeow, Teng Hock Nan, and Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen as well as former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

 Yellow, green and red

As of 9.30am when the programme started, traffic was smooth and hundreds of police and volunteers corps were stationed at various points to direct traffic and manage the crowd.

When met on the field, Penang Plice chief Abdul Rahim Hanafi estimated the crowd to be about 50,000 to 60,000. “We deployed about 1,200 personnel today and it is a peaceful gathering,” he told Malaysiakini.

Many were seen in yellow, green and red. There were also UMNO members wearing red as it is their party’s colour. There were also those wearing the T-shirts of NGO BERSIH.

NONEOne, Alex Tan, 27 (right) from Klang, said he came to see Psy and to support Pakatan.

“I arrived as early as 7am with five others,” he added.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had earlier advised the public to wear yellow in a show of support for BERSIH, green for environment and red for change, but his suggestion didn’t go down well with BN leaders.

Initially, participants were not allowed to enter the field without special passes of ‘I love PM’ stickers and many were at a loss as to where to get them.
This is the first time BN had organised its CNY function in the open, at the Han Chiang field which has begun to be a symbol of Pakatan Rakyat.

Pakatan, with DAP leading, held a gathering here before the 2008 general election where thousands turned up to show their support, leading the opposition coalition to victory on March 8 that year.

Before Najib and his entourage arrived, the crowd was entertained by several performances from an orchestra. Traditional dances and a dragon and phoenix dance were also featured.

In his speech, state BN chief Teng Chang Yeow said BN had brought the best in the world and Asia through 1Malaysia initiator of Najib.”We want to bring the best to Penang,” he added.

 Goodies for those with ‘pink papers’

 At the end of event, the crowd lined up at the Han Chiang stadium venue for angpow, goodie bags and boxes of oranges. A senior citizen at the scene said that only people with special ‘pink papers’ were given the handouts by a group in  ‘Kelab Penyokong BN’ attire.

“I managed to get three packets of angpow, a bag with packets of rice and packets of other edible stuff and a box of oranges,” he told Malaysiakini, telling this reporter to line up and get the goodies before they ran out.


Cong Xi Fa Cai to all our Mandarin friends

February 8, 2013

Cong Xi Fa Cai–The Year of the Snake

Cong Xi Fa Cai--2013

We wish all Mandarin friends and associates at home here in Malaysia and around the world Cong Xi Fa Cai. All the best and let us make the world a better and more peaceful place.

Although Asian astrologists have not given 2013 a thumps up, we of the human race must persevere to make it a good one. To some extent, we are masters of our fate.

For us in Malaysia, 2013 is an election year since rumours in Kuala Lumpur have it that GE-13 will be held at the end of March. The campaign season which began in 2009 with our country on auto-pilot since has entered its final phase.

We await to read the manifestos of both UMNO-Barisan and Pakatan Rakyat and scrutinize their list of candidates for the national and state elections. Please decide wisely and choose a government that genuinely listens to, and serves us well.

GE-13 promises to be a hotly contested one. But that is normal in adversarial politics. But once elections are over and the outcome is known, we must accept the newly mandated government and work to support it, holding it fully accountable for its decisions and actions. That is democracy and good citizenship.

Dr Kamsiah and I want a government that fights corruption, uses our money to benefit the entire nation, and makes our streets, work places, schools, shopping malls, and our homes safe. We need competent and honest Ministers in the new Cabinet who are imbued with some idealism and the will to do what is right and do it right to take the country towards its goal of becoming a developed nation by 2020.

In the Year of the Snake which is supposed to be a very challenging one, let us start thinking we are Malaysians, not “pendatangs” and “kafirs” on the one side and “sons (and daughters) of the soil” and  believers on the other. Let us act as proud,  hardworking, honest and self-reliant people. We can accomplish great tasks and overcome challenges, only if we do it together.  A House divided cannot stand. All the best to you. Cong Xi Fa Cai–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

DAP’s New Year Fun Gangnam Style–A Parody of Sorts

January 2, 2013

DAP’s New Year Fun–A Parody of Sorts and Gangnam Style, New York

Relax guys, early days yet but brace yourselves for exciting times ahead.–Din Merican

DAP launches Gangnam-style ‘Ubah’ video

by Hafiz Yatim@

An air of festivity surrounded the official launch of the DAP’s catchy multi-language ‘Ubah-Rocket style’ video at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall last night.

ubah rocket style new year party 010113 06 rosmahThe individual who caught the most attention was ‘Datin B’, who dressed up as Malaysia’s ‘First Lady’ aka Rosmah Mansor, the Premier’s wife.

Datin B called herself ‘momma’ in a sketch depicting Rosmah’s allegedly expensive and extravagant taste in clothes and handbags, among other items. Many present took photographs with Datin B, who featured prominently in the four-minute Ubah video.

DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua, who produced the video, said the DAP got started after secretary-general Lim Guan Eng suggested last September that a video be made based on the ‘Oppa Gangnam’ style popularised by South Korean rapper Psy.

dap ubah rocket style screen capture 010113 5“Lim asked whether I had watched the video as it was very ‘hot’. It was a month after Psy launched the video and it had registered 178 million hits … (it) has become a worldwide phenomenon,” Pua said.

“There was difficulty in making the video as the authorities, namely the highway authorities and light rail transit (LRT) officials, stopped the shooting.”

Shooting was stopped twice along the Linkaran Trans Kota Sdn Bhd (Litrak) highway, while security personnel stopped shooting at malls in the vicinity of Jalan Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur.

“I had to ask assistant producer (Serdang MP) Teo Nie Ching to negotiate with security (personnel) to shoot the scene (in a mall), assuring them there was nothing negative,” Pua said.

ubah rocket style new year party 010113 02In recording the ‘Datin B’ footage at a LRT station, the crew had to move between the Kelana Jaya and Damai stations because security personnel became suspicious.

“Nevertheless, we managed to finish shooting the video and produce it in the various languages,” he said in thanking the crew for their efforts.

At the launch, several bloopers were screened, including one depicting Litrak highway officials laughing in the background as a scene was being recorded.Another showed ‘Datin B’ pretending to fall several times at a LRT station.

Campaign via social media

Pua urged DAP supporters to share the video clip with friends and colleagues as part of the party’s campaign election material. “Please ‘like’ it on Facebook, and share in on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter to drive the message across to the people,” he added.

The video was first shown at the DAP national congress last month.  Also present at the official launch BERSIH co-chairperson A Samad Said.

Happy New Year 2013

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013: “A House divided against itself cannot stand.”      

Dr Kamsiah and I wish you all a great 2013. This is an Election Year in Malaysia and we think by April or May we will have elected a new government. After that Dr. Kamsiah and I hope that we can focus on moving our country forward, each of us doing our part in nation building.

Happy New Year3

Between now and polling day, we will be served with all kinds of stories, exposes, and disclosures. Temperatures will rise as each side in the political contest  tries to outdo the other with promises and goodies. It is in the nature of adversarial politics because politicians are interested in winning elections. Power is very seductive.

As citizens, we need to put things in perspective.  We must keep our cool, vote wisely, making sure each vote irrespective of our station in life counts, and ensure that there will always be unity, peace and stability in our country. To quote American President Abraham, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. May God Bless you and your families.–Dr Kamsiah and Din Merican

Respecting the Dignity of Difference

Najib’s Reassuring Christmas 2012 Message

December 25, 2012

Najib’s Reassuring Christmas 2012 Message to Malaysian Christians

by Razak Ahmad

Najib at MIC ConventionDatuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has assured the country’s Christians that he will remain open to hearing their concerns, hopes and ideas.

In his Christmas message, the Prime Minister acknowledged the country’s Christian community for its role in Malaysian society especially in Sabah and Sarawak.

“We are very fortunate that Malaysia continues to enjoy peaceful relations between different faiths and races. This doesn’t happen without our continued efforts to keep it that way, so I will always be open to hearing any hopes, concerns and ideas that members of the Christian community may have,” Najib said in his message that was posted on his blog (

Wishing all Malaysian Christians a Merry Christmas, Najib said that he would be having the pleasure of joining members of the faith in a Christmas Day tea party today where he will listen to their views.

He said that although Malaysia was a Muslim-majority country, some people might not realise that around one in 10 Malaysians was a Christian. Since becoming Prime Minister, Najib said he had placed much emphasis on the unifying concepts of 1Malaysia and the Global Movement of the Moderates. While the concepts were partly about establishing a dialogue, Najib said he was also determined that they lead to real action.

They include his meeting with Pope Benedict XVI last year, after which Malaysia formally established diplomatic relations with Vatican City.

“I very much enjoyed meeting Pope Benedict XVI in person, and now look forward to following his tweets!” said Najib, referring to the Pope who recently set up a Twitter account to communicate with his followers.

Najib said another step forward came last week when the Government announced that it would ensure any Malaysian Christian who wishes to travel to Jerusalem for a pilgrimage would be able to do so.

Tracing the roots of Malaysia’s Christians, Najib said Persian and Turkish traders brought Nestorian Christianity to the country as early as the 7th century. They were followed by the Portuguese who brought Catholicism in the 15th century and the Dutch who spread Protestantism in the 17th century.

“As Christmas comes in the last week of the year, it is also a good time to reflect on what has been and will be,” said Najib.

Aidil Adha wishes to all Malaysian Muslims

October 26, 2012

Aidil Adha wishes to all Malaysian Muslims

October 25 2012

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wished all Malaysian Muslims “Selamat Aidil Adha” in conjunction with the “Festival of Sacrifice” on Friday.

“Hopefully, Aidil Adha this year will be better than the previous year and the next Aidil Adha will be better than this year’s,” he said in his Aidiladha message posted on his 1Malaysia blog.

He expressed the hope that Aidi Aadha would be celebrated in an atmosphere of prosperity, peace and full of blessings.

The Prime Minister urged Muslims in the country to appreciate the concept of sacrifice as demanded by Islam where one was willing to sacrifice time and money, body and soul, thoughts, feelings and self-interest to obtain the blessings of God.

Najib said Malaysia upheld the concept of sacrifice by acting as the mediator to end the bloody conflict of over 40 years between Manila and the Bangsamoro in the southern Philippines.

“This certainly is a sacrifice that we can be proud of,” he said.Najib said the Malaysian government adopted the approach of the Treaty of ‘Hudaibiyah’ of over 1,400 years ago to play its role in bringing about a peace deal recently between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Philippine government.

It was due to the Treaty of Hudaibiyah between Prophet Muhammad and the Quraish in Mecca that Muslims were able to perform the Haj in the following year.

The Philippine government and the MILF sealed their historic peace agreement on October 15, with Malaysia as the mediator, to end the four decades of conflict in the southern Philippines.

Najib said the solid commitment to help resolve conflicts in any country has brought Malaysia world recognition as a progressive and dynamic Islamic country.

“This was proven by the recognition of the world’s leading scholar, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, who expressed gratitude and appreciation for Malaysia’s consistent efforts to support and assist the Palestinian people over the years,” he said.

Najib also called on Muslims in the country to pray for Malaysian pilgrims in Mecca so that they could have a blessed pilgrimage and return home safely.

“The pilgrimage undertaken each year brings with it a thousand and one lessons,” he said. - Bernama

Congratulations, Negara Ku Malaysia

August 30, 2012

Congratulations, Negara Ku Malaysia on the occasion of Merdeka Day (August 31, 2012)

“We are now at a period in time which is monumental for Malaysia. Everywhere, the people can see significant changes not only at the individual stage but also the family and community.

As such, let us push up Malaysia’s image by fulfilling all promises made and realising the potentials we have for the sake of all Malaysians. Don’t let us destroy what we have nurtured and created. Do not ever jeopardise the harmony of our birthplace which has since long been built.”Prime Minster Najib Tun Razak (Merdeka Day 2012 Address to the Nation).


Kuala Lumpur, August 30, 2012

August 31, 2012 will be celebrated in grand style. Some say it is Rais Yatim’s day to show case the occasion with pomp and ceremony. Nothing is further than the truth. It is, in fact, our day as Malaysians.

Jalur Gemilang (the Malaysian Flag) will be flown with pride throughout the length and breadth of our country and there will be parade at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur to commemorate the occasion, to be followed by spectacular fireworks at night.

We deserve to pat ourselves on the back, as we have lived in relative peace and harmony for 55 years as an independent nation (discounting the view of some “eminent” home grown historians who said that we never colonised by the British). Politics aside.

We should use this occasion to reflect on the fact that we have come together as One Nation (not yet as One People) and resolve that from this day on, we will work hard to achieve a developed nation status by 2020 and be Malaysians, not Malays, Chinese, Indians and others.

It is not often that Dr. Kamsiah and I would quote the views of a journalist from the UMNO -controlled New Straits Times. But on this special day, we are  pleased to quote  Chok Suat Ling, who wrote: “The country is free from strife, grinding poverty, and the raucous scenes we are now seeing in some other parts of the world. There is no war, no need to dodge bullets when walking out in the open.”

We agree with her. But that said, this should be the pretext for us to remain contented with the status quo. We need change, peaceful change that is, and free ourselves from the chains of mediocrity, incompetence and corruption.

We should seek to establish a government with the conviction and political will to deal with these issues. We must insist that government worthy our support must serve the people.

Merdeka Day should also be the occasion for us to renew our faith in our country. Our country is what we as a people make it out to be. Surely we can make Malaysia a haven of peace and harmony for all.  Selamat Hari Merdeka.–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

Eid Mubarak to People of Charity and Goodwill

August 18, 2012

August 19, 2012: Eid Mubarak to People of Charity and Goodwill

From Bernama

Muslims in Malaysia will celebrate Aidilfitri tomorrow, the Keeper of the Rulers’ Seal, Datuk Syed Danial Syed Ahmad, announced tonight.The announcement was broadcasted by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM).

“In adherence to the command of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and (with) the consent of the rulers, I hereby declare that the date for Hari Raya Puasa (Aidil Fitri) has been set for Sunday, August 19 2012,” he said.

To welcome this very special day, First Syawal, let us listen to this nasheed and reflect:

Ramadan Mubarak Nasheed 2012

M. Nasir-Satu Hari Di Hari Raya


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